Donnerstag, 18. Mai 2017

I am a Masturbator! - An intimate confession by sven46

I AM A MASTURBATOR! That's the name of a new series on this blog. In several contributions different men will be presented who are courageous to confess that they like wanking. And they show on photos and in videos, that they have fun while they publicly masturbate. In addition each wanker statement also intends to motivate other wankers to join solo sex and and also to confess: I AM A WANKER! - WANK WITH ME!

sven46 likes to spread his legs and presents his big hard cock, ready for wanking

sven46 preludes the WANKER SERIES on RSM
In his equal named Tumblr blog sven46 describes his mission briefly with three terms: WANK, SEE, SHOW. The intention of his activities is to achieve more attention for the desire of wanking.
sven46 says: "To be a passionate wanker and to encourage others is a real concern for me."

Jerk performance by sven46: pants down, cock out, handjob start 

"I am a passionate Masturbator!"
An intimate confession by sven46

The discovery of masturbation in life
Even as a boy I liked to masturbate very much and often. With about 13 years I discovered the wonderful practise of self-satisfaction. And since that time it was always present in my life. As a matter of fact this is the kind of sexual pleasure, which is available for young people. All guys and girls of course masturbate extensively. But nevertheless, hardly anyone talks about solo sex. Or explicitly admits, that he is doing it himself. Somehow, the old taboo continues until today. I was lucky, because I have not thought about it too much.

Experience of partner sex and solo sex
As a boy I mostly wanked very fast and violent. And of course I was aligned on the experience of orgasm. Later then I had sex with others. So the sexual encounter was natural attractive and desirable for me. Nevertheless during this time in addition I have never stopped also wanking simultaneously. The reason therefore was quite simple: Not always there was available for me a sex partner when the carnal desire overwhelmed me and sexual pleasure wanted to be satisfied. Soon I also noticed, that solo sex has a quality of its own. If you masturbate you are completely focused on yourself and your fantasies and desires. And you can live out completely free everything you like. While practicing solo sex there are also no limits. And it has a strong character of freedom. That is the significant difference of solo sex related to sex with partners.

Wanking in front of the PC
In the age of mid to late 30 my sexual maturity developed and I obtained a real consciousness for the importance and meaning of masturbation in my life. I experienced the act of wanking as very stimulating and good for body and soul. Today through the internet everyone has an almost unlimited access to pornography. And this leads almost automatically to the fact, that many people wank in front of the PC. Stimulations are readily available. And everyone can pleasure himself very quickly. For me this was very helpful and it become a habit to wank regulary in front of the PC. I am convinced that many do the same. And that we have become meanwhile a society of passionate wankers.

With his natural and impressive hard shapeshifter sven46 performs own sexual satisfaction

The existential knowledge: I am a MASTURBATOR!
During the many jerks I have recognized more and more, how much I like to do the handjob. And always again I experience how pleasantly good it is to satisfy myself sexually. It has become clear to me absolutely, that I am a WANKER! When I realized this, I was not scared about it. Much more I felt inwardly,  that this was exactly what I want to be! I was completely in harmony with myself: I AM A MASTURBATOR! Then I started searches on the internet to learn more about masturbation. And of course I found lots of information around this topic. It was stimulating to read and horny to see the many facets of wanking. for example was a real discovery. Because I met there many wankers, who confess to their passion and who communicate quite openly about the joy of solo sex.

Wanking solo in common
It was an overwhelming experience for me to understand, that I am not alone when I start the handjob and stroke my cock. Now I know, that there are a lot of wankers around the world. Some are so brave and show themselves completely with cock and also face. And they demand the right, that their kind of Do It Yourself Sex is also fully recognized. That impressed me a lot. I feel this is right. And I also want to make it clear, that I am a passionate WANKER. With this confession I want to contribute, that WANKING is recognized and accepted by all. Solo sex is an equitable variation of lustfull sex with partners. It's very good for me and my feeling to describe myself as a wanker. And also to be called as a wanker by others.

Inspiring thought-exchanges with other masturbators are very important to me. And also the mutual encouragement, to be or to become a passionate wanker.

Full naked body presence, focussing the ass perspective:
sven46 likes experimental wanking in different positions

Thanks, sven46,
for your personal and intimate wank confession
and also for your stimulating photos,
which you have provided RSM!


whkattk hat gesagt…

Quite the amazing journey to acceptance. It's a struggle for way too many men to admit to masturbation. The education of it should always be that wanking is a normal part of a healthy sex life - even should jacking off be the only act one engages in. Thanks for posting this!

Imagination hat gesagt…

The confession to masturbation demands an inner overcoming which is very difficult for most wankers. There is still a long way until public recognition of jerking off as a natural medicine for a healthy sex life.

HungFunJack hat gesagt…

Your wanking post is very good! Hopefully you enjoy the series for a long time.

Imagination hat gesagt…

Thanks, HungFunJack! I also hope that the series will run for a while and that I can present a lot of exhibitionists like you who enjoy passionate wanking. I'm just preparing the next WANKER post to introduce YOU on my blog!