Samstag, 3. Dezember 2016

Naked and Interviewed - Nathan follows his Natural Desire

Manchmal gewinnen Beitrage im Blog eine ungeahnte Eigendynamik. So ist es beim letzten Post über den Tumblr Blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED geschehen. Die Aufrufe dieses Posts waren von Anfang an sehr zahlreich. Und es hat eine unerwartete Anfrage gegeben. Ein Model des Blogs, der 19-jährige NATHAN bat darum, seine nackte Selbst-Präsentation auch auf RSM zu veröffentlichen. Eine solche freundliche Anfrage kann man natürlich nicht ablehnen. Darum veröffentlicht RSM die Fotos und das folgende Interview, dass der TRAINER OF SHOWOFFS mit Nathan geführt hat. Die Wiedergabe ist gleichzeitig auch ein Appetitanreger für den Tumblr Blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED.

Nathan, 19 year old guy, living in Lille, France, considers and decides
 self-confident to follow his natural desire and to expose his body totally naked.

An unexpected request
Sometimes contributions of the blog cause an unimagined dynamism. This also happened to the last post about the Tumblr Blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED. The hits to this post from the beginning were very numerous. And then there was an unexpected inquiry. A model of the Tumblr blog, the 19-year-old NATHAN asked, if it's possible to publish his naked self-presentation with interview also on RSM. Such a friendly request can not be denied of course. Therefore, RSM publishes the photos along with the following interview. The TRAINER OF SHOWOFFS conducted it with Nathan. This re-post is also an appetizer for the Tumblr Blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED. 
Nathan - an open minded student boldly enters new territory
Nathan is a very interesting and charming 19 year old guy from Lille in France. He is a student of Latin and Ancient Greek. He is intelligent and thinks thoroughly about everything. And then he makes his decision confidently. The young and open minded student is also ready to explore new territories. When he became attentive of the Tumblr blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED it needed only a few days to enter it. The feeling of jealousy about other exposed young men gave him the decisive impulse to do the same. 

Presentation and Confession
Like usual on Tumblr Blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED men from all over the world can apply for a nude appearance. They agree to expose themselves in front of the camera completely nude. Following the instructions of their TRAINER they perform their naked bodies and also present their male source of libido between their legs. Along with the brave cock presentation they also confess at the same time, how they feel while exposing.
Nathan's public three part confession in fact is very impressive. He reveals, that he feelt the inner necessity to get naked in front of an anonymous crowd. He also granted that he has overcome his initial shyness and anxiety. Finally he confesses openly a certain inconsistency about the total loss of privacy. On the one hand he feels it as something completely crazy. On the other hand the fascination of this idea is much more stronger and dominating. Nathan considered with his mind and decided with his heart. And so he is now very proud to follow self-confidently the natural desire.

Naked and Interviewed

Nathan follows his Natural Desire

"I've started to feel like I'm needing exposure and I'm satisfied."
Nathan (born April 7th 1997) recently entered the exposure blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED.

Nathan Interview - Part 1

Nathan granted that he has overcome his initial shyness and anxiety.
After some training he confesses: PROUD TO BE EXPOSED.

Nathan Interview - Part 2

Nathan considered with his mind and decided with his heart to abandon his privacy.
He openly follows unrestrained the powerful force of his NATURAL DESIRE.
Nathan Interview - Part 3

Nathan's outstreched thumb in correspondence to his lying stand on his abdomen.
He is proud to be exposed. And we voyeurs are proud of his courageous nude appearence.

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Ian Ruger is the best and most attractive release label for NAKED AND INTERVIEWED.
His naked body and his hard-on stand makes an excellent advertising!


The TRAINER OF SHOWOFFS welcomes each male model who is willing to expose himself and to be interviewed at the same time while he presents himself totally naked in front of a skpye camera.

The TRAINER's rules are clear and unambiguous:

You must be completely naked.
You always have to show your face
and your penis or your asshole.
You always must give your first name, birth date, city.

 These rules require a free decision by the applicant.
 And everyone knows whereupon he gets involved.


Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2016

Naked and Interviewed - Reale Male Guys Exposed

Heutzutage drängt es viele jüngere Menschen, sich splitternackt in Pose zu setzen und ihre Nackt-Fotos zu veröffentlichen. Es hat einen ungeheueren Reiz, intime Selfies zu machen und sie mit einer anonymen Öffentlichkeit zu teilen. Ein Tumblr Blogger - TRAINER OF SHOWOFFS - bietet allen passionierten, männlichen Exhibitionisten, die sich sich gern einmal nackt fotografieren lassen wollen, eine Plattform dafür. Der besondere Reiz dabei ist, dass er sie während des Fotoshootings via Skype auch per Chat interviewt. Sie dürfen sich also im doppelten Sinn öffentlich entblößen: Sie zeigen ihren Körper und ihren Schwanz in seiner natürlichen Schönheit. Und sie enthüllen dabei gleichzeitig ihr intimes Inneres, ihre seelische Befindlichkeit, wie sie sich dabei fühlen.


Ian Ruger, 26 Jahre, aus Florida, USA:
"I offer my nakedness as porn for others to enjoy."

Naked and Interviewed

Real Male Guys Exposed

Der NACKT-TRAINER stellt seinen Tumblr Blog vor: 
"Ich zeige und interviewe männliche, nackte Modelle. Jedes Modell ist 18+ und hat zugestimmt, öffentlich gezeigt zu werden. Wenn du Interesse daran hast, dich nackt fotografieren und öffentlich präsentieren zu lassen, dann kontaktiere mich via Skype unter: nackt_trainer".

RSM wird im nächsten Jahr den Blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED etwas intensiver vorstellen. Dabei wird dann auch reflektiert, was für heutige Zeitgenossen den besonderen Reiz ausmacht, sich anderen mutig und splitternackt zu zeigen. 

Auf der rechten Seitenleiste ziemlich weit unten ist der Link zu NAKED AND INTERVIED.


Ignacio, aged 27, from Buenos Aires, Argentinia:
"It makes me horny to be seen naked by many guys."

Naked Exposed - Real Amateurs follow their Desire
Nowadays, many younger people feel the urgent need to make photos from their naked bodies and to publish them. It has a tremendous charm to make intimate selfies and to share them with an anonymous public. A Tumblr Blogger - TRAINER OF SHOWOFFS - provides a platform for all passionate, male exhibitionists, who like to be photographed naked. The special attraction on this blog is, that the NAKED TEACHER is interviewing them via chat during the photoshooting via skype. So they expose themselves in a double sense: They show their naked bodies including their full erected cocks in all natural glory. And at the same time, they reveal their intimate deep inside, their feelings in their souls. 

The NAKED TRAINER introduces his Tumblr Blog 
"I show and interview naked models. Every model is 18+ and has agreed to be exposed. If you want to be exposed, add me on skype: nackt_trainer".

RSM next year will introduce more in-depth the blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED. This is to be reflected what makes up the special charm for today's contemporaries to expose themselfes for others brave and totally nude.

Matt, aged 26, from Houston, Texas, USA:
"I'm of the mindset that I don't care much for my privacy."

On the right sidebar quite far down is the link with picture to NAKED AND INTERVIEWED.