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Blackmail Boys (2010) - An Innovative Film about Gay Love and Sex reveals Hypocrisy - A Review by Mark Valen

A project dealing with hypocritical exposure to homosexuality called BLACKMAIL BOYS was written and directed by the Shumanski brothers. The leading roles were taken by two young and inspiring actors. Nathan Adloff has worked on several Chicago-based independent films with friends and colleagues. Taylor Reed, who loves acting and being an 'off-and-on' psychology student, has been in three independent films. Also involved was Chicago independent filmmaker Joe Swanberg. Characteristical in his movies are everyday life actions and relationships as well as explicit nudity and sexuality. It's not unusual that Joe Swanberg appears in his movies fully naked with erection and having inspiring sex with attractive women. But it is first time, that he is involved explicit in homosexual actions and performing gay sex in front of the camera. Nathan and Joe already worked together in Joe's indie series YOUNG AMERICAN BODIES (four sesaons 2006-2009).

(USA 2010, 68 minutes)

Starring: Nathan Adloff, Taylor Reed, Joe Swanberg
Written / Directed by Bernard & Richard Shumanski
Director of Photography: Adam Wingard

Mark Valen, who is a film programmer in Los Angeles, recently has seen BLACKMAIL BOYS. He has written an objective and expressive review about the movie. In courtesy of the author REAL SEX MAINSTREAM publishes his statement. It reveals a hypocritical exposure to homosexuality as well as it's inspiring and stimulating – so it is mirrored by the movie itself.

An Innovative Film about Gay Love and Sex
reveals Hypocrisy

A review by Mark Valen

Sam (Nathan Adloff) and Aaron (Taylor Reed),
a gay couple. They are hoping to get married

A clever, scrappy little sexual thriller set in Chicago, two young gay lovers want only to be able to get legally married. But since their home state of Illinois won't allow it, they dream of getting enough cash to go to Vermont where gay marriage is legal. Sam (Nathan Adloff) makes money by hustling for sex with men. Aaron (Taylor Reed) wishes Sam would stop hustling, but realises this is a fast way to make money. When Aaron discovers that one of Sam's clients is a "straight" right-wing conservative who openly denounces homosexuality, he hatches a plot with Sam to blackmail the hypocritical client (Joe Swanberg) so they may get enough money to move away.

The film cleverly satirizes America's rightwing bigots, while also being a sweet little love story about two young men just trying to find their right to be happy.

Aaron (Taylor Reed) and Sam (Nathan Adloff) blackmail
Andrew Tucker (Joe Swanberg), a married but closeted gay

Explicit sex scenes

The film has scenes of explicit sex interlaced throughout.

In the opening scene, Sam and Aaron are masturbating to each other via Skype. We see Aaron's full erection and passionate talk between them. We also see Sam having rather comical sex with some of his clients. One in a shower where they are both wearing snorkels. One where he is giving a john a blow job, who immediately gets up to leave when he is done as if he is ashamed.

The film's most graphic sexual scenes are between Sam and rightwinger Andrew Tucker (Swanberg). I must give Mr. Swanberg congratulations for his performance. Here is a heterosexual man (in real life) who is willing to perform sexually with another actor on screen. Andrew is seen with an erection being jacked off by Sam. Later he snorts some powder and puts on a condom and fucks Sam in the ass (this is not shown in a hardcore way, but both fully nude and simulating the sex). All the while, Aaron is in a room next door secretly filming their liason. The camera lingers with harsh glaring light over Andrew's naked body as he rests.

What's interesting is that the scenes of Sam and Andrew having sex are filmed under harsh white lights, making their sex cold and meaningless. The sexual scenes between Sam and Aaron are filmed with soft colored lights, creating a romantic effect. The effective cinematography was shot by Adam Wingard, himself a director of independant films.

Sam (Nathan Adloff) and Aaron (Taylor Reed)
dreaming about their future


BLACKMAIL BOYS is an innovative film that will perhaps inspire other filmmakers to be more bold with showing sexuality on screen.
I harken back to HUMPDAY from a couple of years ago, where two straight men decide to have sex together on film to make money. but at the last minute they chicken out, which made the whole film a cop-out. BLACKMAIL BOYS has the balls to carry through with it's themes and in the process becomes a standout film in recent gay cinema.

for your inspiring review
and the successful
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A romantic gay love with kissing -
Aaron (Taylor Reed) and Sam (Nathan Adloff)

Teaser Trailer Blackmail Boys
Shumanski Brothers


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