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Lie With Me (2005) - Gifs by LackInPrivacy

LackInPrivacy has a great archive of hot and horny sex scenes made in gifs. Looking for the tags on her Tumblr blog the titles originate from films of the following categories: Porn, Videos, TV Series, Movies (Mainstream). RSM has selected this time the Canadian drama LIE WITH ME (2005). The mainstream film features Lauren Lee Smith and Eric Balfour. Directed by Clemet Virgo both play sexually aggressive young people and perform graphic unsimulated sex.

Lie With Me (2005)

Gifs by LackInPrivacy

A passionate anal penetration performed by David (Eric Balfour) and Leila (Lauren Lee Smith)
Gif made by LackInPrivacy

Lie With Me (2005) - Summary 
In Toronto, the nymphomaniac Leila (Lauren Lee Smith) spends the nights dancing and having sex with men to satisfy her sex drive. Leila learns that her parents are divorcing and she is affected by their decision. When Leila meets David (Eric Balfour), she has a torrid affair with him. David is an artist that lives with his father, who is very dependent on David. Leila and David have a complicated relationship since he is a possessive man that demands commitment but Leila does not know how to love a man and has the need of different partners in her sex life.

 Leila (Lauren Lee Smith) gives David (Eric Balfour) a lustful blowjob

Explicit Sex Scenes
The explicit sex scenes are very natural. It’s sex that could very well happen between two people in real life. And it’s not glittery romantic sex, it’s almost aggressive, due to their ambiguous relationship. It’s as if they were making love and fighting each other at the same time. You can see the frustrations in both of them, the fantasy they have about each other and the fear they’ll grow apart. However, they’re constantly fighting to stay together, despite the obvious problems. The blowjob scene is naughty, fun and exciting. It doesn't happen very often in mainstream movies that the penis of the lead actor (Eric Balfour) can be seen clearly.

Lie With Me (2005)
Lauren Lee Smith and Eric Balfour
Gif-Gallery by LackInPrivacy
Intense anal penetration
Hard and passionate fucking

Aggressive sex with full use of the naked bodies

Kissing and licking her belly with his tongue

Undressing her genital clothes and making her abdomen naked

Horny kissing of her naked thighs

She enjoys the sexual intoxication and her sensual and frenzy feelings

Licking her cunt with his head between her thighs

Passionate enjoyment of the carnal desire

Intimate kissing of her genital area

Source LIE WITH ME gifs by LackInPrivacy

LIE WITH ME - UK Uncut DVD Cover (2005)

David and Leila celebrate devotedly their carnal desire

Leila enjoys a lustful dance with naked artist David

 David uses the full power of his naked body for anal penetration

David fucks Leila unrestrained and passionate into her ass

LIE WITH ME - German DVD Cover LIEBE MICH (2005)

Stimulating Sex Scenes - Gifs by LachInPrivacy

One of the Intentions of RSM was and is to introduce inspiring erotical sex scenes in mainstream and independent movies. Focussed are favorite scenes of carnal desire in which the sexual action is celebrated explicit. Preferred are couples who perform graphic nude and sex body language and enjoy it sensual and with passion.

Lexi Belle & Johny Castle fucking in AN ETERNAL LOVE (2010) / NEW SENSATIONS.
gif made by LackInPrivacy

Stimulating Sex Scenes 

Gifs by LackInPrivacy

Lack In Privacy is a Tumblr blog and also the nickname of its operator. She makes inspiring gifs of movie sex scenes and publishes them on her blog. She introduces herself as a "hopeless romantic with a very dirty mind". LackInPrivacy adds:

This is my 3rd blog, if tumblr deletes me again I wont be back.
You can find my old gifs being repost it here: LackOfPrivacy and LackingPrivacy.
The new ones are here: LackInPrivacy.

If you want to recommend/suggest me something, please feel free to msg me!

Here are some of LackInPrivacy self-made gifs from the New Sensation film AN ETERNAL LOVE (2010):

Lexi Belle and Johny Castle
 Gif-Gallery by LackInPrivacy

Breast and nipple touches during anal fuck.
Sensual tongue licking along the erected cock.

Joyful tongue licking of the labia.

Fellatio: sensual licking of the hard cock and the glans.

 Intimate kissing and fucking.