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Hotel Desire - Sensual Celebration of Carnal Desire

The 45 minutes movie HOTEL DESIRE (Germany 2011) in its total is an artwork of human aspiration and sensual face-to-face encounter. The complete film can be watched and downloaded at

Hotel Desire -
A Sensual Celebration of Carnal Desire

Performed by
Saralisa Volm & Clemens Schic

Inspired and Directed
by Sergej Moya

Two lonely people - an upstairs maid and a blind painter - meet in a hotel room by accident. And spontaneously they follow their emotions, come close together, feel their fleshly appetite and fall down to each other. Antonia (Saralisa Volm) and Julius (Clemens Schick) celebrate a sensual bodylanguage unrestrained. Both they are ready to give everything and to receive everything.

They feel the fire burning in their hearts. They beginn to undress und to kiss lips and tongues. They unite their naked bodies and enjoy to feel the flesh. She grabs his full erect penis and plays with it. He massages her vagina with little pubic hair, puts his head between her opened legs and kisses her pussy with his tongue.

Antonia takes a condom and covers it on Julis cock. Then they merge their bodies and celebrate their carnal desire. He inserts his full erect dick into her ass and forge ahead. They change position kissing and licking. She rides on him. He comes over her and penetrates her female center of lust. Their game of love finds a very erotical and passionate culmination when they fuck to each other by body and soul heading for total satisfaction. Finally they enjoy it having celebrated the most human and elemental act of love and sex with great pleasure.

Here is a collection of explicit screenshots. Watch end enjoy the erotical and sexual highlight of HOTEL DESIRE.

Thanks to the original uploader of the screenshots!

Three Erotical & Sexual Forces
of Hotel Desire

A special THANKS for

Sergej Moya, the 23-aged writer and director,
whose vision and imagination
was the driving force behind the ambitious project.
Saralisa Volm, the attractive female lead,
who portrayed the upstairs maid
with aspiration for erotical love & sex.
Clemens Schick, the athletic male lead,
who portrayed the blind painter
with sensuality and passion.

HOTEL DESIRE is very authentic and a great iconographic depiction of the fascinating human expression of erotic, love and sex!

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