Sonntag, 16. Juli 2017

The Exposure Celebrity Kick

Nowadays private exhibitionists flood the social networks. Their private nude photos and shameless sex videos are eagerly devoured by international voyeurs. It's a special kick, if publicly known persons appear naked or while having sex. Exposed celebrities excite much more attention, as nameless and horny nudists.

Lars Eidinger, German stage and film artist, always acts with the full use of his body.
In the Berlin stage performance KING RICHARD III. (2015) he played the leading part.
During the last 15 minutes he appeared completely naked with a powerfull presence.

The Celebrity Kick

Private Exhibitionist: Lucas from Brazil
                              Interview  between Lucas and the Naked Trainer
                              Trainer: "It seems that you really like reblogs ..."
                              Lucas:   "I love reblogs"
                              Trainer: "Why?"
                              Lucas:   "More reblogs ... more fame"
                              Trainer: "More fame - less privacy."
                              Lucas:   "But I love being famous"

Private Exhibitionist Lucas on Exposure Blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED. The student 
of Portuguese from Porto Alegre (Brazil), born 09.06.1994, can be very seductive. He 
fears less to lose his privacy, but more he hopes to become famous with his naked photos.  

Private Exhibitionists
Private exposure has become a booming national sport. More and more people confess that they like the carnal desire and enjoy it or even that they are addicted to passionate sexual actions. They follow their longing, to show this also publicly. They pose nude, make selfies and film their private sex games. Then they publish their intimate naked photos and unrestrained sex videos uninhibited on the internet. Nearly all of them want to become famous through publishing their naked photos. A good example therefore is Brazilian Lucas, the top model of the exposure blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED. Such blogs offer a good forum to introduce private exhibitionists. Whether in fact the naked models become famous as they wish, will only be shown in the future. 

Prominent ExhibitionistJustin Bieber
Prominent exhibitionist Justin Bieber: The Canadian-American pop singer in his
summer holiday 2016 on Hawai appeared totally naked with a hard penis.
His nude photos quickly have become favorites in the social networks.

Prominent Exhibitionists
Even publicly well known prominent persons feel the sexual desire. Some of those celebrities also follow their powerful intimate longing and appear totally naked in the anonymous public of social media. Celebrities or VIPs are mostly people who are known for their public performances. For example, actors, musicians, athletes, models. If individual artists from these groups decide to make an exposure, the public attention is certain to them. 

Prominent exhibitionist Justin Bieber shows his naked ass in 2015 (left).
Together with his girlfriend Justin shows himself naked and with penis
during their vacation pleasure on Hawai in August 2016 (right).

Justin Bieber's nude and penis photos
The Canadian-American pop singer Justin Bieber is an excellent example for a prominent exhibitionist. His first nude photos with penis, made by paparazzis, appeared in 2015. But they were not very clear, because taken from a great distance. Nevertheless, they were very popular. Last year in August new naked photos of Justin appeared in the public. They were taken during his summer holiday on Hawai and showed him with his girlfriend as they splash in the water. This time the photos were clearly visible and Justin's impressive hard penis could be seen in his glory. Now the search for Justin Bieber's nude and penis photos in social media was even bigger and increased very quickly to a real boom. This proves that the nudity of prominent is guaranteed successful.

Prominent ExhibitionistRapper Eminem
Prominent exhibitionist Eminem: The rapper (born 17.10.1972) is best known for his role in
8 Mile and for hit songs like My Name Is. Shortly after the 1999 release of his first album,
The Slim Shady LP, Eminem posed for legendary gay photographer David LaChapelle
in some appropriately homoerotic snapshots for Rolling Stone.

The special Celebrity Kick
Without any doubt, naked celebrities on the web always give a special kick to their viewers. It's a difference wheather unknown people publish their naked selfies or if even puplicly well known celebrities do the same. Also more or less well-known artists stand out from the anonymous mass of nudists, when they get totally naked and present themselves unashamedly.
Rapper Eminem for example always caused great enthusiasm with his audience, when during his performance on stage he dropped his pants and revealed his attractive round and tight ass cheeks. Everyone knew that he was not shy and had no inhibitions. So they eagerly awaited this horny pose. It was welcomed gaily with great applause and euphoric screaming.

Rapper Eminen often revealed his exhibitionism during his concerts on stage.
It was his characteristical mark and a well-known pose, that he dropped his pants and
very unashamed presented his naked round and tight ass to the enthusiastic audience.

Photo shooting for Adult Magazines
Another kind of exposure is the photo shooting for adult magazines like Playboy for women and Playgirl for men. In the age before internet this was the most famous and popular form for males and females to present themselves naked to an anonymous readership. But also today adult printed magazines are still available and are gladly bought. British actor, model, dancer and singer Marcus Patrick (born 05.06.1974) appeared in such an adult print magazine. For the September 2007 edition of Playgirl Magazine he posed in full frontal nudity during several shots. Presumably it was intended to publish the naked photos in darkened silhouette. But then the photos appeared clearly visible and revealed Patrick's naked adonis body including his impressive big hard cock in all his male glory.

Prominent Exhibitionist: Marcus Patrick
 Marcus Patrick, actor and singer, is ready for his exposure in PLAYGIRL Magazine. 
Marcus Patrick likes to pose (l) and dance (r) nude only covered with a short slip.
At the same time he reveals his hidden big hard cock inside his sexy slip.

PLAYGIRL presents attractive model Marcus Patrick:
His body is revealed naked while his genital is shrouded imaginatively.

Darkened silhouette photo: Marcus streching out his naked body.

Darkened silhouette photo: Marcus in fighter position with his naked body.

Darkened silhouette photo: Marcus pushes down his big hard cock with his hand.

Darkened silhouette photo: Marcus presents his naked body muscular and powerful.

Darkened silhouette photo: Marcus shows his biceps 
with impressive muscles while his hard cock is pushed down.

Darkened silhouette photo: Marcus reveals the power of his muscular naked body.

Marcus naked body is clearly revealed backside with ass and hard cock between spread legs.

Marcus naked body is clearly revealed in full frontal nudity with impressive big hard cock.

 Finally Marcus performs masturbation, moving his ass with hidden genital area up and down. 

To be followed by photo galleries with exhibitionistic actors, athlets, musicans and models who have made their exposure and showed themselfes proudly naked.

At last a comparison
 the private ass of Lucas

 the prominent ass of Marcus Patrick

Is there an essential difference between the two naked asses?
Is the attraction and kick of the ass depending on the fame of the person?



whkattk hat gesagt…

To see celebrities baring all - soft or hard - makes me happy. No, not to ogle them, but that they are helping to promote a positive body image for men. We all need to become more accepting of penis and testicles, and how they function.

Imagination hat gesagt…

I understand your intention and agree to it.

I think, there is an interaction between prominent and private exposures. The one affect the others. Prominent nudes are public seen and admired. And private people follow their good example. What prominent people do, can also be done by private.
Perhaps some celebrities think in a similar way. Why should we leave exposure only to the anonymous crowd? We also have something to offer and we will do it.

Maybe in that way exposure nowadays is a mutual stimulation. The result is: More and more people decide, whether they are private or prominent, to reveal their naked bodies and to show their natural nudity without any shame, but with great self-confidence and satisfaction.

sven46 hat gesagt…

This is a very current and great topic. Exposure increases very strong. It's amazing to see, how the inhibitions are overcome and boundaries be exceeded. Previously no "normal" people would have shown themselfes naked. But with today's technical progress now everyone can take a pictures with his mobile and publish it online at once. The access is much easier. Maybe the reason therefore is not only hornyness but also a new "social" pressure behind it? However, I feel quite frankly even the charm to show myself naked ...

Imagination hat gesagt…

The rapid spread of exposure perhaps can be compared with a suction effect, which captures others, without being able to resist. Or with an infection, which is inexorably spreading. The good example of many contemporaries, which unrestrainedly and uninhibited show themselves naked to an anonymous public, causes a participatory effect on others.

More and more people think: What another can do, I also can do. If both - famous and unknown - have self-confidence to make a public nude appearence, then I must have no shame to do the same. So the desire for exposure can become an irresistible urge. Finally people follow just their feeling and their horny desire. And they present themselves also completely naked in the public.

The longing for naked exposure slumbers subtly hidden in all of us. Nudity is closely considered the normal and natural condition of every human being. On the other hand there are many reasons, influences and reflections which prevent us to follow only our spontaneous feelings related to nudity and exposure.