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Gegenseitige Selbstbefriedigung

Eine besondere Variante des Do It Yourself ist die gegenseitige Masturbation von zwei oder mehreren Liebespartnern. Gegenseitige Selbstbefriedigung klingt zunächst wie ein Widerspruch. Die SELBST-Befriedigung, die durch den Partner oder die Partnerin ausgeführt wird, ist ja eigentlich eine FREMD-Befriedigung. Aber sie kann erotisch-sexuell sehr reizvoll sein, z. B. als Teil eines kreativen Vorspiels. 

Gegenseitige Selbstbefriedigung

Freizügiger Sex mit gespreizten Beinen und geöffneter Pussy der Frau:
In LIBERTE SEXUELLE (2012) wichst sie lustvoll gleich zwei pralle Schwänze.

Sehen und gesehen werden
Die gegenseitige Masturbation kann als einseitige Masturbation und gegenseitiges Beobachten anfangen. Oder die Partner befriedigen von Anfang an in einer der vielen Variationen der Liebesstellung 69 die Geschlechtsteile des anderen. Da der visuelle Reiz sehr hoch ist, verbleiben viele Paare bei der einfachen Masturbation und sehen sich einfach so lange zu, bis der Höhepunkt erreicht ist. Oder die Lust auf den Partner wird so groß, dass sie die Finger nicht mehr voneinander halten können.


Die Masturbation gehört zu den ersten und intimsten Erfahrungen jeder Frau und jedes Mannes mit sich selbst.

Selbst ist die Frau - Beginn des weiblichen Liebesspiels mit sich selbst:
Die nackte Frau stimuliert mit ihren Fingern ihr genitales Lustzentrum.

 Selbst ist der Mann - Beginn des männlichen Liebesspiels mit sich selbst:
Nathan Duval wichst seinen Schwanz während er sich einen Porno reinzieht.

Die gegenseitige Masturbation  ist ein Zeichen des Vertrauens und des Respektes gegenüber dem Liebespartner und der Liebespartnerin. 
Außerdem hat sie einen großen Stimulationseffekt.

Erotische Wünsche,
Schamhaar-Rasur & G-Punkt-Stimulation

Rachel Blanchard, Anne Heche & Ashton Kutcher in SPREAD (2009)

Erotische weibliche Reize - Geöffnet & Verhüllt:
Anne Heche öffnet verführerisch ihr noch verborgenes genitales Lustzentrum.

Erotische männliche Reize - Nackt & Verborgen
Ashton Kutcher präsentiert sich splitternackt mit bedeckten Genitalen.
(In der Romantikkomödie NO STRINGS ATTACHED aka FREUNDSCHAFT PLUS, 2011.)

Stimulation Schamhaar-Rasur - Geiles Vorspiel heutigen Erotik-Lifestyles:
Rachel Blanchard sitzt mit gespreizten Beinen vor ihrem Liebespartner ...
... und Ashton Kutcher rasiert gefühlvoll die Schamhaare rund um ihre Pussy.
  Ashton Kutcher dringt mit seiner Hand in Anne Heches Möse ein ...

... und treibt sie mit genitaler Massage auf den Gipfel des sexuellen Lustempfindens.

 Anne Heche genießt Ashton Kutchers fingerfertige G-Punkt-Stimulation in ihrer Pussy.

 Download Clips Ashton Kutcher &

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Gesichtsausdruck beim Masturbieren und Orgasmus

Ganz anders als im Porno: Hier zeigen Menschen vor laufender Kamera, wie natürlich Masturbation ist. Und sie zeigen mit ihrem Gesicht, was sie beim Erreichen des sexuellen Höhepunktes erleben.

beim Masturbieren und Orgasmus

Sie verziehen ihre Gesichter in einer Mischung aus Genuss und Qual, sie stöhnen, werfen ihre Köpfe hin und her, reißen die Münder auf. Es sind Videoclips von Menschen, die gerade einen Orgasmus erleben.

Die Seite BEAUTIFUL AGONY (Schöne Quahl) sammelt diese Clips schon seit 2004. Unterhalb von Kopf und Oberkörper wird nichts gezeigt. Trotzdem zahlen die Nutzer der Webseite Geld, um sich die Videos ansehen zu können. 

Eigentlich absurd, doch offenbar sind echte Orgasmen von ganz normalen Menschen noch viel sexier als ein Porno es je sein könnte. Die reine Form der Erotik ist eine ganz natürliche - irgendwie beruhigend, nicht wahr?

Genau das wollten die Macher von BEAUTIFUL AGONY (Schöne Quahl) beweisen. Mit ihren Clips stellen sie genau das in Frage, was in der Pornoindustrie als erregend gilt. Statt gestellter Situationen und vorgetäuschter Höhepunkte, bekommen die Nutzer hier echte Orgasmen - jeder von ihnen einzigartig.


Beautiful Agony

Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015

Shooting Sex in LOVE - An INDIEWIRE interview with Gaspar Noé

INDIEWIRE made an interview with French-Argentine director Gaspar Noé about his 3D movie LOVE. Without no doubt, the relevance of the film are the lots of explicit SEX scenes, performed by the three main characters. LOVE is presenting real sex over and over again, until watching it feels like the most natural thing in the world. It’s what the male lead Murphy (Karl Glusman) describes as “sentimental sexuality”. That is sex within a romantic relationship, as opposed to the workmanlike couplings of hardcore pornography. 
During the interview Gaspar Noé reveals some interesting facts, how the hardcore scenes were prepared by the celebs and how the sex of LOVE were shot.

Shooting Sex in LOVE

An INDIEWIRE interview with Gaspar Noé

Some excerpts from the full interview with Gaspar Noé

"Gaspar Noé on Shooting Sex in LOVE and Why He Loves His Bad Reviews"
 By Nigel M. Smith, Indiewire May 23 2015

‘Gaspar Noé may be the only director in history who could make a two-and-a-quarter-hours-long pornographic film in 3D and then have it legitimately described as his least offensive picture to date.’ - The Daily Telegraph

I'm curious to know what came first when you were devising this movie. Was it the story you tell in LOVE, or the boundary-pushing depiction of sexuality?

I just wanted to portray sexual passion as much as possible, because in real-life it's very common, but you don't see it properly portrayed onscreen. The last movie where I thought love was truly presented was in "Blue is the Warmest Color."
 Because for them it's a battlefield full of joys and pain. That whole thing that makes the process of finding love like an addiction to some kind of weird chemical that your brain is releasing, and you get addicted to serotonin and dopamine, endorphins.

Obviously, people are going to be drawing parallels between you and the main character in the film, given the fact that he's a filmmaker and he has that line about why he wants to make a movie that features real sex. Just how autobiographical is LOVE? 

More than half of my friends are in the film industry, because I hang out with directors or visual effects makers, so I decided that I would do a movie about the kind of people that I am or I know, and it's a mix. It's not autobiographical; there are many thoughts that he has in his mind that are not mine, because they're his redneck thoughts. But at the same time, the guy's not a hero and not an antihero, he's just a regular guy with a good thematic taste, or sometimes with a very strict behavior. It's maybe some parody of my friends and myself.

His character's voiceover narration in LOVE is so solemn and quiet in delivery. What went into that choice?

We tried his voice in a more emotional way, but then you can't feel natural reading the text or playing the part. I guess that inside your brain the thoughts are atonal.
 To say it was flat with no breath and no energy, then your voice can transmit some emotions. I don't think the inner thoughts really can contain a shaky voice.

Did you actors set up any boundaries with you prior to shooting, or were just willing to do anything you threw their way?

It's weird, sometimes they had issues about things that I cannot understand. For example, at the point the couple buys a dildo [in the movie].

I thought they were going to use it.

I thought they would, but the actress said, "No way, I'm not going to use a dildo in front of a camera." For her, that was a vision of degradation or humiliation. She said, "No way I'm going to put a vibrator -- or whatever -- inside my pussy."

How did you work around these types of issues when they arose?
She wasn't an actress, she was just a girl. She used to be a model, and she said yes to the movie as a life experience. She had no career plans, and nowadays she doesn't know if she wants to make another movie or not. She's living the present time.

Who went about choreographing the sex scenes?

There was no choreography.

There was no choreography whatsoever? Even in the threesome scene that runs for what felt like ten minutes?

No, I just put them in the position and say, "Okay, looks good, okay, start the scene."

What kind of direction did you give them when they got started?
"Let's go." I was very hands off when we were shooting. Once you put the people in the right positions it's okay. Let's start. They know how to do it. I'm not a very director director.

Do you storyboard your films?

No. I don't pre-write the dialogue and I don't storyboard. There is a situation that we improvised it together on set.

Moving on to the 3D aspect of LOVE. What appeals to you about the experience?

It makes things more real, more intimate. You feel like you are puppets inside a box, because it's a rectangle with faces inside.

Was it a particular 3D experience that inspired you to shoot "Love" in 3D?

No. I really like GRAVITY for its 3D, but also in HUGO by [Martin] Scorsese. There was a long shot -- like a closeup of [Georges] Méliès facing the camera and on the big screen that seemed kind of monumental. You seriously should be careful when you do a 3D movie not to cut too fast or to overedit because it's mind-exhausting. Once you fill the space, it's better to let the scene last.

Does LOVE have to be seen in 3D?

I think it's much more emotional in 3D. I've never seen the 2D version.

Read full INDIEWIRE Interview with Gaspar Noé

Cannes Review: 
Hardcore Sex Isn't the Craziest Thing About Gaspar Noé's 3D LOVE

Cannes: Gaspar Noé Calls 3D 'Childish,' Wants 12-Year-Olds to SeeLOVE

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LOVE - A Sexual Threesome Melodrama by Gaspar Noé

Several years ago cotroversial film director Gaspar Noé announced, that he wants to make "a joyful porn". This year at the Cannes Film Festival his new film premiered on 20th May 2015 at midnight. It's simply called LOVE and centers around a threesome relationship. The published poster announce explicit sex and reveal LOVE as a pornographic film. Noé stresses that his movie - shot in CinemaScope - wants to delve into both the emotional and physical extremes of a relationship, with 3D acting as a method to allow an "immersive" experience for the viewer.


A Sexual Threesome Melodrama
By Gaspar Noé

THE TELEGRAPH revealed: the 3D sex odyssey set of Gaspar Noe's LOVE
Few directors become the talk of Cannes with little more than a film title and a poster. Yet with his explicit 3D sex odyssey LOVE, which has a midnight screening at the festival on May 20, Gaspar Noe has done just that. It's nothing new for Noe, whose previous films have been known to leave shocked cinema-goers requiring medical attention. With only tidbits of the films story released, and posters so graphic they should come with a NSFW Not Safe For Work warning attached, here's everything we know about LOVE so far.

Klara Kristin, Gaspar Noe, Karl Glusman, Aomi Muyock
at Cannes Film Festival LOVE-Premiere 20th May 2015.

Gaspar Noé wanted to portray sexual passion as much as possible
During an interview with INDIE.WIRE director Gaspar Noé was asked for the sex scenes in LOVE. 
I'm curious to know what came first when you were devising this movie. Was it the story you tell in LOVE, or the boundary-pushing depiction of sexuality?
Gaspar Noé:
I just wanted to portray sexual passion as much as possible, because in real-life it's very common, but you don't see it properly portrayed onscreen. The last movie where I thought love was truly presented was in BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR. Because for them it's a battlefield full of joys and pain. That whole thing that makes the process of finding love like an addiction to some kind of weird chemical that your brain is releasing, and you get addicted to serotonin and dopamine, endorphins.

LOVE opens with an explicit masturbation secene up to the climax:
Murphy (Karl Glusman) & Electra (Aomi Muyock) stimulate each other's genitals.

1. It is an ode to sex
Noe has said that he consciously made LOVE a celebration of sex to counter the frequently dark and moralistic portrayals seen in traditional cinema. "Of all my films," he wrote in the Cannes programme notes, "this one is closest to what I have been able to know of existence.
The only violence in the whole film is how people who are madly in love insult each other."
It appears to be a change of direction, then, for a director who gave audiences a 30-second warning to leave the cinema before the close of his 1998 film I STAND ALONE. (The film ended with scenes of incestuous sexual abuse.)

In search for Life and Lust without no limits: Electra, Murphy and Omi.

2. ...shot in 3D
Noe has said that he wanted his film to offer an immersive experience of sex, and coupled with his existing fascination with 3D, he decided to make the shift into the other dimension. I felt that 3D would allow the viewer a greater sense of identification with the lead character and his nostalgic state," he explained.
Noe added that he regretted not shooting his last film, ENTER THE VOID (2009), in the medium, particularly a point-of-view sequence that travels up a womans fallopian tube.

 The Threesome Lovers:
 Aomi Muyock as Electra, Karl Glusman as Murphy, Klara Kristin as Omi.
3. Two of the film's stars haven't acted before
Aomi Muyock, a Swiss model, and Klara Kristin both make their screen debuts in Love. Noe talked about his casting process in a 2014 interview with Bomb magazine. "I have been slowly preparing my next movie, which is a very sentimental erotic film," he told the artist Matthew Barney. "So I am meeting kids - girls and boys - and I will continue for quite some time."
The male lead, Murphy, whom Noe describes as the ultimate 3D baby-maker", is played by American actor Karl Glusman.
Glusman, who was born in the Bronx and grew up in Oregon, may be on the cusp of fame. His current CV includes stints on the stage as well as minor roles in TV dramas and short films, a small part in a tech-themed slasher movie called Ratter, and some offbeat dance performances pieces such as Consilience.
But in the next few years Glusman will be seen in Roland Emmerichs gay rights drama Stonewall and Nicolas Winding Refns LA-set horror The Neon Demon.

The love begins tenderly and extends romantic, but also chaotic.

4. It takes place in Paris
Murphy is an English-speaking character living in Paris as a film student. It is here that he meets Electra, with whom he enters into a life-changing love affair.

5. Its told in the past tense
Not one for conventional narratives - IRRVERSIBLE opened with the storys horrific conclusion - Noe has filmed LOVE in flashback form. The story opens with a present-day Murphy receiving a phone call from Electra's anxious mother, which draws him into memories of his insatiable affair with her daughter.

 In the mix of emotions Murphy is thrown between hope and despair.

6. There may be walkouts when it screens
Two-hundred-and-fifty people walked out of the Cannes premiere of IRRVERSIBLE in 2002, with many of them leaving even before its notoriously disturbing rape scene. ENTER THE VOID and I STAND ALONE sparked similar reactions at festivals and screenings.
Early reports from the blog Paris Match hint that LOVE's opening sequence will result in similar walkouts. Noe has publicly expressed his hope that this is a film "to make girls cry and give boys hard-ons."

How many real cumshots will LOVE present the watching audience?

7. Its US distributors want to show it uncensored
Alchemy Films has picked up the US rights to Love, and the company has said it "will do everything we can to protect this masterful film".
According to The Hollywood Reporter, LOVE might be released unrated: the strategy Lionsgate adopted when it distributed Irrversible. However getting the film into cinemas which are set up for 3D may be a challenge; and it's unclear whether Netflix, which hosts Alchemy titles, will show an uncut version of the film.

8. But they might have trouble showing the posters
Four posters have been released for the film so far. The one below is the least explicit.


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Shame (2011) im erotischen ZDF Montagskino hautnah

Als dritter Film im Montagskino hautnah zeigt das ZDF heute abend das schonungslos offene Erotik-Drama SHAME (2013) als Free-TV-Premiere. Der New Yorker Single Brandon (Michael Fassbender) verbringt seine gesamte Freizeit  damit, nach schnellen und anonymen Sexabenteuern Ausschau zu halten. Um seine massive Pornosucht zu befriedigen sucht er virtuell im Netz und real auf der Straße nach dem schnellen Sex. Die Folge davon ist: Er wird immer mehr unfähig, persönliche Beziehungen und soziale Bindungen einzugehen. SHAME thematisiert die heutzutage weit verbreitete Sexsucht in unserer Gesellschaft. 

Brandon (Michael Fassbender) ist erfolgreicher Geschäftsmann und sexsüchtig.
Zu seinem Tagesablauf gehört die regelmäßige Masturbation im Bett und anderswo.

 Shame (2011)

im erotischen ZDF Montagskino hautnah

Zwischen Pornosucht und Intimitätsangst
New York: Der attraktive Brandon ist Mitte 30 und hat einen gutbezahlten Job in der Werbebranche. Er tritt kultiviert, freundlich und elegant auf und gilt auf den ersten Blick als eine gute Partie. Sein Umfeld ahnt jedoch nicht, dass Brandon sexsüchtig ist und sich immer mehr in seinen Pornofantasien verliert. Er bestellt sich Prostituierte in seine Wohnung, frönt Sex im Freien mit einer weiblichen Bar-Bekanntschaft, masturbiert unter der Dusche oder auf der Bürotoilette und sieht sich selbst auf seinem Arbeitsplatz Pornos im Internet an. Gleichzeitig hat Brandon Angst vor Intimität.

Brandon lässt sich von der Begierde treiben und
lebt lebt im Bordell seine Sex- und Pornosucht hemmungslos aus.

Shame (2011)
am Mo 18. Mai 2015 
um 22.15 Uhr im ZDF

am Di 19. Mai 2015
um 00.20 Uhr im ZDF 

Sexsüchtiger Großstadt-Single
Der New Yorker Single Brandon (Michael Fassbender) arbeitet in der Werbebranche. In seiner Freizeit geht der attraktive Mittdreißiger nur einer Beschäftigung nach: der Suche nach schnellen anonymen Sex-Abenteuern - im Netz und auf der Straße. An manchen Abenden zieht er auch gemeinsam mit seinem Chef David (James Badge Dale) um die Häuser, der Brandons Anziehungskraft auf Frauen gerne ausnutzt, um seinem Familienleben zu entfliehen.

Total ausgeflippt
Eines Tages steht Brandons liebeskranke Schwester Sissy (Carey Mulligan) auf seiner Türschwelle. Die Sängerin gibt ein Gastspiel in einem New Yorker Club und möchte für ein paar Tage bei ihrem Bruder wohnen. Eine Wohngemeinschaft, die schon bald für Zündstoff sorgt. Der kontrollierte Brandon fühlt sich von seiner emotionalen Schwester zunehmend unter Druck gesetzt. Andererseits traut er sich endlich, seine attraktive Kollegin Marianne (Nicole Beharie) zum Essen einzuladen. Der anschließende Ausflug in ein Hotelzimmer endet jedoch in einer herben Enttäuschung. Als Brandon auch noch mitbekommt, dass Sissy eine Affäre mit seinem Chef am Laufen hat, rastet er aus. 

Als seine liebeskranke Schwester Sissy (Carey Mulligan) bei ihm auftaucht, gerät
das extreme Leben des sexsüchtigen Brandon (Michael Fassbender) aus den Fugen.

SHAME - Hintergrundinformationen
Mit nur drei Spielfilmen hat der britische Film- und Videokünstler Steve McQueen für weltweites Aufsehen gesorgt: Für sein IRA-Drama "Hunger" gewann er die Goldene Kamera für das beste Erstlingswerk beim Filmfestival von Cannes. Mit dem Sex-Drama "Shame" sorgte er bei dem Filmfestival von Venedig für Furore und sein gefeiertes Sklaven-Epos "Twelve Years A Slave" erhielt u.a. den Oscar für den besten Film . Die schwierigsten Rollen in seinen Filmen vertraute er immer einem Schauspieler an: Michael Fassbender. Ob der Darsteller mit deutsch-irischen Wurzeln einen IRA-Kämpfer im Hungerstreik verkörperte, einen sexsüchtigen Großstadt-Single oder einen sadistischen Sklavenhalter, Fassbender gibt immer hundert Prozent, zieht sich nackt aus und kehrt sein Innerstes nach außen. International bekannt wurde der oft als schwierig beschriebene Darsteller mit Quentin Tarentinos erfolgreicher Kriegs-Satire "Inglourious Basterds". Inzwischen liest sich die Liste seiner Regisseure wie ein Who's Who der Director's Guild. Ridley Scott holte ihn für "Prometheus" und "The Counselor". Bryan Singer wollte ihn für seine Erfolgsreihe "X-Men". Terrence Malick, David Cronenberg und Danny Boyle haben mit ihm gedreht.

An seiner Seite überzeugt die britische Darstellerin Carey Mulligan ("Drive", "Der große Gatsby") als liebeskranke Schwester Sissy, die in "Shame" nicht nur eine atemberaubende Performance des Sinatra-Songs "New York, New York" zum Besten gibt, sondern Fassbenders kalter Verschlossenheit ein Bollwerk an Gefühl und Verletzlichkeit entgegensetzt.

Brandon (Michael Fassbender) liebt den Reiz des Außergewöhnlichen:
Mit seiner Sexgespielin praktiziert er öffentlich am Fenster leidenschaftlichen Anal-Sex.
SHAME - Hintergrundinformationen zur Sexsucht
- Rund eine halbe Million Menschen in Deutschland leiden an Sexsucht. 
- US-Schauspieler David Duchovny ist sexsüchtig. Auch Michael Douglas und 
  Dustin Hoffman sollen es gewesen sein. 
- Wenn Betroffene sich ihrem sexuellen Verlangen ausgeliefert fühlen, wenn sie immer 
  mehr sexuelle Anreize brauchen und sich ständig zwanghaft mit Sex beschäftigen, 
  kann eine Sexsucht vorliegen.
- Die Betroffenen werden immer jünger.
- Es war noch nie so einfach wie jetzt, an alle möglichen Spielarten der Sexualität zu
  kommen. - Letztes Jahr schickte das dänische "enfant terrible" Lars von Trier 
  die französische Schauspielerin Charlotte Gainsburgh als Sexsüchtige in die Kinos 
  unter dem Titel: NYMPHOMANIAC.
- Hypersexualität wird bei Frauen seltener diagnostiziert als bei Männern.

How Gratuitous Is Michael Fassbender's Nudity in SHAME?
by Kyle Buchanan

Michael Fassbender has no shame to present his body in Full Frontal Nudity.

Steve McQueen's sex addiction drama Shame comes out tomorrow, and much of the prerelease attention has centered on one unlikely but prominent co-star in the NC-17 film: Michael Fassbender's penis. "Some of us have them and most of the rest have seen them, so what's the big deal?" Fassbender griped to us earlier this month, but since Ewan McGregor in the nineties, few male stars have deigned to take it all off onscreen. Still, if there's one compelling reason to drop trou, it's for a hopeful awards season contender! And so, just as we did last year with the frequently unclothed Anne Hathaway in Love and Other Drugs, we've decided to supply helpful, artistic justifications for all seven instances of nudity in Shame. Be warned: Sexual spoilers are forthcoming.

One minute in: In the very first shot of the movie, a nude and glassy-eyed Fassbender lays splayed out on his bed, his lower half covered only by a haphazardly applied bedsheet. After a long beat, he climbs out of his bed, logging his first full-frontal moment.
What this means artistically: "Here it is, folks! Literally 60 seconds after a dancing popcorn and soda exhorted you to to go to the lobby, we have given you the famous Fassdong. Now, can we move on like mature viewers?"

Two minutes in: After having sex, Fassbender walks around his apartment and checks his answering machine messages (people still have those?) in a routine fashion. He remains full frontal throughout.
What this means artistically: "Though getting laid often and having a terrific body may seem like a blast, do you see the torment and sadness in Fassbender's expression? ... Eyes up here, audience. That's not where his expression is."

Four minutes in: Different day, same shit: A going-through-the-motions Fassbender once again strolls full-frontal out of his bedroom, checks his messages, and proceeds to the bathroom. This time, though, we watch him from behind as he takes an extended piss.
What this means artistically: "This movie is definitely not War Horse."

Twenty minutes in: Carey Mulligan makes her considerably less heralded nude entrance, and like Fassbender before her, she is full-frontal in her very first scene in the movie.
What this means artistically: "Shame is so daring that we got an Oscar-nominated English rose to completely disrobe and that's maybe the fifth most notable thing we have to offer!"

One hour and six minutes in: His attempts to masturbate thwarted by a nosy sister, Fassbender once again shows his ass while grappling with Mulligan.
What this means artistically: "He's naked with his sister, and they're acting like it's normal! What does it mean, and can you handle it? This is some Stephanie Seymour shit right here, folks!"

One hour and nine minutes in: Fassbender has a nude liaison in the Standard Hotel and suffers a significant emotional setback.
What this means artistically: "Pity this man, for he can only consort with beautiful naked women he barely knows. Oscar voters, you've been there, right?"

One hour and twenty-six minutes in: Break out the red-tinted sex club, ménage à trois, and cry-orgasming: It's time for the saddest sextravaganza this side of Pier Paolo Pasolini!
What this means artistically: "While Michael Fassbender and several gorgeous actresses are nude throughout — and wait, is that analingus? — the sex they're engaging in is self-destructive and soul-destroying, even if it will admittedly make for terrific screen captures on Mr. Skin."


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The public Sex Scene in SHAME

The sex scene with Michael Fassbender and Amy Hargreaves pressed against the glass of a room window in Manhattan’s The Standard hotel was actually filmed above a busy street during the day. Spectators watched while the two actors, in the nude, smiled and waved at them from the hotel room above between takes.
Since the Standard Hotel opened in New York in 2009, it has become notorious for its guests engaging in public sexual activity in front of their rooms’ windows, sometimes for the entertainment of audiences on the street or in the High Line park below the building. This phenomenon has been documented in articles in New York Magazine, The New York Post, and The Observer, among other publications.


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