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Doing "It" - Statement about Sex in Films by Joe Swanberg

Joe Swanberg - Chicago independent filmmaker and representative of the mumblecore movement - in 2005 produced his debut KISSING ON THE MOUTH. Most notable is that this movie presents full frontal nudity from both sexes and has some realistic and (nearly) graphic sex. In the same year he published a statement entitled DOING "IT". Therein he reflects the development of real sex in films. His notice is depicted here as upbeat to a series of considerations about the inspiring topic of this blog: EXPLICIT SEX REFLECTIONS. 

Doing "It" -

Statement about Sex in Films
by Joe Swanberg

Joe Swanberg fantasizes under Shower

"Well, outside of porn and masturbation, I think it's rare that you would see a guy come. As far as I know, most relationships don't involve a guy pulling out and coming on the girls face. So as far as that's concerned, that is why you never see the Chris Bucket character orgasm in that way. Also, I wasn't really interested in the orgasm. I was interested in the body language and the other things that were happening during the sex scenes."
Joe Swanberg in an interview to the CHIGAGOIST, Dec. 2005

Doing "It"

Joe Swanberg reflects about using nudity and sex in movies. His statement DOING "IT" was originally published by "" in 2005. The original source sadly is no longer available. The photos (selected by RSM) originate from the directors debut KISSING ON THE MOUTH (2005).

Kevin Pittman & Kate Winterich look deep into the eyes of each other.

Outbreak of real sex in films
Are films finally growing up? Have they passed through puberty, and are they now in search of some hot action under the covers? I sure hope so. I am inspired by a recent outbreak of real sex in films. It's about damn time. With Vincent Gallo's THE BROWN BUNNY hitting theatres later this month, John Cameron Mitchell's SHORTBUS in the works, and Michael Winterbottom's 9 SONGS sure to find its way over here soon enough, we might actually be seeing the beginning of a steady wave of independent films that are actually good, and contain characters doing the nasty.
Kevin Pittman & Kate Winterich unite their nakes bodies
while they are KISSING ON THE MOUTH. 

"Porn" knee jerk reaction
And soon enough, it won't be nasty. Isn't this the way it always goes down? Independent filmmakers filmmakers try something, and if it works, Hollywood comes lumbering along and copies them. I've seen "The Brown Bunny", and I think it's a very good film. I can only expect that Winterbottom's film will be good as well. Soon enough, there won't be a knee jerk reaction about "porn" or other nonsense, and audiences may find themselves sitting in a theatre watching a film they really care about, and witnessing the characters making love on screen. For real.

Kevin Pittman & Kate Winterich enjoy to lie naked
next to each other while Kate shows her pubic hair.

Uncomfortable hardcore sex?
I cannot for the life of me figure out why there has been a stigma attached to onscreen sex for so long. The porn industry is absolutely massive, so there are obviously plenty of people out there buying porn. Why wouldn't they want to see a good film with good acting, good direction, nice photography, and the same hardcore sex they enjoy in films of lesser quality? Is it a matter of sitting in a theatre with other people? Is this uncomfortable? If so, why? Are we that sexually repressed as a country, as a planet?

Kevin Pittman licking a nipple of Kate Winterich.

Pushing explicit sex into mainstream
Will it take Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise having real sex in a film by Steven Spielberg before mainstream America accepts it? Or will it take a steady stream of smaller films that get less and less controversial, until eventually reviewers don't even mention the sex, because they are able to focus on other aspects of the film? It's tough to tell, but I welcome our risky new motion pictures to the multiplexes of America, and I will be sure to buy a ticket to each and every one of them until I'm sure they are here to stay. UPDATE: Or maybe it will take Matt Damon. I just read an article that quotes Damon as wanting to make an X rated film. I don't know if he plans to star in the film, or only direct, but this might just be the one that pushes the new trend out into the mainstream.

 Joe Swanberg masturbating his full erect cock under shower.

A personal note from Imagination 
All things which Joe Swanberg takes in his hands, he also brings to a successful conclusion. In his debut KISSING ON THE MOUTH he shows very directly that erotic fantasies shape our lives. And he makes it clear that masturbation plays an important part in human life. Under shower he cleans and refreshes his body. Playful his action develops from cleaning to masturbation. Simultaneously he reveals his erotic fantasies while he is wanking under the flowing water. Unexcited but naturally he presents the sexual act of stroking his erected cock until cumshot. So he finally jerks off his sperm into the bath room. The semen mixes with the water. Nature and culture belong together. Water and sperm, cleaning and satisfaction, body and soul form a unit of daily human life. Joe Swanberg ist just doing IT.

Joe Swanberg jerking off his sperm under shower.

Opinions and comments to the fascinating subject of Joe Swanberg, the use of bodylanguage and sex in his movies and discussions about this topic are welcome.

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