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Donnerstag, 5. August 2010

Explicit Sex Reflection - Overview

Reflexions about the fascination and potency of love and sex in human life and their genuine performance in erotical softcore and explicit hardcore movies.

KamaSutra - fascinating love and sex rites

Overview - Explicit Sex Explanations

Explicit Sex 0
Appreciation of Shortbus -
- Groundbreaking Real Sex Movie Project

Explicit Sex 1
Doing "It" -
- A Statement by Joe Swanberg

Explicit Sex 2
Fascinating Unity of Love and Sex

Explicit Sex 3
Cinematic Depiction of Love and Sex

Explicit Sex 4
The New Quality of Erotic Films

Explicit Sex 5
An Efficent Movie Style -
- A Statement by filmmaker Karen

Explicit Sex 6
Authentic Expression of Todays Lifestyle

The appreciation of Shortbus - A Groundbreaking Real Sex Movie Project - is the first contribution in this line and can be called the pilot of the explicit sex series. Look here: 
Explicit Sex Reflection - SHORTBUS

KamaSutra - explicit inspiring sex celebrations

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