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Introduction Real Sex Mainstream

Welcome to REAL SEX MAINSTREAM, the fascinating film world of LOVE, EROTISM and SEX! This blog is only for adult visitors. Everyone who enjoys softcore erotism and hardcore sex is welcome here. Those who are younger than 18 years or refuse pornography, should leave this website please.  
REAL SEX MAINSTREAM shows voyeuristic and directly the fascinating object of human desire. And reveals the stimulating potential of tingling eroticism, passionate sex and imaginative pornography. In movies, photos, art, and in real life.

RSM shows naked female and male bodies, closely intertwined with intimate sex:  
Saskia Reeves & Clive Owen unite themselves totally in CLOSE MY EYES (1991).


- RSM  introduces films (mainstream & independent, alternative porn & creative home videos) which shows unlimited all kinds of sensual love games and passionate sexual acts.
- RSM presents erotic scenes containing stimulating softcore and explicit hardcore sex by description, photos and video clips (if available).
- RSM reflects the sexual lovemaking as it's shown visionary in various film genres and also as it's lived out pleasurable personally.  
- RSM invites the visitors to exchange views on controversial aspects of fascinating sexual practices, erotical fantasies and unrestrained desires. 

They celebrate their carnal desire with sensual feelings and real sex:
Gry Bay & Mark Stevens im HEARTcore movie ALL ABOUT ANNA (2005).

RSM focuses the triad LOVE EROTISM SEX 
This blog shows the object of desire and of all human longing: 
       LOVE - the creative and elemental force in every person, 
       EROTISM - the sensual fascination of an intimate love relationship, 
       SEX - the physical union of passionate lovers.  
REAL SEX MAINSTREAM presents this triad as stimulating lifestyle of our time. The blog shows how LOVE EROTISM SEX is visionary documented in independent and mainstream films, on photos and artistic representations, in alternative porn and creative home movies of our time. 

 Fascinating sensual attraction with joyfull passionate deep kissing:
Barbara Carrera & Michael Pare in SPANISH ROSE aka POINT OF IMPACT (1993).

RSM seeks unity of Love & Sex
For a real voyeur it's always fascinating to watch love partner while they enjoy lustful sex games. In real life as well as in virtual life. On screen, on laptop, in sex forums and porn portals or even in the imagination of the head cinema. Ideally, the union of human bodies is an expression of love between male and female. Can a film authentically represent that inner connection between affection & erotism, love & sex? How far do directors and actors go nowadays to explore the limits of human relations, intimate familiarity and passionate devotion? It is an exciting search for today's authentic lifestyle in the artistic world of erotism & sexuality. Conducted by the hope to find the explicit beauty in the border area between softcore sex and hardcore pornography. 

Today's Lifestyle Safer Sex & Pubic Hair Shaving
documented in KISSING ON THE MOUTH (2005):

 Kevin Pittman covers a condom over his full erected penis.

Kate Winterich shaving off her soaped pubic hair.

Imagination - RSM Administrator 
"I'm a sensual voyeur filled with sexual eagerness. Every day I try to live with aspiration and enthusiasm and to enjoy the moment. I hope to find stimulating thought-exchanges with like-minded people about love, eroticism and sex. 
My slogan is: Love and Sex must be celebrated with body and soul!" 

Count Lacoste - RSM Author
"I am a fine spirit, an explorateur of eroticism, a self-confessed sex maniac of the old school, an unrestrained hedonist, a lecherous faun, who is trapped in the nexus of desire."

Everyone who is bothered by presentation of explicit sexual content - like nudity, genitals, erection, fellatio, cunnilingus, masturbation, penetration, ejaculation - please may leave this blog again. Those who are interested in erotism, sex and porn and would like to see and enjoy more of it, are welcome!

The pictures, videos, information and all links to films and clips posted here are publicly available and found at various sites on the internet. It's not intended to infringe upon a right of a person or an institution. If anybody feels his/her legal rights violated, please notify me and I will remove the items. Thanks. 
Contact via email  imagination.team@freenet.de

The first real sex of a real life couple, authentic filmed by Andy Warhol:
Viva & Louis Waldon enjoy their fucking in BLUE MOVIE aka FUCK (1968).

RSM Content Overview 
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All contributions, pictures, clips and information can be spread and used elsewhere. But please refer to REAL SEX MAINSTREAM by using the link of the homepage:

Email contact imagination.team@freenet.de 

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