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Real Sex in Mainstream Movies - A Reflection by Photographer Eddie Christie

After introducing the artist, here now follows Eddie Christie's contribution to the RSM Jubilee. It's a reflection about the theme of this blog: Real Sex aka Realistic Performances in Mainstream Movies. From his view as a creative photographer; the filming of a sex scene is similar to the photographing of a model. In each case it's a challenging task. Eddie's explanation is illustrated with his own artwork. He has a specific style of taking pictures. One intention thereby is that the models have an inner dialogue with the setting, area or nature. They appear as a part of it as well as a lively contrast to it. 

Couple AST - NYC, NY, USA, December 2011

Real Sex in Mainstream Movies

A Reflection by Photographer Eddie Christie
A Contribution to the RSM Jubilee of 2 Million Hits

 Model Jeremy Rowback, May 2011
Jeremys naked, outstretched body with fascinating play of muscles.

Appreciation of Realism & Fine Art Nudes
As a photographer of Fine Art Nudes, I appreciate realism and the human form in all its aspects. When I find an actor that does full nudes, I have respect for that actor like I do with models that do full nudes. I became a fan of that actor and seek out their other work. When I find an actor that is willing to do real sex, whether it be a masturbation scene or penetration, I have huge respect for that actor. When I come across a male actor who wears a cock sock, I have less respect and I lose interest in that actor.  I know that sometimes they are required by the studio or the producers/directors but most actors say that they are more embarrassed wearing the cock sock than they would be if they were fully naked. 

Model Nettie H, August 2011

Sex Filming mostly is Simulation and Fake
In order for actors to have a realistic looking sex, they, in my opinion, have to basically have sex with the other actor without actual penetration. Most of the time you can tell that there is no actual penetration by the minor subtleties. The two bodies do not move in sync or the female body does not react the way it would if actual penetration was happening. The camera angles shy away from viewpoints where you could see the male penis & anus or the female vaginal and anal areas. They try to do close ups or other angles that they hope might make us believe that the actors are having sex. I do not like the tease; I want to see the goods. On occasion you can see a male actor's penis after a sex scene but he is soft and flaccid. This is not real. For me, I become disappointed and let down. I want realism. I need realism for the acting and story line to be believed. 

Model Ken S, June 2009

Three Nude Types: Fine Art, Erotica, Porn
Why not just watch porn? Porn is not real either, it rarely has a believable story line or plot. The male actors usually have a penis that is extra-large. Depending upon statistics, the average American and European male is 6 inches in length. In photography terms and understanding, you have three basic types of nudes. The first being Fine Art, the second is erotica and the third is porn. Porn is porn, there is no way getting around that. It is straight forward, rarely, if ever is any consideration done to take into the aspects that classifies an image to be considered Fine Art. The lighting is bright, you do have some point of view but that goes hand in hand with porn and it is all about the sex, the erection or the cum shot. Erotic images take into consideration the aspects of Fine Art. It can be real or staged. Erotica usually incorporates aspects such as erections or the touching of private parts and suggestive poses. 

Model Lauren S, July 2011

A Lack of Proper Education
Certain poses like a woman with her legs open in full view of her vagina is automatically consider a typical porn pose in the world of photography. There are other poses as well but because of lack of education or the prudish professors, this is not always taught to the photography student. The other issue is that with digital photography, a person does not need a degree in photography to be considered a professional photographer. You own a camera, you take pictures, you are a photographer. But nobody takes into consideration the knowledge that is not being taught and why there are so many view points and opinions, even in the art world as to what makes an image Fine Art, Erotic or Porn it is a lack of proper education. 

Couple AST - NYC, NY, USA, December 2011

Some Aspects of Skill Sets
To make an image Fine Art, it must incorporate at least 2-3 aspects of a list or skill sets. Is there a good composition to the image? Does it have depth of field or point of view? How about the lighting, contrast and tonality? Is the main subject centered in frame or off set? What makes the difference between a snap shot and a portrait? How about the weight of the image? See, how many people can even tell me what that is? Is there vertical or horizontal motion? What about shapes such as "S" patterns and triangles? Do you see my point? 

Couple Malaki & Laureen, July 2011 (left) and Couple AST, Dec 2011(right)

Sex Filming with Aspects of Porn including the Subtleties of Realism
Real sex in a movie is like a really good erotic photo. It has the aspects of porn that turn you on but it has the subtleties of realism because it is real. It stands out in a way that can rarely be achieved by the male actor in a cock sock pretending to have sex and trying not to get an erection. If the actor does not get an erection then how can he make a believable performance? Some might say that they need to stay faithful to their spouse. If you believe in and practice monogamy, then that is true but by being an actor who is having sex scenes, is that not a form of adultery? The male actor can kiss the female actor, fondle and kiss her breasts or "pretend" to have cunnilingus. How can you pretend to have cunnilingus without actually having your mouth or nose or some part of your face actually touching the vaginal area? And why can you not show your erect penis, penetration or the female actor giving the male actor a realistic looking or actual blowjob. 

Couple AST - NYC, NY, USA, December 2011

RSM advises Movies that show the whole human body in all its Glory
Okay, so there are different types and styles of acting methods out there. To me, the only real acting method is doing things in reality. Showing the parts and bits of the body that a person would normally see. If you have actors willing to do nudes, then why blur or censor, why cut the camera view just before you can see the genitals? I appreciate the REAL SEX MAINSTREAM blog because it allows for me to see which movies out there that are not afraid of real sex or showing the whole human body in all its glory. Those are the movies I want to see. Those are the movies that I am going to masturbate to and those are the actors that I am going to follow.  

Source: Eddie Christie Photographie

Couple AST - NYC, NY, USA, December 2011



Couple AST - NYC, NY, USA, December 2011

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Model Tullee sadly has no online account by now.

Couple AST - NYC, NY, USA, December 2011

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Couple AST - NYC, NY, USA, December 2011

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