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Tony Comstock has created a fascinating project called


Comstock Films offers a genuinely new vision of couples' sexuality in the groundbreaking and award-winning Real People, Real Life, Real Sex series of explicit documentary-style features of real-life lovers.

Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story

Each couple are very different: age, race, gender-matchups, personal style. It's like the reinvention of the Melting Pot, with sexual chemistry as the starting point. I say they're "documentaries," because even though you would easily call these movies "porn," or "erotica," they're also the kind of thing you might see at a film festival� or some PBS series, if Public Broadcasting suddenly woke up tomorrow and went X-rated. It's MasterFuck Theater!

It's unusual to present videos featuring real couples, reflecting their real life and relationships and performing real sex frank and bold in front of the camera. Tony Comstock founded this inspiring project some years ago and published the Comstock Video Podcast to promote it. So he gives the viewers a taste of his creative filmmaking: the fascination of real love, emotional contact, explicit nudity and intense sex without any restriction.

This post commemorates Marie and Jack, one of the real couples. In the following there is a survey of their Real Hardcore Love Story. The summary is by Tony Comstock added with a compilation of shreenshots.

Marie and Jack -
Overview of their Hardcore Love Story
Episodes 1 and 2 contain mostly statements of Marie and Jack, porn stars married in real life.
In episode 3 sexual actions start: fellatio and cunnilingus.
In episode 4 the center of the focus is real and inspiring penetration, executed by Jack to give pleasure to Marie and climax in orgasm.
Episode 5 focuses again real and intensive penetration, this time provoked by Marie to stimulate Jack and make him jerking off.
In episode 6 Tony Comstocks first erotical documentary comes to an end. Marie and Jack finally discuss the intimate details of their celebrated love and sex performance.

Marie and Jack - A Hardcore Love Story, Episode 1
Here it is, the first Comstock Films video podcast. We're going to start off by serializing our first film, "Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story". As our first forray into podcasting, no doubt we'll have a few technical glitches. I hope you'll bear with us, but I hope you (gently) let us know if things aren't working right! Enjoy! -TC

SIZE: 18.5 MB, Duration: 4.22 min,
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Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story, Episode 2
In episode two, we hear Marie and Jack discus the difference between experience of work sex, and the far more intimate, and usually more pleasurable experience of their personal sexual relationship.

SIZE: 26.9 MB, Duration: 4.22 min,
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Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story, Episode 3
Having heard what makes their relationship special in episodes 1 and 2, in episode 3 we get a peek at what makes Marie and Jack's lovemaking special. The focus of this segment is cunnilingus; from both Jack and Marie's point of view!

SIZE: 34.4 MB, Duration: 6.44 min,
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Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story, Episode 4
Welcome to Episode 4 of the award-winning erotic documentary. In this installment, Marie tells us why harder, faster, and deeper isn't always better, and we see Jack's unique technique for giving his wife love just the way she likes it!

SIZE: 27.3 MB, Duration: 5.39 min,
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Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story, Episode 5
In keeping with the holiday spirit, in episode 5 we hear a thoroughly pleasured Marie explain that it's just as much fun to give as it is to receive, and then see her bring her husband Jack to a copious orgasm.

SIZE: 20.0 MB, Duration: 4.02 min,
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Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story, Episode 6
In this last episode of Marie and Jack reflect on how their own private sex life has remained unchanged by their experiences working in the adult industry; how at its most intimate, their sex life remain loving, tender and spontaneous.

SIZE: 13.6 MB, Duration: 3.03 min,
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Summary of the explicit real sex scenes
The hard-core portion begins with affectionate kisses and palpable anticipation. Jack helps Marie remove her tank top, and she pulls off his shirt. His pants come off for a luscious blowjob, after which he buries his head between her legs for very effective oral work. He teases her by brushing his penis along her pubic bone before inserting it. Her natural lubrication coats his shaft. They roll through a variety of positions (missionary, cowgirl, a lapsit) in such a natural manner that it hardly seems right to call them positions. Sometimes they smile and make eye contact; sometimes they just close their eyes in pleasure. Marie appears to have a genuine (relatively quiet) orgasm as Jack diddles her clit in the spooning position. She presses her thumb into his mouth as he approaches his climax. We see their faces at the moment of Jack's orgasm, and the camera quickly pans to catch the last drops of ejaculate spilling onto her belly. He plants a sweet little smooch on her forehead, and they laugh and interlace their fingers together.

More information about Tony Comstock and his Project:

The Comstock Films Video Podcast

Comstock Films -
Real People, Real Life, Real Sex! -
The erotical documentaries are fascinating and stimulating!

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