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Sex is an Experience like Heaven on Earth

Naked body contact, embrace, caress -
The partners experience the feeling that they are accepted.
© Photo by Master Sex

Erotical and sexual fucking games by body and soul - 
Sex is primarily an instrument of intensive communication.
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Feeling Jam or Seed Storage?

Enjoy Cunnilingus -
Sexual acts are the most important option for some men,

 to come up with other people in a real and intense contact
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To live out the storm and stress period by body and soul - 
Lust is the desire for sexual conquest of an attractive partner.
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Sex and Self-Affirmation   

Intimate connection with cock into pussy - 
Take me into you! Then I feel that you really want me.
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Vaginal penetration in the cowgirl position - 
Getting to know yourself during sex is a projection process, 
in which I perceive the other as the fulfillment of my needs. 
© Gif-Photo by Master Sex 

Kinship and Loneliness 

Anal penetration with full physical use -
Some have inhibitions to express their erotic desires.  

But they live out their sexual fantasies with their partner in the head full of cinema.
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Nipple licking and cock sucking - 
Many couples get suggestions in porn and then practice it themselves.
© Gif-Photo by Master Sex 

Sexposing - to imitate Porn during own Sex

Intense vaginal penetration with additional finger stimulation  -
The porn generation wants to live out the sex with full devotion and enjoy it.
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The first picture is taken from the film CLOSE MY EYES (UK 1991) 

All other published pictures and gifs are taken from the blog MASTER SEX

Sex is always something overwhelming.
It is the direct proximity to another person.
In this great experience one can only marvel again and again.

 © Gif-Photo by Master Sex