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Sense8 Sex - Max Riemelt Passionately Fucks Amy Mussul

The first season of the NETFLIX series Sense8 had some hot sex scenes. In some epsiodes German actor Max Riemelt appears totally naked. In the second episode I AM ALSO A WE he has a very hot penetration with his attractive colleague Amy Mussul. LackInPrivacy made inspiring gifs from this realistic and passionate fucking scene.

Sense8 Sex -
Max Riemelt Passionately Fucks Amy Mussul

Gifs made by LackInPrivacy

Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) fucks Anja (Amy Mussol) with full use of his naked muscular body

Sense8 - Ep 2 I Am Also A We
A group of people around the world are suddenly linked mentally, and must find a way to survive being hunted by those who see them as a threat to the world's order. The second epiosde I AM ALSO A WE presents a very hot sex scene. One of the international sensates, the German safe cracker Wolfgang Bogdanow (Max Riemelt), penetrates passionately the attractive Anja (Amy Mussol). Both merge their completely naked bodies to each other. They surrender unrestrained to their carnal desire and culminate with an excessive fuck. The muscular bodylanguage of unification is accompanied by the natural sound of moaning.


  Sexual arousal moves the naked bodies

Sense8 Wikia Description of the Sex Scene
Wolfgang is having hot sex with a hot girl named Anja. Both are very horny and agressive. They are on there knees and she puts her vagina in his long penis multiple times and screams. Wolfgang grabs her by the ass and pushes her wet vagina towards his penis much harder. He gets more horny trows her down and begin having harder sex. She moans louder and puts her arms flat over the bed. Her breast nipples are hard and huge. Her hot moanig and smooth vagina makes Wolfgang more excited and horny. Wolfgang bends over her body and presses his chest towards her soft breasts. She grabs him by the hair. He puts his penis in her really hard and fast. Her legs are wide open and he is very aggressive in his thrusthing. He is much bigger and taller than her so her vagina is stretched out. She moans loud and fast. She breathes heavily and she can't take his massive penis. So violently she almost passes out. Wolfgang is so pleasured. He puts it in harder and faster. Now her legs beginning to shake violently. She begins to sweat so does he. Wolfgang now puts his penis in her completly in a hard thrust and ejaculates a huge ammount of semen into her vagina and she has a powerful orgasm. Wolfgang moans in plesure and she screams in satesfaction. Then they both cuddle in their bed. Kala feels Wolfgang’s heat and complains that it’s getting hot. Kala’s sister, Daya, tells her that it wasn’t hot until Rajan started dancing. The two talks about him while Rajan looks at them from the distance. After Wolfgang and Anja are done having intercourse, Anja smokes a cigarette. Wolfgang says that he’s craving for Indian food and then Anja passes him the cigarette. 

Sweating naked bodies united with hot sex

Sense8 - Ep I Am Also A We (2015)
Max Riemelt (Wolfgang) and Amy Mussol (Anja)

Gif-Gallery by LackInPrivacy
HORNY: Both are completely horny and follow their sexual longing

PASSION: Their carnal desire increases with unrestrained and aggressive passion

FUCK: With full power of his muscular body Max fucks Amy excessive to culmination

SATISFACTION: After orgasm penetration continues with intimate and sensual kissing

ENJOYMENT: Finally the loving enjoy together their sexual experience 

Source: Sense8 - I Am Also A We - gifs by LackInPrivacy

Sense8 - I Am Also A We
Passionate Fuck celebrated by Max Riemelt & Amy Mussol

Sense8 Sex Scenes 
Some implied sex scenes, straight and gay, and sexual conversation / language throughout. 

Sex and Nudity Scenes in Sense8

29 Times Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) on Sense8 was the Definition Of Sex 

Sense8 Cancellation Reminds Us Exactly Why We Need More Sex on TV 

Sensual and passionate celebration of carnal desire with body and soul

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Lie With Me (2005) - Gifs by LackInPrivacy

LackInPrivacy has a great archive of hot and horny sex scenes made in gifs. Looking for the tags on her Tumblr blog the titles originate from films of the following categories: Porn, Videos, TV Series, Movies (Mainstream). RSM has selected this time the Canadian drama LIE WITH ME (2005). The mainstream film features Lauren Lee Smith and Eric Balfour. Directed by Clemet Virgo both play sexually aggressive young people and perform graphic unsimulated sex.

Lie With Me (2005)

Gifs by LackInPrivacy

A passionate anal penetration performed by David (Eric Balfour) and Leila (Lauren Lee Smith)
Gif made by LackInPrivacy

Lie With Me (2005) - Summary 
In Toronto, the nymphomaniac Leila (Lauren Lee Smith) spends the nights dancing and having sex with men to satisfy her sex drive. Leila learns that her parents are divorcing and she is affected by their decision. When Leila meets David (Eric Balfour), she has a torrid affair with him. David is an artist that lives with his father, who is very dependent on David. Leila and David have a complicated relationship since he is a possessive man that demands commitment but Leila does not know how to love a man and has the need of different partners in her sex life.

 Leila (Lauren Lee Smith) gives David (Eric Balfour) a lustful blowjob

Explicit Sex Scenes
The explicit sex scenes are very natural. It’s sex that could very well happen between two people in real life. And it’s not glittery romantic sex, it’s almost aggressive, due to their ambiguous relationship. It’s as if they were making love and fighting each other at the same time. You can see the frustrations in both of them, the fantasy they have about each other and the fear they’ll grow apart. However, they’re constantly fighting to stay together, despite the obvious problems. The blowjob scene is naughty, fun and exciting. It doesn't happen very often in mainstream movies that the penis of the lead actor (Eric Balfour) can be seen clearly.

Lie With Me (2005)
Lauren Lee Smith and Eric Balfour
Gif-Gallery by LackInPrivacy
Intense anal penetration
Hard and passionate fucking

Aggressive sex with full use of the naked bodies

Kissing and licking her belly with his tongue

Undressing her genital clothes and making her abdomen naked

Horny kissing of her naked thighs

She enjoys the sexual intoxication and her sensual and frenzy feelings

Licking her cunt with his head between her thighs

Passionate enjoyment of the carnal desire

Intimate kissing of her genital area

Source LIE WITH ME gifs by LackInPrivacy

LIE WITH ME - UK Uncut DVD Cover (2005)

David and Leila celebrate devotedly their carnal desire

Leila enjoys a lustful dance with naked artist David

 David uses the full power of his naked body for anal penetration

David fucks Leila unrestrained and passionate into her ass

LIE WITH ME - German DVD Cover LIEBE MICH (2005)

Stimulating Sex Scenes - Gifs by LachInPrivacy

One of the Intentions of RSM was and is to introduce inspiring erotical sex scenes in mainstream and independent movies. Focussed are favorite scenes of carnal desire in which the sexual action is celebrated explicit. Preferred are couples who perform graphic nude and sex body language and enjoy it sensual and with passion.

Lexi Belle & Johny Castle fucking in AN ETERNAL LOVE (2010) / NEW SENSATIONS.
gif made by LackInPrivacy

Stimulating Sex Scenes 

Gifs by LackInPrivacy

Lack In Privacy is a Tumblr blog and also the nickname of its operator. She makes inspiring gifs of movie sex scenes and publishes them on her blog. She introduces herself as a "hopeless romantic with a very dirty mind". LackInPrivacy adds:

This is my 3rd blog, if tumblr deletes me again I wont be back.
You can find my old gifs being repost it here: LackOfPrivacy and LackingPrivacy.
The new ones are here: LackInPrivacy.

If you want to recommend/suggest me something, please feel free to msg me!

Here are some of LackInPrivacy self-made gifs from the New Sensation film AN ETERNAL LOVE (2010):

Lexi Belle and Johny Castle
 Gif-Gallery by LackInPrivacy

Breast and nipple touches during anal fuck.
Sensual tongue licking along the erected cock.

Joyful tongue licking of the labia.

Fellatio: sensual licking of the hard cock and the glans.

 Intimate kissing and fucking.

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RSM seit 8 Jahren Online

REAL SEX MAINSTREAM ist seit 8 Jahren online im Netz. Seit dieser Zeit dokumentiert und reflektiert der Blog das Phänomen Erotik und Sex in Filmen, in Videos, in der Kunst und im täglichen Leben. Ziel ist es, Trends und Entwicklungen aufzuzeigen und die die Fleischeslust in ihrer ganzen Schönheit und Vielfalt dazustellen. Zum Auftakt vor acht Jahren präsentierte RSM Joe Swanberg und sein Debüt KISSING ON THE MOUTH (2005).

KISSING ON THE MOUTH: Kevin Pittman und Kate Winterich küssen sich auf den Mund

RSM seit 8 Jahren Online

Joe Swanberg und sein Debüt KISSING ON THE MOUTH
Am Freitag, 17. Juli 2009 - heute vor acht Jahren - veröffentlichte RSM den ersten Post. Darin wurde einer der drei Inspiratoren des Blogs vorgestellt:
REAL SEX MAINSTREAM - Inspirator Joe Swanberg

Die Arbeitsweise des Chicagoer Independent Filmemachers wurde anhand seines Filmdebüts KISSING ON THE MOUTH (2005) aufgezeigt.

Beim Sex ist die Kamera immer hautnah dabei und präsentiert die pure Fleischeslust.

Joe Swanbergs Statement über den Einsatz von Sex in seinem ersten Film
"I showed the sex in the first scene so that we could see these characters have sex before we knew anything about them. As the film goes on, you start to judge the characters and make decisions about them, but I wanted one chance to just show two humans having sex, before all the drama comes into the picture. So it was nice to show sex as just an act between two people, and then later show it as the complicated mess it can become in these on-again/off-again relationships. Everyone knew what sex was like, so we just went ahead and shot it how we thought it looked in our lives. "
Joe Swanbergs about the sex scenes in KISSING ON THE MOUTH

Joe Swanberg infront and behind the camera
It's one of Joe Swanberg's characteristics, that the independent filmmaker
ist the master-mind of his movies and the production as creator and director.
But he also appears regulary infront of the camera and takes part in the film plot.

Joe Swanberg and his Debut KISSING ON THE MOUTH
On Freitag, July 17th 2009 - today eight years ago - RSM published the very first post. There was introduced the independent Chicagoer filmmaker Joe Swanberg and his first movie KISSING ON THE MOUTH (2005). The title of the post was:
REAL SEX MAINSTREAM - Inspirator Joe Swanberg

A special scene in KISSING ON THE MOUTH ist the shower masturbation.
Joe washes and cleans his body under the shower and continues with masturbation.
While he is wanking he also fantasizes and in his mind he kisses Kate's breast and nipples.

 Finally Joe increases his handjob und massages his big hard cock to the climax.
When he orgasms his sperm squirts out of his cock and is mixed with the flowing water.
This wank and cum scene is fascinating, because it's filmed very unaffected, natural and self-evident.

Besides this small jubilee of 8 years RSM online,
there will happen soon another great jubilee.
In about one month, maybe in mid-August,
RSM will exceed the 5 million hit limit.

Joe Swanberg about SEX & PORN: "Im inspired by outbreak of real sex in films." -  "It is nice to show sex as just an act between two people, and then later as the complicated mess in relationships.“ - "I'm interested in the body language and the other things that were happening during the sex scenes.“ - "The sex scenes really were meant to be documentary-like and just realistic.“ - "I would definitely be interested in shooting a porn, just to see what it's like. I would have to find the right actors to work with. That is the only thing that would make it interesting to me.“

KISSING ON THE MOUTH (2005)  -  Kevin Pittman, Kate Winterich, Kris Williams

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The Exposure Celebrity Kick

Nowadays private exhibitionists flood the social networks. Their private nude photos and shameless sex videos are eagerly devoured by international voyeurs. It's a special kick, if publicly known persons appear naked or while having sex. Exposed celebrities excite much more attention, as nameless and horny nudists.

Lars Eidinger, German stage and film artist, always acts with the full use of his body.
In the Berlin stage performance KING RICHARD III. (2015) he played the leading part.
During the last 15 minutes he appeared completely naked with a powerfull presence.

The Celebrity Kick

Private Exhibitionist: Lucas from Brazil
                              Interview  between Lucas and the Naked Trainer
                              Trainer: "It seems that you really like reblogs ..."
                              Lucas:   "I love reblogs"
                              Trainer: "Why?"
                              Lucas:   "More reblogs ... more fame"
                              Trainer: "More fame - less privacy."
                              Lucas:   "But I love being famous"

Private Exhibitionist Lucas on Exposure Blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED. The student 
of Portuguese from Porto Alegre (Brazil), born 09.06.1994, can be very seductive. He 
fears less to lose his privacy, but more he hopes to become famous with his naked photos.  

Private Exhibitionists
Private exposure has become a booming national sport. More and more people confess that they like the carnal desire and enjoy it or even that they are addicted to passionate sexual actions. They follow their longing, to show this also publicly. They pose nude, make selfies and film their private sex games. Then they publish their intimate naked photos and unrestrained sex videos uninhibited on the internet. Nearly all of them want to become famous through publishing their naked photos. A good example therefore is Brazilian Lucas, the top model of the exposure blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED. Such blogs offer a good forum to introduce private exhibitionists. Whether in fact the naked models become famous as they wish, will only be shown in the future. 

Prominent ExhibitionistJustin Bieber
Prominent exhibitionist Justin Bieber: The Canadian-American pop singer in his
summer holiday 2016 on Hawai appeared totally naked with a hard penis.
His nude photos quickly have become favorites in the social networks.

Prominent Exhibitionists
Even publicly well known prominent persons feel the sexual desire. Some of those celebrities also follow their powerful intimate longing and appear totally naked in the anonymous public of social media. Celebrities or VIPs are mostly people who are known for their public performances. For example, actors, musicians, athletes, models. If individual artists from these groups decide to make an exposure, the public attention is certain to them. 

Prominent exhibitionist Justin Bieber shows his naked ass in 2015 (left).
Together with his girlfriend Justin shows himself naked and with penis
during their vacation pleasure on Hawai in August 2016 (right).

Justin Bieber's nude and penis photos
The Canadian-American pop singer Justin Bieber is an excellent example for a prominent exhibitionist. His first nude photos with penis, made by paparazzis, appeared in 2015. But they were not very clear, because taken from a great distance. Nevertheless, they were very popular. Last year in August new naked photos of Justin appeared in the public. They were taken during his summer holiday on Hawai and showed him with his girlfriend as they splash in the water. This time the photos were clearly visible and Justin's impressive hard penis could be seen in his glory. Now the search for Justin Bieber's nude and penis photos in social media was even bigger and increased very quickly to a real boom. This proves that the nudity of prominent is guaranteed successful.

Prominent ExhibitionistRapper Eminem
Prominent exhibitionist Eminem: The rapper (born 17.10.1972) is best known for his role in
8 Mile and for hit songs like My Name Is. Shortly after the 1999 release of his first album,
The Slim Shady LP, Eminem posed for legendary gay photographer David LaChapelle
in some appropriately homoerotic snapshots for Rolling Stone.

The special Celebrity Kick
Without any doubt, naked celebrities on the web always give a special kick to their viewers. It's a difference wheather unknown people publish their naked selfies or if even puplicly well known celebrities do the same. Also more or less well-known artists stand out from the anonymous mass of nudists, when they get totally naked and present themselves unashamedly.
Rapper Eminem for example always caused great enthusiasm with his audience, when during his performance on stage he dropped his pants and revealed his attractive round and tight ass cheeks. Everyone knew that he was not shy and had no inhibitions. So they eagerly awaited this horny pose. It was welcomed gaily with great applause and euphoric screaming.

Rapper Eminen often revealed his exhibitionism during his concerts on stage.
It was his characteristical mark and a well-known pose, that he dropped his pants and
very unashamed presented his naked round and tight ass to the enthusiastic audience.

Photo shooting for Adult Magazines
Another kind of exposure is the photo shooting for adult magazines like Playboy for women and Playgirl for men. In the age before internet this was the most famous and popular form for males and females to present themselves naked to an anonymous readership. But also today adult printed magazines are still available and are gladly bought. British actor, model, dancer and singer Marcus Patrick (born 05.06.1974) appeared in such an adult print magazine. For the September 2007 edition of Playgirl Magazine he posed in full frontal nudity during several shots. Presumably it was intended to publish the naked photos in darkened silhouette. But then the photos appeared clearly visible and revealed Patrick's naked adonis body including his impressive big hard cock in all his male glory.

Prominent Exhibitionist: Marcus Patrick
 Marcus Patrick, actor and singer, is ready for his exposure in PLAYGIRL Magazine. 
Marcus Patrick likes to pose (l) and dance (r) nude only covered with a short slip.
At the same time he reveals his hidden big hard cock inside his sexy slip.

PLAYGIRL presents attractive model Marcus Patrick:
His body is revealed naked while his genital is shrouded imaginatively.

Darkened silhouette photo: Marcus streching out his naked body.

Darkened silhouette photo: Marcus in fighter position with his naked body.

Darkened silhouette photo: Marcus pushes down his big hard cock with his hand.

Darkened silhouette photo: Marcus presents his naked body muscular and powerful.

Darkened silhouette photo: Marcus shows his biceps 
with impressive muscles while his hard cock is pushed down.

Darkened silhouette photo: Marcus reveals the power of his muscular naked body.

Marcus naked body is clearly revealed backside with ass and hard cock between spread legs.

Marcus naked body is clearly revealed in full frontal nudity with impressive big hard cock.

 Finally Marcus performs masturbation, moving his ass with hidden genital area up and down. 

To be followed by photo galleries with exhibitionistic actors, athlets, musicans and models who have made their exposure and showed themselfes proudly naked.

At last a comparison
 the private ass of Lucas

 the prominent ass of Marcus Patrick

Is there an essential difference between the two naked asses?
Is the attraction and kick of the ass depending on the fame of the person?