Sonntag, 31. Dezember 2017

Fleshlight Masturbator - A Fucking Sex Toy

MASTURBATOR'S SANCTUM is a Tumblr blog, reflecting all about males, playing with their natural toy. As the name reveals the focus is on the act of masturbating the cock. Recently an anonymous question was send to the Bator blog, relating to the use of a Fleshlight for wanking:
"I’ve seen guys using a Fleshlight, and I think it’s weird. Don’t you think it’s unnatural to use a thing like that?"
The answer of the blog runner is very detailed and very vivid. RSM publishes his stimulating contribution as a good inspiration for creative wank actions.

PURE HOONEY loves the FLESHLIGHT as self-evident help for sensual wanking.
The wanker uses this sex toy as a stimulating tool to achieve a joyful orgasm.

Fleshlight Masturbator

A Fucking Sex Toy

What is a Fleshlight?
The Fleshlight is an artificial vagina, created 2012 by the US manufacturer Interactive Life Forms (ILF). It's one of the most popular sex toys for men. The case is reminiscent of a flashlight, whereupon the product name alludes. The removable interior has a skin-like structure. It's available in 40 variants, which stimulates the penis. There are also vaginal, anus, mouth and other openings to disposal. Specially developed Fleshlights for gay men are offered as Fleshjacks. Fleshlight masturbators meanwhile are widespread and much men like it to use them as inspiring sex toys.

It's also a very stimulating statement
and a plea for the use of sex toys.

1 - Look at this guy in action:
See how he’s moving. Notice how his abdominal muscles and buttocks contract in sequence. Notice how it results in a to-and-fro motion of his penis inside his partner: the natural fucking motion, innate to all males.

2 - Now look at this guy:
Notice again the way this guy moves… Notice the cadenced contraction of his abdominal and rear thigh muscles. Notice how it results in a to-and-fro motion of his penis inside his partner : the natural fucking motion, innate to all males.

3 - Now look at this guy :
Notice how his abdominal and gluteus muscles contract rhythmically. Notice how it results in a to-and-fro motion of his penis inside the sleeve. Take note that he’s thrusting his penis exactly in the same way as the guys in the first two gifs, yet inside a masturbation sleeve this time. The way he moves seems natural because, in all factuality, it actually is the natural fucking motion, innate to all males.
What you must keep in mind, here, is that if masturbation sleeves are designed the way they are, it is because they provide the kind of inducement the male body is designed to respond to.
This is in fact the same reason why women use dildos: because this is what the female body is designed to respond to. It’s that simple. And it’s just as natural.

Maybe you are expecting men to simply use their hand, and this can be a legitimate expectation. Indeed, using the hand to masturbate does initially appear to be more natural, if only because the hand is a part of the man’s body and obviously a more readily available means to masturbate (after all, the penis is always within the hand’s reach). Yet, appearances can be misleading: the hand motions required for manual masturbation are in fact much less intuitive than the fucking moves sparked off by a masturbation sleeve. Indeed, while fucking is an innate behaviour, hand masturbation actually has to be learned! So which method seems more natural now: the one that comes naturally, or the one that has to be learned? The answer’s probably not what you were assuming at first… Assumptions do not always lead to the truth.

Now that you understand this, I hope you realise that a masturbation sleeve is, for a man, the same thing as a dildo for a woman: a masturbation tool whose shape is the natural corollary of each gender’s bodily design. Claiming that it is weird for a man to use a sleeve is like saying that it is weird for a man to fuck during sex: a total negation of a man’s maleness. When a man masturbates with a Fleshlight (or any other similar object), he’s simply enjoying his innate maleness, in a genuine and natural manner. What’s wrong with that?

Wank Gallery:

 LOOKINGFORVEINS uses a Fleshlight for his cock

Wank Video:
PURE HOONEY fucks into a Fleshlight

Samstag, 30. Dezember 2017

Simon & Oliver enjoy Cock Sucking - A Wank Fantasy

The following story is an nightly experienced wank fantasy along with some more creative and experimental fantasies. It was inspired and send in by a passionate wanker. It's the story of two young and attractive guys Simon & Oliver. Once attracted by each other during a random meeting they decide to meet again and to follow their dark erotical and sexual wishes. Never before they have been intimate together. But now they surrender to their sensual feelings and explore unrestraint the limits of the insatiable carnal desire. 
RSM publishes this wank story and invites the visitors to send also more wank fantasy stories.

Simon & Oliver perform an unrestraint, passionate and excessive mouthfuck:
Simon penetrates with his hard cock and Oliver sucks the shapeshifter in his throat.

Simon & Oliver enjoy Cock Sucking

A Wank Fantasy

Oliver is a BDSM fetishist and likes to waer black rubber suits.

A meeting with consequences
Simon and Oliver recently met the first time at a public BDSM performance. Both are seeking their appropriate way in life and are curious about erotical games and sexual actions. At once they experienced their mutual attractiveness. And spontaneously they agreed to meet the next evening at Simon’s home. Oliver appeared in a typical BDSM black rubber suit when he rang the doorbell. Simon opened and was fascinated about Oliver’s outfit which made him hard at once. He was wearing himself casual clothes which are easyly and quickly to take off. 

Simon has an impressive, big, veiny cock and likes to waer a cock ring.

Revealing the cocks
They had dinner together. But the whole time they also felt a very strong desire for eroticism and intimacy. It did not last very long that Oliver stripped off his BDSM suit. His hard-on stand could clearly be seen when he was standing in front of Simon only with his underwaer. Simon reacted immediately and took off his casual clothes. His panties were completely bulging and Oliver saw that Simon had an impressive cock. Spontaneously Oliver stripped off totally and revealed his big hard cock. Now Simon finally pulled down his slip and Oliver was speachless. A very big, long, strong and veiny cock appeared in front of him and made his own shapeshifter hard as a rock. Both cocks wipped to each other like a sexy greeting. 

Simon & Oliver are fondling the flesh of their bodies and the nipples on skin.

Body fondling and mouth kissing
Both Simon and Oliver were not only completely naked now but also super horny and they surrendered to their carnal desire without any inhibitions. They started to fondle the partner’s body and felt the pure passion of the naked male flesh and skin. It was a high erotical atmosphere between both and they sensually kissed each other on the mouth, explored the naked bodies, licking them with their tongues and lips. Finally their hands reached the genital area. They played with the strong balls and took the hard cocks in their hands. 

Oliver likes to be horny and to wank his hard cock until cum.

Stimulating handjob
“Let’s try a common handjob” Oliver suggested. “We start separately and complete together, each of us with the cock of the other – and without any limits”, he added with a diabolical laugh. “Wow, you are a damn horny sow!” Simon replied aroused. “I’m ready for every piggy action with you”. Oliver started to wank his hard-on stand looking at Simon’s super big and veiny shapeshifter which was also masturbated by his owner. Both slowly increased to massage faster. Then Simon came close to Oliver and took his cock while his own veiny stand continued wipping alone. Before Oliver could take his wank buddies’ big cock Simon reached orgasm. Loads of sperm came out of the still wipping shapeshifter and Oliver grabed in the greasy creame around the moving hard cock. Like an echo he now had his own orgasm and shot his charges of sperm to Simon and to the floor. 

Oliver starts licking and sucking Simon’s big hard and veiny cock.

Suck my cock!  
Both felt the need for a short relaxation. But the hornyness was still alive and both full erected cocks forced them to continue. “What is your desire?” Oliver now asked with strong voice. “Suck my cock!” Simon replied determined and in a commanding tone that tolerated no contradiction. Oliver obediently layed down on his back. Simon stood over him with spread legs. Then he was kneeling over him and his long and big cock was right in front of Oliver’s face. The action turned into a role game to which both are familiar through their BDSM practices. Oliver on the bottom took the role of the submissive while Simon on the top with his big hard and veiny cock took the role of the ordering dom. “Are you ready to serve me?” Simon strictly asked his sub. “Yes, Sir, I will do everything you wish and order me!” Oliver obediently replied to his now master Simon. “That’s fine. Suck my cock! Sensual and passionate!” Simon ordered Oliver.

Oliver lying between spread thighs receives Simon's hard cock in his mouth.

With the shapeshifter in mouth to climax
To support the wanted action Simon pulled with his hands Oliver’s head close to his cock. Then he inserted his very big hard-on stand directly into the sub’s mouth. Oliver obediently started licking and sucking Simon’s impressive and always wipping shapeshifter. He did his horny job very sensitively again and again. Simon’s cock as well as Oliver’s stand became harder and stronger. The cock sucking increased passionately and both are caught in the action following only their carnal desire totally unrestraint. Oliver finally felt the inner vibration of Simon’s hard cock in his mouth. He realized that the climax was imminent. Simon now suddenly pulled his cock out of the sub’s mouth and the great stand gloriously was directly above Oliver’s face. The veiny shapeshifter wipped more and more vigorously and finally it was jerking off. 

Simon cums with a lot of sperm squirting out of his big, veiny and wipping cock.

Simon’s cumshot happened like an eruption. His white, warm sperm splashed out of his cock and dripped right on Oliver’s face. The sub obediently opened his mouth and master Simon pushed it even further wide. Big fountains of sperm squirted from Simon’s cock into Oliver’s mouth. Eager and smacking he swallowed the smeary elixir of life. Spontaneously Simon pushed his wipping and dripping cock back again into Oliver’s mouth and pushed it deep into his throat. Several times the master of cock fucked the submissive mouth with full power. He was totally delivered to the desire of deepthroating. Oliver had hard to fight for air and suddenly became worried to suffocate. 

Oliver’s mouth is wide opend while Simon performs passionate deepthroting.

Final satisfaction
Both involved lost total control. Oliver’s head was still trapped between Simon’s legs and with both hands he clawed in the flesh of his muscular thighs. Simon realised Oliver’s distress and again he pulled his cock jerkily out of his mouth. The last sperm splashes came out of the hard and wipping veiny cock. They were spread over Oliver’s face as well as over his thighs. In the same moment Oliver felt that his cock was also jerking off behind Simon’s back and ass.
Now both could enjoy pleasurable their orgasms. The shortly taken play roles dom and sub are completed.  Everything was totally hot and horny. Simon and Oliver kissed to each other. They experienced sensual pleasure and were satisfied with body and soul. After a common relaxing they agreed to meet again soon. They will continue the challenging experiment to exceed the limits of carnal desire.

A perfect mouthfuck cooperation: Simon powerful penetrates his hard
shapeshifter into the dude's mouth, while Oliver sucks it passionately.

Simon & Oliver enjoyed their intimate
sexual game very much and decided
to continue the experiment soon.

More horny wank fantasies
written by RSM visitors
 are always welcome!

Imagination wishes
a happy new year!

Two pictures of “Simon” originate from the blog “Veins”

Two pictures of “Oliver” originate from the blog “Just Pure Hooney”

A Special Thanks to 

"lookingforveins" & "Just Pure Hooney"!

Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017

Expectation - Arrival - Fulfillment

There are times in which people feel more than usual a deep longing in their hearts. December is such a time. In the Advent season many people feel clearly the aspiration for  security and love. Everybody who follows this desire and dedicates himself to the creative imagination can experience great feelings. 
RSM presents some sensual photos and poetic thoughts by Jürgen Lill. He has already introduced himself here in the blog as an artist with body and soul and with a great love for stylish eroticism.

Expectation - Arrival - Fulfillment

Aspirations and expectations can be very diverse and multifacetted:
On the picture the artist has photographed a bondage scene.

Every year again the preparation for Christmas develops its own momentum. Many people rush in the shopping hub and experience pure stress. All who are covered by this stress, feel the great desire for rest and relaxation. The dark, cold winter days arouse by itself the longing for light, warmth and security. The manifold expectations are connected with the hope of love and fulfillment. These basic needs of each human beings are alive in the soul. They inspire the imagination and the spirit and they awaken the carnal desire of the body. 
Libido is the strongest instinct of man, that ignites the eros and expresses  itself in sexual passion. 

All human beeings have basic needs - carnal as well as spiritual. 
 Jürgen Lill's book title photo inspires the fantasy about which needs are followed. 

3 Basic Needs

1. Expectation
Expectations are ideas and wishes, referring to future events. A positive or negative expectation is aimed at people or at actions. Expectations mostly are determined by aspirations and connected with big hopes.
In the life area of ​​erotic & sex the expectation is very big, that all sensual desires of the love partner are stimulated and finally fulfilled. 

2. Arrival
Arrival is the comming of a human being in a certain place, at an agreed time or in a special situation. Vehicles or objects also can arrive. An expected, safe arrival triggers joy and gratitude.
In the life area of erotic & sex the arrival of the partner for pleasurable lovemaking triggers great joy and stimulates subtly hidden desires.

3. Fulfillment
Fulfillment can relate to concrete spaces or times. Keeping a promise, an agreement or a big expectation can also be fulfilled.
In the life area of erotic & sex fulfillment is the satisfaction of the carnal desire. Ideally, the lovers reach ecstasy while they unite and merge body and soul.

Longing at the Window
a poem by Jürgen Lill

A naked man stood by the window
who tied a cord around his standing member,
so that the blood dammed in
while from the window he looked out,
in front of this very naked and unabashed
the neighbor's daughter freezes shivering.
The man's eyes touched her 
and his desire stoked her,
what also then excited her,
because he moved at the window.
They never spoke to each other,
they only yearned for each other.
They were separated and left alone
and they cum together very often.

(The German version is a rhyme, the English translation only a prose)

Donnerstag, 14. Dezember 2017

Erwartung - Ankunft - Erfüllung

Es gibt Zeiten, da macht sich eine tiefe Sehnsucht im Herzen bemerkbar. Zum Beispiel im Dezember. In der Adventszeit spüren viele Menschen deutlicher als sonst die Sehnsucht nach Geborgenheit und Liebe. Wer diese Gefühle zulässt und sich ihnen fantasievoll hingibt, kann dabei Großartiges erleben
RSM präsentiert einige sinnliche Fotos und poetische Gedanken von Jürgen Lill. Er hat sich hier im Blog schon einmal vorgestellt als Künstler mit Leib und Seele und mit einer großen Liebe zu stilvoller Erotik.

Erwartung - Ankunft - Erfüllung

Advent, Advent, ein Lichtlein brennt ...
Ein Shooting Foto, hier gedeutet als künstlerischen Ausdruck für Sehnsucht.

Alle Jahre wieder entwickelt die Vorbereitung auf Weihnachten ihre Eigendynamik. Viele Menschen stürzen sich in den Einkaufstrubel und erleben Stress pur. Wer davon erfasst ist spürt das großes Verlangen nach Ruhe und Entspannung. Die dunklen, kalten Wintertage wecken dabei wie von selbst die Sehnsucht nach Licht, Wärme und Geborgenheit. Die vielfältigen Erwartungen sind verbunden mit der Hoffnung auf Liebe und Erfüllung. Diese Gundbedürfnisse jedes Menschen sind in der Seele lebendig. Sie beflügeln die Fantasie und den Geist und wecken das Begehren des Körpers. Die Libido ist der stärkste Trieb des Menschen, der den Eros entfacht und im Sexus seinen leidenschaftlichen Ausdruck findet.

Sie ist offen und bereit wenn Er kommt in lichter HERRlichkeit

3 Grundbedürfnisse

1. Erwartung
Erwartungen sind Vorstellungen und Wünsche, die sich auf zukünftige Ereignisse beziehen. Eine positive oder negative Erwartung richtet sich an Menschen oder an Handlungen. Meistens sind Erwartungen von der Sehnsucht bestimmt und mit großen Hoffnungen verbunden.
Im Lebensbereich von Erotik-&-Sex ist die Erwartung sehr groß, dass alle sinnlichen Begierden der Liebespartner stimuliert und erfüllt werden.

2. Ankunft
Ankunft bezeichnet das Ankommen eines Menschen an einem bestimmten Ort, zu einer vereinbarten Zeit oder auch in eine besondere Situation. Fahrzeuge oder Gegenstände können ebenfalls ankommen. Eine erwartete, sichere Ankunft löst Freude und Dankbarkeit aus.
Im Lebensbereich von Erotik-&-Sex löst die Ankunft der Partnerin oder des Partners zum lustvollen Liebesspiel große Freude aus und stimuliert subtil verborgene Wünsche.

3. Erfüllung
Erfüllung kann sich auf konkrete Räume oder Zeiten beziehen. Erfüllt werden kann auch das Einhalten eines Versprechens, einer Vereinbarung oder einer großen Erwartung.
Im Lebensbereich von Erotik-&-Sex ist Erfüllung die Befriedigung der Fleischeslust. Im Idealfall erreichen die Liebespartner bei der körperlich-seelischen Verschmelzung die Ekstase.

1. Erwartung am Fenster

Ein nackter Mann am Fenster stand,
der um sein Glied ’ne Kordel band,
damit das Blut sich darin staute,
während er aus dem Fenster schaute,
vor dem ganz nackt und ungeniert
die Nachbarstochter bibbernd friert.
Des Mannes Blicke spürte sie
Und seine Lust, die schürte sie,
was sie dann ebenfalls erregte,
weil er am Fenster sich bewegte.
Sie sprachen niemals miteinander,
sie sehnten sich nur nacheinander.
Sie waren getrennt und blieben einsam
und kamen doch sehr oft gemeinsam.