Freitag, 14. April 2017

Happy Easter with Gershon

Aller guten Dinge sind drei. Nach Lucas aus Brasilien und GayRox aus Deutschland hat sich ein dritter Exhibtionist gemeldet und präsentiert sich rechtzeitig zum Fest mit seinen Ostereiern: Gershon, der feurig-temperamentvolle Spanier, der den Tumblr Blog NAKEDSPANISH betreibt. 

Gershon from the Tumblr blog NAKEDSPANISH and his colored easter eggs

Happy Easter with Gershon
presents his colored easter eggs 

Gershon a spirited Spanish Exhibitionist
Gershon is a very hot and well formed Spanish guy. In his blood flows lust. In his heart burns the fire of passion. He is absolutely shameless and shows each part of his attractive naked body. He also reveals his feeling soul. Gershon is a total exhibitionist without any restrain.

Impressive Big Hard Cock
Gershon is proud of his big hard cock. If it's erected it's a very impressive hard-on stand. He appreciates this center of his manhood power and likes to present it while he spread his legs.

Attractive round Ass Cheeks
A special eye pasture is Gershon's anus. He is very proud of this intimate body part and enjoys to reveal it in  triad: his round and crispy ass cheeks as well as his strong balls and his big and hard cock between his spread thighs. 

Passionate Wanking
As every male Gershon also likes to masturbate his full erected big hard cock. He always enjoys the act of self satisfaction and uses his hard-on stand as a fun toy to wank passionate with body and soul until jerking off. 
 Watch here Gershon in a wank & cum video clip

All viewers may enjoy the look, stimulate their fantasy and may feel free to take the hot photos and the masturbate video as a horny wanking template. 

Gershon likes to experiement with sex. So all viewers are invited also to experiement with NAKEDSPANISH’s ass, balls and cock without any restrains or inhibitions but with carnal desire and passion.

Happy Easter with GayRox

Easter is approaching and another exhibitionist has created some photos with his own colored easter eggs. GayRox wishes HAPPY EASTER to all blog visitors.

Happy Easter with GayRox

Weitere harte, bunte Ostereier für RSM
Osteren rückt näher und ein weiterer Exhibitionist hat Fotos mit seinen eigenen Ostereiern zur Verfügung gestellt: GayRox. Er hat sich hier im Blog bereits im Karneval Fieber präsentiert mit WANK: AHOI! / CUM: ALAAF! / SHOT: HELAU! Nun kehrt er pünktlich zu Ostern zurück und präsentiert den Blogbesuchern ein volles Nest mit schönen, bunten Ostereiern zum Anschauen und zum Genießen.

GayRox wünscht:
und präsentiert dazu seinen harten, bunten Oster-Eier

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