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Einvernehmliches Sklaven-Training - Slave Training

Im Zusammenhang mit den Ausführungen von Meister Uwe zur EINVERNEHMLICHEN SKLAVEREI folgen hier nun einige ausgewählte und ebenso einvernehmliche Trainingsmethoden. Damit wird ein Sklave effektiv abgerichtet für seinen künftigen unterwürfigen Dienst.
In connection with the explanations of master Uwe to CONSENSUAL SLAVERY
here now follow some selected and equally consensual training methods. This will effectively train a slave for his upcoming submissive service.

Einvernehmliches Sklaven-Training 
Teil 1

Vereinbarung: Hartes und schmerzvolles Training ist notwendig zur Abrichtung eines Sklaven.
Agreement: Hard and sometimes painful training is needed to educate a slave adequate.

Consensual Slave Training 
Part 1

Siehe: Einvernehmliche Sklaverei (deutsche Version)

Watch: Consensual Slavery (English version)

Vertrauen: Bei unterschiedlicher Rollenverteilung Dom & Sub ist absolutes Vertrauen wichtig.
Confidence: With different roles Dom & Sub absolute trust between both is necessary.

Das BDSM Sklavenabrichtung erfolgt in mehreren Stufen. Sie betrifft immer den Körper und seine Gefühle, aber auch den Geist und das seelische Empfinden. Die erste Phase beginnt mit der Vorbereitung des künftigen Sklaven und seinem eigentlichen Training. Dabei weren die elementaren Grundhaltungen wie Dominanz und Unterwürfigkeit gelehrt. Die Benutzung und Kontrolle der Sexualität spielt dabei eine entscheidende Rolle. Das Training ist hart und führt den Sklaven ständig an seine Schmerzgrenzen. In der zweiten Phase geht die Erziehung in die Transformation über. Das ist die konsequente Weiterführung der Ent-Männlichung. Sinnvolleerweise wird sie als Objektivierung bezeichnet. Das Ziel ist ein funktionierender Sklave, der gehorsam und unterwürfig seinem Meister für Dienste zu Verfügung steht

Gehorsam: Der Platz des Sklaven ist nackt zu Füßen des Meisters knieend, absolut gehorsam.
Obedience: The slave's place, kneeling naked at the feet of master and absolutely obedient.

Slave training
The BDSM slave training takes place in several stages. It always affects the body and its feelings, but also the spirit and the mental perceiving. The first stage begins with the preparation of the future slave and his actual training. He is taught the elementary attitudes like dominance and submissiveness. The use and control of sexuality plays a crucial role. The training is hard and leads the slave constantly at his pain thresholds. On the second stage education changes into transformation. This is the permanent continuation of the e-masculation. Logically it is called objectification. The goal is a working slave who obediently and submissive is serving his master. 

Hilflos: Der Sklave liegt beim Schwanzlutschen gefesselt und mit Hals-Kollar völlig hilflos
zwischen den Schenkeln seines Meisters Mikejc1 und ist nur auf den Schwanz konzentriert. 
Helpless: While cock sucking the slave is tied up, collar wearing and completely helpless
between the thighs of his master Mikejc1 and is only concentrated on the cock in his mouth.

Grundregeln beim Sklaven-Training
Beim Training ist der Sklave immer splitternackt. Oftmals ist er gefesselt und befindet sich in einer Position der Hilflosigkeit. Der Meister trainiert den Körper des Sklaven mit kreativen Werkzeugen. Es werden auch brutale Methoden angewendet, z. B. eine gewisse Maßnahmen zu einer Ent-Männlichung des Sklaven und seine Umformung in ein funktionsfähiges Objekt. Es folgen einige ausgewählte Beispiele, die zu einer einvernehmlichen Sklaven-Abrichtung gehören.

Körper-Folter: Meister Jared behandelt seinen Sklaven Michael del Ray brutal
durch eine schmerzvolle anale Pussy Dehnung mit einem harten Dildo.
Body Torture: Master Jared treats his slave Michael del Ray very brutal 
through a painful anal cunt streching with a very hard dildo.

Basic Rules for Slave Training
During training the slave always is completely naked. Often he is tied up and in a position of helplessness. The Master trains the body of the slave with creative tools. He even uses brutal methods. For example some measures of demasculation and transformation into a working object. Following there are a few examples of consensual slave training.

Teil 2 zeigt Beispiele für die einvernehmliche Sklaven-Abrichtung

Part 2 shows examples of consensual Slave-Training

Das Ziel: Ein vollkommen unterwürfiger Sklave, zum gehorsamen Dienst bereit.
The Goal: A total submissive slave, ready for obedient service on his master.

Per Aspera ad Astra! - Through hardness you can reach the stars!

Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2018

Consensual Slavery

In the kinky world of BDSM, the use of fetishes is just as normal as the lustful and painful liveout of extreme behaviors. This also includes practiced slavery, which manifests itself in the brutal rule of domination and control, as well as submission and subordination. In the BDSM world it's normal and self-evident, that a dominant master trains and uses a submissive slave. In our everyday social life this is offensive, reprehensible and an absolute no-go.
Master Uwe refers to this contradiction. In his contribution for RSM he makes it clear, that CONSENSUAL SLAVERY is a meaningful and appropriate BDSM lifestyle that finally leads to bliss for everyone involved.

Consensual Slavery

by Master Uwe

 Consensual slavery: hard training
A male who wants to become slave, above all must be trained permanently and intense.
This includes bondage, suspension, to be blindfolded and cock sucking in each body position.

Lifestyle and Sex
Nowadays there is a mature awareness that lifestyle and sexuality are closely related to each other. They are in a living correlation. Eroticism and sex are often expressions of life and lifestyle. And they are also dependent on the development and maturation process of a person. It is one of the essential tasks of maturation of a man to recognize his own sexual inclinations ever better. So he can unfold it properly, use it purposefully and live it out with relish
. The BDSM way of life provides a variety of fetishes. And it encourages experimentation without taboos and limits. Not only in the direction of pleasure, but also in the direction of pain.

Consensual slavery: clear roles master & slave
Basis and requirement in BDSM games is the clear role allocation: The master always
is dominant, while the slave is naked, tied up, cock caged, totally helpless and submissive.

BDSM Experiences 
In many years I have made new experiences during sex with women and men. I crossed boundaries and entered new territory. Especially in recent years, a hidden side of my sexuality has become increasingly clear. That's how I discovered my passion for BDSM and the kinky world. It took quite a while for me to face this thoroughly brutal world openly and honestly. And it was another step in my maturation process, until I bravely plunged into the dark BDSM cosmos. Today I have no problems with my sadistic inclinations. I live them out with other like-minded people unbridled and relish. As a bisexual I have intimate love relationships with both women and men. But when it comes to live out my BDSM leanings, I only use men.  Whether they are gay or straight does not matter. They only need to be prepared for the master unconditionally. They must be absolutely obedient, completely submissive, and totally devoted with body and soul. 

Consensual slavery: absolute control
Master Jared has absolute control over his slave Nicolai: physically, mentally and emotionally.
When exploring the pain limits (here with electro stimulation) an agreed safe word is helpful.

Vocation to the Master
The charm of artful bondage, the erotic play with nudity and sex in connection with brutality and domination, the use of sexual acts of submissives for my own satisfaction and many other kinky facets fascinate me sustainably. Through the unrestrained living out of my BDSM fantasies, I have discovered finally my new vocation as a master. Sure, I'm not a born, professional alpha master in the classical sense. But I've become a dominant, a true top who knows how to deal with submissives and bottoms properly. I enjoy to practice these BDSM inclinations unbridled. And if I live out them passionately with my trained slaves, it gives me the deep satisfaction.

Consensual slavery: absolute confidence 
The absolute trust between the participants makes everything possible in slavery relationship.
If the slave feels familiar with master's cock in mouth, a complete headshave is OK for him.

The Terms Master and Slave 
One problem kept me busy. It took a long time for me to accept the usual terms master and slave internally. A decisive reason for this was the historically conditioned, completely negative occupation of the terms "slavery" and "slave". In public, these are derogatory and discriminatory terms for the dependency and oppression of people and human beings. In general consciousness, slavery and slaves stand for the opposite of our great values, such as freedom, human rights and human dignity.

 Consensual slavery: hard ass fuck
It's one of the slave's important duties to offer his butthole for a penetration by the master.
The hard ass fuck is useful as effective disciplinatory measure to reinforce submissiveness.

The Key: Consensual Slavery
It was clear to me that today a new assessment and update of these historically charged terms must be made. Slavery and slaves should not be just negative words and names. Relating to the evolution of modern society, nowadays it must be possible to redefine these old terms with their original ideas. Then they can be used again normal and self-evident in their new understanding. And also without shame and false inhibitions. The key to contemporary understanding is "consensual slavery". Analogous to "consensual sex" between people, in which everything is possible in the context of common agreement. In consensual slavery, the BDSM principle applies: "sane, safe, consensual" aka "healthy, secure, mutually agreeable". This means all actions are carried out safely with common sense and by mutual agreement. In this sense, today's BDSM slavery should be properly understood and classified. Of course, there are also dependencies and subordination, there has to be control and power. Yes, it necessarily includes the means of violence, painful treatments and tortures. But everything is based on the previously agreed mutual agreement. This requires the absolute trust of all involved. On this basis, a solid and salutary slavery can develop fully and unbridled.

Consensual slavery: cock sucking
To suck master's cock is often heavy work for a slave. Dom's hard mouth fuck makes possible
the deep throating, but also causes difficulties for the sub to breathe while swallowing sperm.

Consensual Slavery: Through Pain to Bliss 
An important prerequisite for successful slavery in this sense is the inner attitude of those involved. This affects both the master and the slave. Those who make themselves available to BDSM practices must fulfill strict requirements. As a slave, he should have a healthy level of masochism. This include the firm will to go into situations of helplessness and to be captivated and tortured accordingly. It needs the desire to endure pain for a long time. And it demands the deep longing for brutal experiences that leads to own limits, explores them in all directions and exceeds them always at the same time. The master should be a cool and calculating sadist who has no qualms about applying his violent inclinations callously and brutally to the slave. Outwardly, passionate BDSM practices can be very cruel: physically, mentally and emotionally. But inwardly they give the participants great fulfillment, deep satisfaction, even boundless lust. And ideally, they cause ecstasy. The goal of consensual slavery is: master and slave both strive for on different sides in a dependent relationship, to achieve the state of bliss. True to the motto: "Through hardness to the stars."

Consensual slavery: on the hard way to bliss
To be tied up, mouth gagged, ass plugged and cock caged are efficient  measures
to train a slave's body as toy or tool for his master. The final goal is to reach the bliss.

Per Aspera ad Astra! 
Per Aspera ad Astra!
By consensual slavery useful and usable slaves are to be produced. Every well-trained slave knows his important tasks:
- To serve the master obediently and submissively.
- To let himself be used as a willing object in whatever way his master wishes.
- Above all, to please the master with all services and to satisfy him completely.
Even the ancient Romans knew that you can achieve great and noble goals only by perpetual, hard training. Seneca has expressed this in the Hercules tragedy with the words: Per Aspera ad Astra! Only by hard work and on rough paths you can reach the stars. This is an ingenious life wisdom to train the slaves for their services perfectly.

Many Thanks
RSM says to Master Uwe
for his inspiring contribution!

Per Aspera ad Astra! - Through hardness you can reach the stars!