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Parker Marx Interview Part 2 - My Performances help me to make Hot Porn and to explore my own Sexual Power

Parker Marx is a friendly and courteous porn performer with a dirty mind. The total exhibitionist likes to show his naked and charismatic body in all his male glory. He is enthusiastic to masturbate and to fuck with partners of all sexual orientations in front of a camera. And he is always willing to be booked for private erotic and sex encounters.
RSM is grateful that Parker agreed to answer some questions for this blog. The first part of the interview circeled around porn movies he has filmed, Erika Lust, THE BITCHHIKER and UN BEAU DIMANCHE. In part two of the interview Parker talks about his personal way into the porn business. He reveals his own view to the exciting subject of true carnal desire. And he explains the unimportancy of conventional categories when he is playing with the biggest human force in life: the facinating and overwhelming sexual power.

Parker Marx and Pandora Blake follow their carnal desire and
enjoy sexual body unification in SINCE YOU ASKED SO NICELY (2016).

Parker Marx Interview Part 2

My Performances help me
to make Hot Porn and
to explore my own Sexual Power

"My life is build around sex at the moment", Parker Marx confesses frankly.
Sex in all facets - experimentally accomplished - leads the porn performer,
who is working in London, Berlin and wherever his charismatic body is needed.

Parker Marx Interview - Part 1
Everything I do in Porn Heightens the Sensual & Sexual Appeal

Parker Marx Interview - Part 2

RSM: How old were you, when you entered the porn business and what was your idea, respectively your motivation, to become a porn star?

Parker Marx: I started when I was 27. I had already had a lot of jobs, been in a lot of different businesses, but my greatest natural talent was always for sexual connection. It took me a while to accept that. I came into this particular world and found myself surrounded by a bunch of people who I love as family almost. I have never really pursued becoming a star as such; the important thing to me is that my performances help make hot movies. I am continually trying to explore my own power in that regard.

This sounds demanding and challenging.
Against the mainstream trend you have no tattoos and piercings. And very trendy you have on your body almost no hair. Is that for you an expression of naturalness? 

It's not really deliberate to be honest. I have just never been so drawn to getting tattoos or piercings. A lot of my friends have beautiful body modifications, but I guess my way of being is just a little different from theirs. 

How do you keep your attractive body fit?

I change up what I do to keep fit. At the moment I'm doing a lot of yoga, but sometimes I lift weights or cycle or play some sport. I also seem to spend quite a lot of time play wrestling, which I think helps but can be a bit bruising.

In THE BITCHCHIKER you are wearing a beard and your lubricated body appears something dingy. Is this a deliberate contrast to the sensual and natural body ideal you represent and will you make clear at the same time your role "My Body is an Engine World"?

I think this is a question you'll have to ask Olympe.

Do you choose your porn commitments according to certain sexual preferences and practices like hetero, homo, solo, group sex, sextoys, bonding etc.?  And for example did you also make explicit gay sex?

The taxonomy of sexual preference is such an interesting subject. It's a pretty pointless set of distinctions when you think about it. I suppose it makes more sense if you consider yourself a consumer of the sexuality of others, which is a perfectly good way of engaging with erotic media. Is that a fancy way of saying I have sex with men and women and non-binary folks? I will tend to choose what porn to pursue based on the production team. People who communicate well, are organised, care about what they are making, pay properly, and watch out for performers' wellbeing all get preference. That said, I would love to bring in more of the BDSM I practice in my daily life.

Professional pervert Parker personally practises BDSM in his daily life
and would love to bring more of his dirty mind ideas into his porn movies.

This sounds very interesting and makes curious to learn more about your personal sexual preferences. 
Are there any taboos and "no go" actions for you in porn movies?

Taboos? No. There is nothing I feel can't be discussed, but there are things I'm more inclined to just do, things that I would do only under very particular circumstances, and a few things I am just not physically able to do. When you turn up for a porn shoot you have very little time to get the shots you need in the camera. There is very rarely any time to work on the performance or the character before you start recording and really you only get one take for most of it, so what you are bringing to the film is in that case your own predefined persona. Stepping out of your core performance range to inhabit something really different takes more time to get working than you usually have.

Why are porn films for many contemporaries nowadays still offensive and are rejected as immoral? Do you see signs of a trend change towards a social acceptance?

You mean all porn is seen as immoral? 
Well, that's not my opinion. But there is a majority in our society which rejects all kind of porn and considers it as dirty, obscene, inhuman and even immoral.  
I think most people have a difficulty thinking about sexuality and pornography with a detached objectivity. Even within the sex industry people use euphemism and talk about "porn" or "mainstream porn" based on an idea that is pretty warped. If you have time one day write down the elements and shots that you think are essential to porn, then take a random handful of porn movies and time how much screen time is given to each of those things. I bet you'll be surprised at the difference. It's really a matter of upping our media literacy, especially around erotic media.

No taboos: For Parker it's absolut normal and self-evident to show his impressive hard cock.
With his natural toy the porn performer explores his sexual power and satisfies women & men.

Erika Lust writes that you and Olympe share the same vision of sexuality. What is your sexual vison and what stimulates you not only for carnal fusion, but for lusty sex at its best?

I'm not sure I agree with your statement there. I think Erika, Olympe, and I have very different visions of sexuality, but we respect each others vision and bring our own take to the work. I don't think I can explain my sexual vision in the time we have. Maybe come to a workshop or read some of my long form writing and you might get a better idea. The only thing I can really say is that it involves body, mind and voice.

This is very significant what you point out about the physical and spiritual expression of sex. It's fantastic that carnal desire can be perceived on many levels.
What are your current projects? And what do you plan for the future?

I am still trying to expand the amount of performance that I am doing, and still working with private clients, which I am now doing in Berlin. But I am also writing some films of my own that explore the erotic uncanny. Most people look at me with bafflement when I tell them that, but when you see them I think you'll be pleasantly excited.

This is very stimulating and awakens the appetite to your personal sexual preferences

for your authentic and inspiring answers!

I am sorry, that I've stressed you with my sprawling curiosity about your movies and your work as a porn performer. The time to answer was certainly something more for you, than half an hour, which you kindly conceded me at the beginning when I asked you. But the result ist GREAT and INSPIRING! THANKS for your open, sincere and true answers! It's authentic and reveals your appealing and sympathetic character!

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If you would like to arrange a private session with me you can contact me at
or on +44(0)7935 411362.

If you are a producer, performer, or crew member
who is interested in filming with me then drop me an email via

Parker Marx is proud to be part of @europeanmuses' stable

Happy Easter with GayRox

Easter is approaching and another exhibitionist has created some photos with his own colored easter eggs. GayRox (also called BiRox) wishes HAPPY EASTER to all blog visitors.

Happy Easter with GayRox

Weitere harte, bunte Ostereier für RSM
Osteren rückt näher und ein weiterer Exhibitionist hat Fotos mit seinen eigenen Ostereiern zur Verfügung gestellt: GayRox. Er hat sich hier im Blog bereits im Karneval Fieber präsentiert mit WANK: AHOI! / CUM: ALAAF! / SHOT: HELAU! Nun kehrt er pünktlich zu Ostern zurück und präsentiert den Blogbesuchern ein volles Nest mit schönen, bunten Ostereiern zum Anschauen und zum Genießen.

GayRox wünscht:
und präsentiert dazu seinen harten, bunten Oster-Eier

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Mittwoch, 12. April 2017

Happy Easter with Lucas

Easter is coming closer. And the top model of Tumblr. blog Naked and Interviewed - Lucas from Brazil -  on this occasion presents his especially colored own easter eggs. Enjoy!

Happy Easter with Lucas

 A funny and stimulating presentation of Lucas' own colored easter eggs
The photo arouses desire to enjoy the eggs at easter.

Lucas - the ever smiling naked top model from Brazil
Lucas is a multitalented and excellent advertising medium for the Tumblr Exposure blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED. Not only as a wanking template, but also as everybodies darling. Everything fits with this sympathetic guy: an attractive, naked body, a seductive nice cock, an inviting open asshole and his charismatic, friendly smile. 

Lucas interviewed by the naked trainer 
It’s always lovely to watch Lucas totally naked with spread legs and his intimate triad of cock, balls and asshole. As usual in the blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED Lucas is asked some questions by his naked trainer while he is performing his naked exposure.

“My fame is more important than privacy” - Lucas, born 09.06.1994, 176 cm, 70 kg, 
student of Portugese from Porto Alegre (Brazil), tells the audience what exposure is about.  
Well, guys, will you make him famous? (naked trainer)


Lucas' intimate triad of
hard cock, colored eggs and opened asshole

Happy Easter with Lucas' Eggs
Fine that Lucas is showing his naked body in an inspiring HAPPY EASTER POSITION with his two colored eggs between his hard cock and his opened asshole. It's a stimulating invitation to eat his hard eggs at easter morning.....

Lucas with colored own easter eggs