Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

RSM About Us

Dear friends of RSM 
Sorrry for the 5 month lack of posting news on RSM. We - the both blog writers - have been very bussy in the past and this will continue in the future. We are sorry that we do not have always the needed time to update our blog. It's a hobby for both of us to write here and to appreciate sexual actions in different kind of movies. Because we are inspired effective we'll try to get involved furthermore with erotic, sex and porn in all their fascinating and artful portrayals in films as well as in the daily life.

Andy Warhols Blue Movie  (1969)
Explicit pictures have been deleted 

Deletion of Explicit Pictures 
There were some unpleasant movements during the last months. Some explicit pictures of a few posts have been deleted. This happened without any explanation. This censorship is curious. Some photo sequences have been deleted in total. For example Andy Warhols Blue Movie part 2 climax. Or the Betty Blue Intro Sequence in the first blog post.

Undeleted Pornographic Pictures 
There was something incomprehensible of this reset action. Much more hardcore photos remained on the blog. Lots of this undeleted pictures show much more graphic female and male genitals or detailed sexual actions. Surprisingly this pornographic photos havn't been deleted on RSM. Although there are surely people who decline depictions of nudity and sexuality as a matter of principle calling them obscene. 

Disclaimer of Censorship
The Betty Blue Intro-Sex-Sequence has been renewed by now. Others of the deleted pictures will be followed. We hope that there will happen no more random deletions. We decline every kind of censorship vehement. If anybody takes offence at publications of words, pictures or video clips on RSM, we ask to contact us. It's not intended to infringe upon a right of a person or an institution. If anybody feels his/her legal rights (copyright) violated, please notify Imagination and the items will be removed. Thanks.

Regulary Visitors
Fortunately there are also good news. During the last months the quantity of visitors remains nearly constant. RSM is visited up to 2.000 visitors daily. A slight decline happpened the last weeks. Most of the user come from USA, followed by the visitors of Germany and Europe. We thank all users who visit RSM and enjoy erotical films and emperimental porn. The blog can be used als fountain of information and archive as well as for personal inspiration and hopefully also for sexual stimulation.

 Andy Warhols Blue Movie  (1969)
A real fuck in front of the camera 

Heading to 1 Million Visitors on RSM
In July RSM is online since 3 years.The count of visitors was increasing permanently. It was not in our imagination to cross the one million boarderline three years after beginning the blog. But the round jubilee motivates us by now. So we have planned a special post. And we'll try to work on more intensive if possible. We'll appreciate and depict ongoing the joy of sensual flesh, the pleasure of erotical and intimate sex and the fun of inspiring and passionate porn in all its multifaceted fascination!
Imagination & Cout Lacoste

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