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Nymphomaniac Who is Who? - Porn Inspired Cast Photo Reveals Explicit Sexual Challenge

Lars von Trier has gathered all his main stars in NYMPHOMANIAC for the first full cast photo from the set. The porn inspired photo features plenty of the stars in compromising positions. The upcoming two-parter finally will contain graphic sex scenes between cast members (aka their doubles). So the promo photo will inspire the fantasy to look forward to Joes (Charlotte Gainsbourg) life story with her excessive and uncontrollable sexual desire. 

NYMPHOMANIAC - The first full cast photo from the set
© Zentropa Entertainments

NYMPH()MANIAC Who is Who? - 

Porn Inspired Cast Photo 
Reveals Explicit Sexual Challenge

Multifaceted Cast Ensemble
Lars von Trier has casted a lot of well known female and male stars for his controversial film NYMPHOMANIAC. As part of  his slow reveal for his upcoming movie, production company ZENTROPA unveiled the first cast photo for the film. The image, which went up online in May 2013 during the Cannes Film Festival, is a porn-inspired tableau featuring the all-star cast in various compromising positions. The following closer in-depth look to the groups of celebrities on the photo will give an overview of the different actors involved in the project. And it will help to identify who is who, aka who is intimate with who in the film

Shia LaBeouf & Stacy Martin in NYMPHOMANIAC

Shia LaBeouf
The shot features a shirtless Shia LaBeouf lying on the ground with a very suggestive fruit arrangement nearby. "He's a genius. He's a visionary. We have maybe, what, 10 of those on the planet?" LaBeouf said of Lars von Trier. "I'll do anything he tells me. I came here ready to do anything." Stacy Martin sits on top of him in the photo. 

Writer and Director Lars von Trier & Jamie Bell in NYMPHOMANIAC

Lars von Trier
In the background stands director Lars von Trier with a digital camera and a gag of duct tape across his mouth - a cheeky reference to his controversial Nazi comments in Cannes two years ago that provoked the festival to brand the Danish auteur a persona non grata. Jamie Bell stands by with toilet paper. 

Uma Thurman & Udo Kier in NYMPHOMANIAC

Uma Thurman
In the center of the picture stands Uma Thurman in a domina pose with her leg astride a table underneath which Udo Kier lies, looking up with apparent fear and awe. 

Willem Dafoe & Sophie Kennedy Clark in NYMPHOMANIAC

Willem Dafoe
The shot also stars Willem Dafoe with a compromising trouser stain. Sophie Kennedy Clark wipes up his spill. 

Stellan Skarsgard & Mia Goth in NYMPHOMANIAC

Stellan Skarsgard
Lars von Trier veteran Stellan Skarsgard has said of the film: "When we call this a porno, it's meant ironically, but irony doesn't work well in print. The film is sexually explicit - but, believe me, it will be a very, very bad wanking movie." Mia Goth poses on the couch above him. 

Christian Slater & Charlotte Gainsbourg in NYMPHOMANIAC

Christian Slater
Charlotte Gainsbourg sits on a chair with legs akimbo as an intense Christian Slater kneels before her. 

Nicolas Bro & Connie Nielsen in NYMPHOMANIAC

Double Danish
Danish actor Nicolas Bro holds two cherry-topped ice creams while checking out the goods of Danish actress Connie Nielsen. 

 Erotic Phallic Symbolism - 
A champagne bottle overflowing & a banana rising up from between two apples

Symbolic Cast Photo Highlights Genital Maintenance
Production company ZENTROPA also has revealed that the film will open in von Trier's native Denmark on December 25, marrying the Wise Men's trek with Charlotte Gainsbourgh's journey of sexual awakening. Symbols as well as close obscene body positions noticed at the cast photo reveal the explicit sexual challenge of Lars von Triers erotic epic NYMPHOMANIAC. Now, since Lars von Trier's typically understated style may have you missing a few of the subtle details of his porn tableau, here are some highlights: 

- Shia LaBeouf is bad at hide-and-seek. 
- Udo Kier staring up Uma Thurman's dress while jamming a coffee table leg into a melon. (Symbolism.) 
- Mia Goth casually stomping on Stellan Skarsgård's crotch, when he was just trying to unwind on his plastic-covered couch. 
- Willem Dafoe foolishly trying to carry coffee and dance while receiving a crotch-washing. 
- Star Charlotte Gainsbourg, too, receiving a crotch-washing. Though hers is from Christian Slater, so probably a more expensive washing. 
- Billy Elliott is going to have to clean all this up. 
 - Just a big ol' vat a' lube. 
- A banana rising up from between two apples; a long cactus rising up from between two smaller, round cacti; a champagne bottle overflowing. Think about it. You have time until at least the film starts.
More stars will appear in the movie like Stacy Martin, Jamie Bell, Connie Nielsen,  Jean-Marc Barr and others. 

A simple, sexually evocative image heats up the theatrical campaign for the Danish filmmakers upcoming erotic epic. Phillip Einstein Lipski and Maria Biilmann developed and designed the NYMPHOMANIAC campaign. Describing the image, the poster designers said, they tried to “distill the intimacy and the obscenity of the film down to its simplest form. A form we hope will engage the audience in the universe of Nymphomaniac - one sexy piece of artwork at a time". 

 Opened female genital -
The black-and-white official poster shows an erotically charged design 
and evokes female sexuality with the tag line: "Forget About Love."

Promo Photo - Charlotte Gainsbourg in Threesome
An early published first photo from NYMPHOMANIAC, published by ZENTROPA Entertainments in May 2013 shows Charlotte Gainsbourg's sexy side in the movie.

Threesome - Topless Charlotte Gainsbourg is embraced by two half-naked men.
The shot should further whet the appetite for Lars von Triers erotic epic. 

Samstag, 28. September 2013

Nymphomaniac - Lars von Trier hoping to premiere Hardcore Version at 2014 Cannes Film Festival

Two years after coming under fire at the Cannes Film Festival for his questionable comments regarding Nazis, it appears that filmmaker Lars von Trier might be making quite the return. "Montages" (via "The Playlist") reports that the “hardcore version” of von Trier’s NYMPHOMANIAC will be premiering at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.  

 Stacy Martin & Shia LaBeouf (left) and Uma Thurman (right)

Lars von Trier hoping 
to premiere Hardcore Version 
at 2014 Cannes Film Festival 

Looking deep for nudity and sexuality in NYMPHOMANIAC

A five hour Graphic Sex Movie  
The two-part, five-hour film stars Charlotte Gainsbourg as self-diagnosed nymphomaniac Joe, who recounts her disturbing sex life story to the charming bachelor Seligman (Stellan Skarsgard). The movie has already drawn considerable interest for its graphic depiction of sex with the actors’ heads beeing digitally added to their porn stunt double’s bodies for maximum impact. 

Lars von Triers hardcore version will be as explicit as possible.
But will the audience also see explicit genitals and a real penetration like
the protagonists Oskar and Lana celebrate it in THE GREAT EPHEMERAL SKIN?
A Porn Film Symbiosis with Celebrtities and Body Doubles
Lots of people were hoping to see some of their favorite actors going naked for real sex in Lars von Trier‘s NYMPHOMANIAC. But the news told from Producer Louise Vesth are disappointing. She makes clear that the two-part feature will digitally blend the stars of the movie with their body doubles. Everything above the waist will be the name actor. And then their body doubles will handle the hardcore sex below. “We shot the actors pretending to have sex and then had the body doubles, who really did have sex. And in post we will digital-impose the two,” says Vesth.  

In X-ART porn movie SEX WITH PASSION Leila & Christian are real fucking.
In NYMPHOMANIAC we will also see celebrities in intimate positions.
But the real sex scenes are performed by porn doubles.

An Artful Hardcore Storytelling
The producer added that von Trier is also “using double exposures and imposing words and symbols over the action as part of his storytelling.” The revelation about the sex scenes isn’t too surprising, especially since the producers had previously mentioned that the sex scenes “will be performed with the help of body doubles and visual effects.” Von Trier has also come close to this ground before. In ANTICHRIST, he opened the film with Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg’s characters having sex, but then cutting below the waste to see a hardcore depiction that was created using body doubles.  

In ANTICHRIST Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe perform close intimacy

while the explicit penetration is executed by professional porn body doubles.

What’s happening in NYMPHOMANIAC is simply the evolution of that and then stretched across the entire movie. That's somehow intriguing while other digital artists are trying to make superheroes and set pieces appear more realistic, von Trier is walking into the room and saying, “I want audiences to really believe that they’re seeing Udo Kier’s junk.” (Note: It's not known if Udo Kier is involved in any of the sex scenes, but that should give a visual notion for all.
 The nymphomaniac Joe (Charlotte Ginsbourg) with two Africans 

A movie with challenging topics 
And if readers now think that the movie is just going to be about the visual gimmick, Louise Vesth assure THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: “Lars has thrown everything in this one. It’s about religion, about God, about philosophy.” And she hopes that von Trier will speak openly about the movie when it comes time to do press.  So we all are looking forward to the start.
Nymphomaniac Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and sleazy Jerome 
(Shia LaBeouf) united in passionate sexual addiction.
The production company Zentropa has revealed that the film will open in von Trier's native Denmark on December 25, marrying the Wise Men's trek with Charlotte Gainsbourgh's journey of sexual awakening. While NYMPHOMANIAC is still on track to open in Denmark on Christmas Day, this will apparently be the “softcore” version of the film, as von Trier wants to show NYMPHOMANIAC in all its twisted glory at Cannes. Obviously nothing is certain, but the French festivalgoers may be in for quite an experience come next May. 
"Magnolia" will distribute the movie in the U.S., but nobody knows if they’ll be distributing both the hardcore and the softcore versions.


Controversial filmmaker Lars von Trier mouth taped



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Nymphomaniac - Charlotte Gainsbourg in Lars von Triers expliziter Sex-Biographie

Neues zu Lars von Triers Sex-Biographie NYMPHOMANIAC: Der Film zeigt Charlotte Gainsbourg als Frau in ihrer sexuellen Entwicklung. Die verschiedenen Lebensstationen erstrecken sich von ihrer Geburt bis zu ihrem fünfzigsten Lebensjahr. In ihrem bewegten Leben spielt der Sex eine große Rolle. Die erotischen Erlebnisse werden im Kino als Softcore Fassung gezeigt. Später sollen sie explizit auf DVD als Hardcore Version erscheinen.

 Charlotte Gainsbourg 
in Lars von Triers 
expliziter Sex-Biographie  

Junggeselle findet Nymphomanin
In NYMPHOMANIAC wird die selbsterklärte Nymphomanin Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) an einem kalten Winterabend von Seligman (Stellan Skarsgard), einem alten Junggesellen, bewusstlos und zusammengeschlagen in einer Seitenstrasse aufgefunden. Er bringt sie in seine Wohnung, betrachtet sich ihre Wunden und versucht zu verstehen, was bei ihr schiefgelaufen sein könnte. Er beschließt, die Fremde in seiner Wohnung gesund zu pflegen.

Ausschweifende Sexerlebnisse in 50 Lebensjahren
Während des Heilungsprozesses erzählt ihm die 50-jährige Frau in acht Kapiteln aus ihrem reichen Schatz an sexuellen Erfahrungen – und zwar äußerst detailgenau. Dabei beginnt sie in ihrer frühen Kindheit und lässt auch spätere Affären mit Shia LaBeouf und Jamie Bell nicht aus.  

Softcore & Hardcore Film-Version
Glaubt man den Ankündigungen der Produzenten, so soll NYMPHOMANIAC auf Grund des expliziten sexuellen Inhalts sowohl in einer Softcore– wie auch einer Hardcore–Version in die Kinos kommen. Vorstellbar wäre auch, dass die Hardcore–Version des Films lediglich auf den On–Demand–Plattformen vertrieben wird. Bereits vor den Dreharbeiten mit Lars von Trier kündigte Darsteller Shia LaBeouf zumindest an, echten Sex vor der Kamera zu haben. 

Nackt beim Sex: Joe (Stacy Martin) & Jerome (Shia LaBeouf)

Film-Symbiose von Darstellern & Porno-Doubles
Produzentin Louise Vesth erklärte spätere allerdings, dass dies nicht ganz korrekt ist. Bei den Hardcore–Szenen des Films, wird es sich tatsächlich um Body–Doubles handeln. Das „bahnbrechende“ an der ganzen Sache ist allerdings, dass Regisseur Lars von Trier die Oberkörper der Hollywoodstars in der Postproduktion an die Unterkörper der Pornodarsteller montieren möchte, so dass für das spätere Publikum also tatsächlich der Eindruck entsteht, als würden die bekannten Schauspieler tatsächlich alles preisgeben. 

100 Stunden Filmmaterial für 2 Film-Teile, SC & HC und TV-Serie
Regisseur Lars von Trier (57) sammelte 100 Stunden Filmmaterial bei den Dreharbeiten zum Erotik-Drama NYMPHOMANIAC. Durch das umfassende Filmmaterial, das sich dank 268 Drehbuchseiten in den elf Wochen Drehzeit ansammelte, schaffte Lars von Trier es nicht, NYMPHOMANIAC bis zum diesjährigen Filmfestival in Cannes im Mai fertigzustellen. Wie die Website "" berichtet, plant der Regisseur nicht nur, das Erotik-Drama in zwei Teilen zu je zweieinhalb Stunden herauszubringen. Das norwegische Newsportal will außerdem erfahren haben, dass es außer den beiden Kinofilmen auch Überlegungen zu einer TV-Serie zu NYMPHOMANIAC gibt.

NYMPHOMANIAC Promotion Photo
© Zentropa Entertainments
Auf dem Cast-Foto sind die Darsteller in sehr suggestiven Posen zu sehen. Sie verdeutlichen die sexuellen Wünsche und Erfahrungen der Protagonistin Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg). Lars von Trier selbst sieht man im Hintergrund des Bildes, wie er das Geschehen mit einer Handy-Kamera filmt und dabei durch seinen zugeklebten Mund zum stummen Zuschauen verdammt ist. 

Grosses Darsteller-Ensemble
Die Geschichte der sexsüchtigen Joe wird von mehreren Darstellerinnen gespielt. Die Hauptrolle übernimmt Charlotte Gainsbourg (42). In den Rückblenden wird sie von Stacy Martin (22) als junge Joe im Alter von 15 - 31 Jahren verkörpert. Der Cast des Dramas rund um das heikle Thema Nymphomanie besteht neben Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgard und Shia LaBeouf  u. a. auch aus den Darstellern Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe, Christian Slater, Udo Kier, Connie Nielsen, Jamie Bell. 

Kontroverses und skandalträchtiges Kino 
Lars von Trier sorgte bereits mit seinen Filmen ANTICHRIST und MELANCHOLIA für einige Skandale. Dank bereits veröffentlichter Szenenbilder und Clips verspricht auch der Zweilteiler NYMPHOMANIAC ein umstrittener Film zu werden. Das Erotik-Drama soll in Lars von Triers Heimat Dänemark zu Weihnachten in die Lichtspielhäuser kommen. Geplanter Kinostart für den ersten Teil in Deutschland ist der 27. Februar 2014. 

 Geöffnetes weibliches Genital -
 Das offizielle schwarz-weiss Plakat zeigt ein erotisch aufgeladenes Design. 
 Es erinnert an die weibliche Sexualität mit dem Slogan: 
"Forget About Love" - "Vergiss alles über die Liebe".

Grafisches Filmplakat zeigt symbolische geöffnete Vagina 
Phillip Einstein Lipski und Maria Biilmann haben die Kampagne für Lars von Triers erotisches Epos entwickelt und das Filmplakat konzipiert. Die Grafik ist ein einfaches, sexuell suggestives Symbol, das an ein geöffnetes, weibliches Geschlechtsorgan erinnert. Darüber steht nur der Satz: FORGET ABOUT LOVE - VERGISS ALLES ÜBER LIEBE. Unter der symbolisch offenen Vagina steht die Film-Ankündigung: Lars von Trier NYMPHOMANIAC. Die Botschaft ist klar: Es geht in dem Film um eine Frau, die sich exzessiv ihrer sexuellen Lust hingibt und ihre erotischen Begierden hemmungslos auslebt.

Symbol für intime und obszöne Dimension des Films
Die Designer beschreiben das Plakat als einen Versuch, die Intimität und die Obszönität des Films auf seine einfachste Form zu destilieren. Sie hoffen das Publikum damit zu motivieren, in das Universum einer sexbesessenen Nymphomanin einzutreten. Das symbolträchtige Plakat ist für sie der Ausdruck eines sexuellen Kunstwerkes für unsere Zeit.  
Das Symbol der geöffneten Vagina findet sich auch im Schriftzug des Filmtitels, in dem das "O" durch zwei Klammern () ersetzt sind: NYMPH()MANIAC.