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Masturbation as Part of our Daily Life

The celebration of merry masturbation month May continues. Sebastianblog publishes lots of stimulating contributions, pictures and wordings, to promote regulary wanking as a normal, natural and self-evident part of every men and every women's daily life. The demand of masturbation month May is a conscious and depth celebration of self-love.

Masturbation as Part of our Daily Life

The demand of Merry May

Masturbation month May will stimulate us to celebrate our daily wanking
reasonable to self-love: more confident, more spiritual, more passionate.

Celebrating National Masturbation Month
It’s May–a wonderful spring month we dedicate to making masturbation very much a part of our daily lives. The massage of our fingers on our genitals and all over our bodies, the rhythmic up-and-down motions we make when we masturbate, gripping our cocks or letting them slide through our hands, sometimes rapid and other times slow, self-loving strokes, in deep pleasure always paying homage to our cocks and balls, marveling at all the outcum they produce….
We find beauty in what we all do in deep communication with our senses and inner consciousness.  Masturbation is a beautiful way of loving ourselves whether alone or with others.
Source Sebastianblog

Belly wank

 Wanking in the position of lying naked on the belly.

While rubbing the cock hard on the bed a penetration is simulated.

 With passionate body movement by using all muscles the cock is driven to orgasm climax.

Handjob Wank & Cum

Sensual cock wanking

Glans massage

Intense handjob

Sperm splashes

 Geting all fluid out of the cock

Enjoying the own elixir of life

Even more sperm is squeezed out of the fleshly lust donator

Finally feeling deep satisfaction for body and soul

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Dienstag, 8. Mai 2018

Masturbation: The Sacredness of Self-Loving

Another blog focused on masturbation is AOM - Artistry Of Male Soul Food. Suitable on 1st of May - the beginning of the merry month of masturbation - this blog was completed. But it was directly continued by the new blog called MORNING DEW. The previous blog AOM with all posts, photos, contributions and complete archive is still available and integrated in Morning Dew. The first post on May reflects about The Sacredness of Self-Loving. RSM looks to the spiritual act of masturbation, presented by Artistry of Male / Morning Dew.

The Sacredness of Self-Loving

Deep united with his body and soul the sensual wanker celebrates mindful masturbation
and experiences orgasm, satisfaction and bliss - feeling the sacredness of self-loving.

Masturbation: The Sacredness of Self-Loving

Making Love to One’s Self is Sacred
A spiritually intimate experience of being

“Masturbation is a Meditation on Self-Love"  
~Betty Dodson

"Masturbation, or Self-Loving,
Should never be marginalized as second best
Or thought of as a substitute for sex.
Self-loving is a beautiful, joyous,
Intimate expression of loving yourself.
The better lover you are for you,
The better lover you can be for others.
Masturbation is healthy, normal, natural,
And should be celebrated for what it is -
A Truly Marvelous Gift."


Sacredness of Self-Loving
 photography by Robert Vano

This is one of my favorite photographs
To me it expresses the physical bliss
As well as the spiritual ecstasy 
This young man is experiencing
As he makes love to himself

Looking for deeper Wank Connections
When we first discovered the delicious pleasure derived from playing with our penises, most of us learned to masturbate quickly and quietly so we wouldn't get caught. Sadly, this is still the method used by many adult men today, mainly because men rarely talk to each other about it. If we did discuss it, we would find so many new ways to explore and enhance our physical pleasures. We would also find a deeper connection with our male friends. Getting people to talk about Masturbation is the main purpose behind dedicating May as Masturbation Month.

Experiment and Discover the Amazing Bliss of Masturbation
Masturbation, or Self-Loving, is a universe waiting to be explored. There is a vastness, a richness and a depth of physical pleasure, mental well-being, emotional health, and spiritual expression just waiting to be discovered and refined. But no. So often we stop with just the silent quickie wank before going off to sleep. I know because this was my experience as a young man. If this is where you find yourself in relation to Masturbation then I encourage you to get out of your box, talk to other men, research the Internet, explore, experiment, and discover the amazing bliss that can be yours.

Turn your Mindful Attention to Truly Loving Yourself
When you masturbate, I encourage you to turn your attention away from porn and your fantasies with others. Instead, turn your mindful attention to truly loving yourself. Be aware of the life force inside you. Feel it flowing throughout your entire body. Focus totally and completely on loving and pleasuring you. Doing this has greatly enhanced my own self-loving practice. It has brought deeper meaning and higher states of ecstasy into my life. It is my wish that you experience this.

Masturbate Mindfully as often as you can
Now to be clear, I don't always take the time to masturbate in this manner. Sometimes I just want to watch some porn and have a quick wank. There is nothing wrong with that but it certainly does not give me near the satisfaction I get by taking my time to awaken my body fully, engage my heart, mind, and spirit before stroking my penis to orgasm. So I make it a priority to masturbate mindfully most of the time. 

Continue reading the complete wording at the source here:

Photos from Masturbation - Celebration of Self-Love

Helmut Huxley from Bel Ami
 Let's Follow Helmut's Example

 Take the Time!

 Listen to Your Body!

Make Sweet Love to Yourself!
Happy Masturbation Month!


 Special focus on Male Nipples

Why Do Men Have Nipples?

Male Nipples are a side result of all humans first starting as androgynous in the womb, before gender development begins.  We are wrongly told male nipples have no function; if that were true, then why do men have them?  They certainly bring attention to your chest, but there is another reason.

Male nipples are capable of higher sexual arousal and stimulation than female nipples. Genetically the nerve endings are closer together. Nipple stimulation follows the exact same brain nerve paths as genital stimulation (the erection of your nipples is caused by the same Pilomotor Reflex As “Goosebumps”).  Thus, stimulation of the male nipples during sex may increase the male erection and cause a stronger orgasm."

How’s That For A Good Reason To Have Male Nipples!

~from LADNKILT Tumblr


Keep on Strokin'!

Keep on Strokin'!
Join our Masturbation Celebration
In the Merry Masturbation Month of May


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Let us continue to promote
Peace and Love
and continue to build
The more Beautiful World
Our Hearts know is Possible 
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Namaste! Yoga Greeting: "I bow to the Divine in you."
or "you and me, we are one, my soul greets your soul."

Namaste! Yoga-Gruß: "Ich beuge mich vor dem Göttlichen in dir."
oder auch "Du und ich, wir sind eins. Meine Seele grüßt die Deine Seele."