Freitag, 14. April 2017

Happy Easter with GayRox

Easter is approaching and another exhibitionist has created some photos with his own colored easter eggs. GayRox (also called BiRox) wishes HAPPY EASTER to all blog visitors.

Happy Easter with GayRox

Weitere harte, bunte Ostereier für RSM
Osteren rückt näher und ein weiterer Exhibitionist hat Fotos mit seinen eigenen Ostereiern zur Verfügung gestellt: GayRox. Er hat sich hier im Blog bereits im Karneval Fieber präsentiert mit WANK: AHOI! / CUM: ALAAF! / SHOT: HELAU! Nun kehrt er pünktlich zu Ostern zurück und präsentiert den Blogbesuchern ein volles Nest mit schönen, bunten Ostereiern zum Anschauen und zum Genießen.

GayRox wünscht:
und präsentiert dazu seinen harten, bunten Oster-Eier

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Mittwoch, 12. April 2017

Happy Easter with Lucas

Easter is coming closer. And the top model of Tumblr. blog Naked and Interviewed - Lucas from Brazil -  on this occasion presents his especially colored own easter eggs. Enjoy!

Happy Easter with Lucas

 A funny and stimulating presentation of Lucas' own colored easter eggs
The photo arouses desire to enjoy the eggs at easter.

Lucas - the ever smiling naked top model from Brazil
Lucas is a multitalented and excellent advertising medium for the Tumblr Exposure blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED. Not only as a wanking template, but also as everybodies darling. Everything fits with this sympathetic guy: an attractive, naked body, a seductive nice cock, an inviting open asshole and his charismatic, friendly smile. 

Lucas interviewed by the naked trainer 
It’s always lovely to watch Lucas totally naked with spread legs and his intimate triad of cock, balls and asshole. As usual in the blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED Lucas is asked some questions by his naked trainer while he is performing his naked exposure.

“My fame is more important than privacy” - Lucas, born 09.06.1994, 176 cm, 70 kg, 
student of Portugese from Porto Alegre (Brazil), tells the audience what exposure is about.  
Well, guys, will you make him famous? (naked trainer)


Lucas' intimate triad of
hard cock, colored eggs and opened asshole

Happy Easter with Lucas' Eggs
Fine that Lucas is showing his naked body in an inspiring HAPPY EASTER POSITION with his two colored eggs between his hard cock and his opened asshole. It's a stimulating invitation to eat his hard eggs at easter morning.....

Lucas with colored own easter eggs