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Hotel Desire (2) - Aspiration for the Explicit - A porNEOgraphic Project by Sergej Moya

For our international friends here is a short summary of the inspiring movie HOTEL DESIRE and an invitation to support the project by crowdfunding.

Hotel Desire

for the Explicit

A porNEOgraphic

by Sergej Moya

Saralisa Volm
Clemens Schick

Sergej Moya and his Project
Sergej Moya is a German actor, writer and director who had the idea for the movie. The 23-aged filmmaker appreciates erotic films which celebrate emotional relationships and depict explicit sexual actions as part of an interesting and demanding love story. So he created the ambitious project HOTEL DESIRE. In his film he wants to tell the story of a woman who is longing for more in her life than only the daily business. It's an attempt to explore human aspiration for explicit sexuality and to present it as an intriguing story with erotical feelings and sensual pictures.

Sergej Moya - young and creative filmmaker with porNEOgraphic ideas

"Passion can be wonderful." Clemens Schick
"That will make it so exciting." Sarlisa Volm

Aspiration is an important part of everybodys life. It can also be called graving, longing, desire, lust, yearning. It develops our thoughts, emotions and actions. Finally aspiration gravitates towards erotical relations and sexual unification. That's a very inspiring process.

Saralisa Volm (Antonia) & Clemens Schick (Julius)
leading parts in HOTEL DESIRE with explicit challenge

Explicit Sexuality
Sergej Moya wants to tell the love story in different aspects of its ongoing development. He had no problems to find willing and established German celebrities for his project. Saralisa Volm and Clemens Schick agreed to take over the leading part in the 45 minutes lasting movie. They will enjoy to perform their relationship in front of the camerea in a very erotical and sensual way. And they are ready for total addiction as it's requested for an authentic interpretation.

Saralisa Volm taking a shower in the opening sequence

The opening sequence is already filmed and gives a taste of the whole movie. It can be watched here:
HOTEL DESIRE - Opening Sequence

Antonia (Saralisa Volm) & Julius (Clemens Schick)
are performing their joy of life by explicit sexual actions

Sexual actions are elemental in each human life. And they are heading to climax in explicit real intercourse and body merging. To tell that total process of developing in an erotical way is an important aim of the movie HOTEL DESIRE. For this kind of unusual and sensual filmmaking Sergej Moya created the term porNEOgraphy. It's something like a new definition of pormography. This means the film will be erotical inspiring and sexual explicit, but not unspiritual, inhuman and obscene as commerical porns are typically.

The progress of the crowd-funding action can be watched online at the offical HOTEL DESIRE website.

The charge of the movie is 170.000 EURO (about 244.000 USD). The German production companies TeamWorx and Von Fiessbach Film attempt to finance the movie by crowdfunding. This new way of financing a project is based on trying to get as many supporters as possible to donate amounts of money of their own choice. It's an experiment for cast and crew.
All men and women can share.
People who are interested in the arts, sympathisers, movie fans and sex enthusiasts are requested to support the project and to donate an amount - less or high as they are willing and able. Everybody can donate online anonymous or by giving his name.

"Sex is beautiful and means relinquish and devote." Clemens Schick

The crowdfunding action started at 6. June and will be closed at 23. August. That means 80 days for collecting the full amount. If it's successfull the filming will start at end of August and last about one week. When shooting is finished the complete movie HOTEL DESIRE can be watched in the internet.

"Sex without devotion will not really work." Saralisa Volm

Invitation to support
PLEASE help support this ambitious and inspiring film!

Spread the message and tell your friends and interested people!

Help with your donation! No fee is to small!

Help the courageous filmmakers to realise their explicit movie!

appreciates HOTEL DESIRE and says GOOD LUCK!

Crowdfunding - Support the project

Saralisa Volm brushing her teeth in the opening sequence

Hotel Desire - More Links

Official Website
Cast & Crew
Hotel Desire on Facebook


Directors note by Sergej Moya

Apparently women think about the day, on average, every 60 seconds of sex, men every 52 seconds. Both the real and the imaginary sex are fundamental part of our quality of life.

I, however, could not find any indication which may prove all the number of seconds, minutes or hours a day, we think of murder and manslaughter.

Since it is still strange that we tried to film the mainstream culture to exemplify the opposite. For these filmmakers it is more self-evident to show humans separated the heads of bodies, as the game of love between two people.

Where is the EXPLICIT BEAUTY? Where is the desire for excitement so familiar to me when two people get closer to each other - so close that their two bodies merge into one?

The love scenes in countless "romantic comedies" are ending when it might be interesting to watch them or they rise again when it comes to the mandatory cigarette afterwards.

But I would like to direct a film that does not do that. I want exactly, what is so important for all of our lives and naturally, visualize and act out on the big screen.

With HOTEL DESIRE I would like to make a film, it makes the task for the unconditional, to iconify sexuality in its totality as an expression of human vitality. A film that confidently makes loans from the genre of porn, but definitely is not porn.

HOTEL DESIRE is a porNEOgraphic film. A film in which we sensitive and directly will tell the interplay of aspiration, lust, desire, intimacy, sexuality, and spontaneity.

Our desire for sexual fulfillment is something so great and in the evolution of all creatures so unique - such a human quality that I find almost absurd how little we deal cinematically with it.


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