Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2017

Joyful Celebration of Horny Jerking Offs

Today blissful masturbation month May comes to its end. Every act of solo sex normally ends with jerking off. Just like that May also shall be completed with a great stimulating final jerking off. Therefore RSM presents here a selection of hot and horny cumshots. They are presented self-confidently by courageous wankers. The lustful celebration of carnal desire needs absolutely to come to sexual climax. The orgasm will be celebrated and enjoyed with body and soul. 

The male orgasm with its ultimate experience has many names:
highlight - completion - climax - final - jerking off - cumshot - splash of sperm

Part 3
Joyful Celebration of Horny Jerking Off

America's Top Model Dustin McNeer

 Dustin boldly enjoys his public naked appearence with wank and cum

Triad of Joyful Wank Celebration
The great natural gift of masturbation always needs an appropriate celebration in human life. Relaxation, recreation, to find oneself are steps on the way to find peace in the heart and to reach satisfaction in the soul. Outwardly the handjob is nothing else as solo sex. But in a deeper view masturbation is much more self satisfaction and an act of true self love. And this of course must be celebrated sensual and joyful with body and soul.
In a small triad RSM reflected three steps of joyful Do-It-Yourself celebration. Part 1: Sensual Cock Massage. Part 2: Passionate Wanking. Part 3: Horny Jerking Offs. With this final part the triad will be completed today. So RSM proudly presents orgastic cumshots. Thanks to all visitors who have contributed for this wanking mission!

Amazing Cumshot
Sensual wanking with squirting jerks

Swaying Cumshot
Sperm flowing out of the cock on the belly

Intensive Cumshot
Cumming with the natural sound of orgasm

Lookingforveins Cumshot
Great sperm jerks without use of hand

 Uncramped Cumshot
Entkrampft 2 mal abspritzen und genießen

Pushing Cumshot
With hard ball pressing the sperm comes out of the cock

Ongoing Cumshots
Celebration of ongoing provoked jerking offs

Shower Cumshot
Sperm loads passionate splashed to the cubicile

 Shortbus (2006) Cumshots
Paul Dawson's auto-fellatio with self-suck and
Adam Hardman's excessive wank with sperm shots

GayRox -
Exhibitionist and Sex Addict Jerks

GayRox (also called BiRox) likes to play with his big hard cock
geting out and enjoying the sperm fluids

A good advice from BigWhackAttack

A wank a day helps keep the doctor at bay,

and the boner in play.


Smiling after cumming he enjoys the sperm of his orgasm

Montag, 29. Mai 2017

Alvaro de Gracia - Spanish Exhibitionist and Wanker

Some RSM blog visitors kindly have provided their personal masturbation stuff. Thanks to all who have been involved so far. Unfortunately, it still takes a while to check the pictures and videos, to prepare the contributions and finally to publish them. In addition masturbation month May in a few days is running out. Therefore I prepare a great final cumshot post for end of May. I'll try to take into account a selection of the previously embroidered material and publish it. This also will make taste to the other hot jerk material. In June further wank contributions will follow because the jerk itself of course will not stop at the end of May. Encouraged by the previous contributions the joy of wanking will also be celebrated in the following month farther by body and soul.  

Today RSM prouldy presents a special appearence of Spaniard Alvaro de Gracia.

Alvaro de Gracia -
Spanish Exhibitionist and Wanker

Alvaro - Exposure on Naked and Interviewed
Alvaro de Gracia is a Spanish nurse from Caceres. He is born 14.03.1986, has an heterosexual orientation and a girlfriend. Especially Alvaro is a total exhibitionist without any shame. He was exposed at the naked trainer blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED since December 2016 for several times. Each exposure reveals an interesting facet of the 31 year old Spaniard who loves it to show his attractive and powerful body totally naked.

Alvaro's Naked Bodylanguage -
His Photos at Naked and Exposed

Alvaro proudly presents his totally naked and powerful body
without any tatoos and piercings in his natural nudity with hard cock

Alvaro shows without inhibitions, that he likes
to take popper drugs to make himself even more horny

Alvaro likes to spread his legs and to show his big hard cock with powerful balls.
So he experienced lustful sex with about 15 girls as well as with about 5 men

Alvaro likes to see himself naked and smiling at the
naked trainer's exposure blog, which turns him on a lot

Alvaro's cock becomes very hard and big when he is chatting
naked and answering private horny questions via smartphone

Alvaro for the first time shows his asshole on cam for anonymous viewers
and feels totally exposed to offer that intimate part of his body publicly

Alvaro now with shaved asshole.
Trainer: "How does it feel to let viewers decide if you shave your asshole?"
Alvaro: "Felt horny and controlled. Love others deciding."

 Alvaro gets more and more horny with his exposure

He gradually has overcome inhibitions and shame

VOTE FOR ME! - Alvaro poses for the naked model contest for the month of June
Nice view on his thighs, balls, ass and seductive smile in a varied body perspective

Alvaro Exposed at Naked and Interviewed

Alvaro's Wank Video

Alvaro presents his naked body in tumbling of intensive wank pleasure

A Special Production for RSM
Alvaro de Gracia is not only a total unrestraint and shameless Spanish exhibitionist. He also is a joyful wanker. And he loves to experiment while masturbating. So he will show the visitors of this blog, that he enjoys celebrating solo sex regularly. And he reveals which methods he uses to stimulate himself much more while he celebrates his handjob. In any case Alvaro wants to achieve the ultimate desire increase while he is stroking his hard cock until jerking off.

Alvaro's Wank Photos
Alvaro likes to wank with wide spread thighs

During the handjob he plays with his nipples

Then he takes the phial with stimulating popper

Alvaro inhales the drug with the left nose

And also with the right, while he continues to massage his hard cock

Finally he orgasms, shoting his sperm out of the cock

He enjoys the climax, feeling the sperm with his hand at the hard stand

Pleasure, frenzy, ecstasy - Alvaro is on climax of sexual desire

 Done and completed!

Alvaro frankly confesses: 
"I love wanking. It's a way to relax and explore my sexuality.
I lime other men watching, while I wank and ask me things."

Alvaro de Gracia
Wanking with Popper and Cum
Watch Video here!

Download Video here:


Serviced - BigWhackAttack promotes joyful Masturbation

BigWhackAttack is an entertainment blog publishing inspiring stimulations around the cock as an lustful instrument of enjoyment and masturbation as a natural and healthful human act. A recent post for masturbation month May is entiteled SERVICED. There are shown impressive photos of creative wank actions beside the usual classic handjob. It's a stimulating invitation to explore the beauty and variety of pleasuring body and soul.  


BigWhackAttack promotes joyful Masturbation

The following wording originates from the blog BigWhackAttack as well as the stimulating photos of joyful wanking males.

"As our blogger buddy Mark over at The Male Casting Couch stated in a post yesterday, there is more to masturbation than the standard hand stroke. Using your hand in different ways to stroke along the cock provides new sensations."

"Frot - thrusting the cock against a mattress, pillow, or some other 
stationary object changes things up in the pleasure department."

"Auto-fellatio is another way to enjoy yourself. 
In my dancing days, I was easily able to enjoy this."

"Kicking back and being "serviced" is heaven."

"I can admit that some of the most enjoyable orgasms in my married life were with my wife slowly stroking me to ejaculation.
It took a number of years before she fully understood my physical reactions to certain touch so I no longer needed to give her any instruction, or guide her hands with mine, but once she did.... Shooting as someone else strokes your cock can be the most intense you'll ever experience."

"Even though our natural propensity is to grab our cocks 
 and finish ourselves."

"Allowing yourself to give in and let it happen is quite rewarding."

"Have you ever allowed yourself to be completely 'serviced?'"

Source BigWhackAttack (Thursday, May 18, 2017)

A great post which shows emotional and expressive the joy and pleasure of sensual masturbation. A very good invitation to start a relaxing and stimulating wank session. THANKS VERY MUCH, BigWhackAttack!