Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2015

Night Eyes 4 (1996)

Zum Ausklang des Jahres 2015 folgen hier noch einige anregende Fotos aus einem erotischen SC Film der 90er Jahre. So angenehm und befriedigend möge das alte Jahr für alle Sex-Begeisterten zu Ende gehen. 

Night Eyes 4 (1996)

Paula Barbieri & Caspar Van Dien

Ein nächtlicher Fick im Bett
mit vollem Körpereinsatz



Einen guten Rutsch - 
oder vielleicht besser:
Einen guten Fick ins Neue Jahr!

Ejaculation and Sentimental Sex? - Gaspar Noe about LOVE

Looking back at 2015 the drama LOVE can undoubtedly be called the pornographic highlight of the year. RSM documents some answers (statements) of Gaspar Noé about the explicit sex in his provocative film and its effect on the audience.

"I wanna fuck you so much. So much." 
Naked Karl Glusman & Aomi Muyock in LOVE.
What do nude and sex pictures & words effect to the viewers?

Ejaculation and Sentimental Sex?

Inside Gaspar Noe's Explicit Drama LOVE

Gaspar Noé was interviewed about the sex scenes of his drama LOVE

A Love & Sex Drama
The 3D drama, looks at the erotic relationship between an American ex-pat (Karl Glusman), his current partner Omi (Klara Kristin). And his ex-girlfriend Electra (Aomi Muyock). The many explicit scenes are given extra oomph by Noe's use of 3D, including a straight to-camera close up of an ejaculating penis.

Parts of the Interview with Gaspar Noé

HR: There's been a lot of discussion about how much of the sex in LOVE is real and how much was simulated.
GN: ... The most important thing was not how we did the sex — simulated or real — but how it would be received. The moment that you show something that looks real, it will have an affect. It doesn't matter what spice you use to cook the food; if, in the end, it's spicy, [it] will have an effect.
HR: Was it difficult to convince the actors to bare all for the film? 
GN: Not really. Klara initially didn't want to do it, but that was because she wasn't an actress and was unsure. Of course it is easier for a man to show his dick on screen than for a woman to appear naked, not because there is a difference but because we are in a male-dominated world and men are more disrespectful to woman than woman are to men, so showing the penis, erect or not, is much easier. ...  
In LOVE Karl Glusman & Klara Kristin draw blank in front of the camera
and present their genitals natural and unrestrained.

What the director expects from his celebs
Gaspar Noé himself is ready to show (but not in LOVE).
HR: How did you choreograph the sex scenes with your actors?
GN: I didn't. We shot the movie very quickly — in five weeks. We shot all the nude scenes the first week with a very small crew. We didn't even rehearse before — the actors had never even kissed each other before we started. I didn't want to shoot the nude scenes over and over again, so for all the nude scenes, we had two camera positions for each scene so we had editing options. But there is nothing that we shot that didn't seem natural when we were doing it. I didn't give them directions. I never got aroused during those scenes, never got excited. ... 
HR: Do you think it is more difficult to show a penis onscreen than extreme violence like you showed in IRREVERSIBLE? 
GN: Tell me, how many dicks you have seen, for more than 1-2 seconds, in an American movie in the last 30 years? You ask people and they say the end of BOOGIE NIGHTS, you have a one-second shot of the penis. And in BAD LIEUTENANT, you can see the non-erect penis of Harvey Keitel. That's all. You have ten thousand movies every year since. Why is that precise part of the body is so taboo? The world we live in is far more conservative than we think. 
HR: What's the point of an explicit film like Love in this day-and-age, when hard-corn porn is everywhere online? 
GN: It's true. It's the Wild West now. But it's very weird that the nowadays world has disconnected the part of the human experience that is pretty — sex — and put it in a closet. If you want to see those images, they do not show at all what is sweet about them in real life. In an adult video, people never kiss. Girls never have cramps. They never have periods. Half of them have fake boobs. It's a separate world — like science fiction. It doesn't exist. Adult videos show a world that is disconnected with the universal experience of what love and sex is.
HR: There have only been a few films that deal explicitly with sex in a serious way, like Lars von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC and Michael Winterbottom's 9 SONGS. Why are they so rare?

GN: People who have succeeded as actors, most of them are afraid of losing their position. Maybe they fear they will be called a porn actor or sleazy. Or they are afraid people in the audience will think it is real. When I shot the rape scene in IRREVERSIBLE, in the editing I wanted to add a digital dick of the rapist so it seems more real, and for five seconds, you see the erect dick of the rapist, but it was all added digitally. But I asked permission of both Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel. And I know it is easier if I say, "That scene is simulated and the dick is digital, but on the other hand you are breaking the illusion."

I think sex is still dangerous because we know we are all sex junkies, we are all love junkies. Even the President, the most powerful man in the world, his wife might see a guy onscreen with a nice penis and maybe his woman will want to go and f— that guy. So that hierarchy falls to pieces with sex.

It's always an arousing highlight to show a real penetration:
Murphy (Karl Glusman) fucks Omi (Klara Kristin) with a condom, making safer sex.

The questions were asked by Scott Roxborough and answered by Gaspar Noé in July 2015 for THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

Read the complete Q & A at HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: