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Gaspar Noé's LOVE - Review by e.nygma

Gaspar Noé's LOVE premiered this year at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Meanwhile the film has been launched in French cinemas. e.nygma had the opportunity to watch the drama. He has written a detailed nude and sex review for the PROJECT X TAPES Forum. RSM publishes the review with his kind permission
THANKS e.nygma for your inspiring report!

Gaspar Noé's LOVE -

Review by e.nygma

Crowd report
There were a lot of women in the crowd, from groups of students of two to older women groups of three and four. Also some couples. It was kind of sexy seeing the mostly female crowd. Every admission of their interest in sex is sexy to me.

Short review of the film. - It's a boring film, a melodrama with below average actors and a few funny scenes and a few Gaspar Noe shots. The film is far to Noe-centric and he is reffered in the film so many times and actually appears in the movie as an gallery owner and fucks Aomi Muyock very briefly in a dream sequence(it might have also been real). It's also far to fragmented and goes absolutely nowhere. The soundtrack, however is really nice and the 3d is great. It's not in your face but it's really really good.

Having said that I have to add that it doesn't seem to go away from my mind and that is, usually,a good thing. Maybe it's the brilliant soundtrack or the obvious - the great sex or the fiercnes of Noe's style.

The LOVE & SEX Team

The provocative force: Creator, Writer, Director GASPAR NOÉ

 The Threesome Lovers and Sex Addicts:
 Aomi Muyock as Electra, Karl Glusman as Murphy, Klara Kristin as Omi.

Nudity & Sex Review

- The film opens very strongly with a mutual masturbation scene. They are in such a position that she is streched over him and is stroking his erect penis while he is fingering her pussy. She is really going for it, making him cum, while he is fingering her much more lightly. The angle here is great as the camera captures them from the front as he comes (we see semen) and she licks his penis a bit, but doesn't really put sperm in her mouth. Aomi has a great body with nice boobs, olive complexion and a totally hairy pussy.

- Short sex scene with Klara Kristin. He licks her through her panties, pulling them apart and then pulling them off completely. Then we see him putting in his cock in her and then after a bit of sex his condom breaks. We see her hairy pussy in the begining, though this is a brief scene. I didn't get the totally unshaved look at all. She has a great body though.

- The threesome scene. They smoke weed together and then they start kissing passionately. Klara and Aomi kiss a lot. Aomi takes down Klara's panties and we see her tight butt and the guy takes down his pants and we see he has an erection. He starts dry humping Aomi for a bit while they kiss and touch each other with intensity. They stroke his cock while he fingers them. It's not the best angle as it is shot from above so we don't get to see explicit penetration when he pulls Klara to his side and begins to fuck her. He does so for a minute or two, spooning her and then more explicitly opening her legs, and then the camera goes to their faces as they kiss in exstasy. She has a slender yet sexy body and perky tits. Very pale also. The sex between Carl and Klara is great and real for sure and you might be able to see penetration. The soundtrack made the scene. The scene is shot from a bird's perspective and the camera is static.

- Sex scene with Klara Kristin, the same one as before (second scene review), but from a different angle. It shows them fucking and then they stop as he pops the condom. We see them both nude and his erect penis with a condom. In this or the first scene there is a brief scene of their genitals post coitus also of her hairy pussy.

LOVE Blowjob - A snapshot taken from the cinema in Cannes by a Dutch critic:

- Great sex scene with Aomi. He is giving her head and then she is sucking him. It ends with about a 45 second sex cowgirl style. She is riding him rather slowly and the angle is such that we see the erect penis as she goes up and down but not penetration at its fullest just the base of the penis and her riding him. We see her nice ass riding him. 

 - There are so many fragments of sexual acts throughout the film that I will, for now, focus on one where he fingers her energetically and we actually see his fingers going in her and this amazing sound her pussy makes. It's an amazing and fierce scene. Another scene of a blowjob where we see her from profile as he take him in his mouth and sucks his dick. Also brief 69 very explicit and sex on a staircace where he really eats her out doggy and regular. Not that explicit though.

- The Deborah Revy scene. They meet at a party and go in a bathroom where she takes down his pants, puts on a condom on his cock and then rides him with his dress on. The scene continious with a closer shot and we get to see her boobs as they fuck.

- The orgy scene. Well, it's really eye candy, dark and a lot of the women are not completely naked. Some jerking off, some fucking. Nothing special. The sex is clearly real and we see explicit jerking of by Aomi and a couple of "prosittutes/club goers". Come to think of it, one of the girls Carl fucks is really sexy but not fully naked. He fucks her from behind.

- Two or three scenes of ejaculation. One is the infamous one where Aomi jerks him of and he shoots cum 3d in to us and the first one in the first described scene. There might be one or two short but not great ones in the fragmented parts.

- I will add this to my review, but you have to know that in the second part there are so many fragmented sex scenes between Aomi and Carl that it's impossible to remember and describe all of them. One of them, after they have a huge fight in a taxi, is great but again not terribly explicit. He fucks her so hard missionary and then doggy in their room. This one was really intense.

If I think of something new I will post again and I will anwser your questions so just ask.
Overall the sex and nudity was definitly good but not that explicit, though clearly real all the way. It's the angles that make the difference between porn or this arty sex kind of movie. I wonder how many times Aomi and Carl had sex. Judging by the number of short but different sexual fragments in the second half - A LOT!!!

Note: All pictures in this post are published elsewhere in connection with LOVE.

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