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SEX - A Jubilee Contribution by BigWhackAttack

On Tuesday, 8th August 2017, this blog REAL SEX MAINSTREAM reached 5 Million visits! The same day a like-minded friend, running the blog BIG WHACK ATTACK, send the following guest contribution. It reflects about the meaning of the most natural human instinct, we all know and love and enjoy as often as we can:


A Jubilee Contribution
to 5 Million Hits of REAL SEX MAINSTREAM

SEX IS BODYLANGUAGE: It's self-explanatory and universal for males and females.
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Written by the Host of BigWhackAttack

A friend once said to me, “We are sexual beings.“ It‘s the third primal instinct; right behind food and shelter. Sociologists would say what sets humans apart from other mammals is that, to put it in layman‘s terms, we have a conscience. We know and understand things like death.

We should also understand that sex is one of the most integral parts of being human. We all have the basic urge to procreate, but because we are “sexual beings“ we are not confined to specific times of mating, or to specific mates. We are free to engage in sex any time of the year, day or night. We may satisfy that urge in many different ways, but it is there. Ancient societies recognized it, celebrated it, honored it.
SEX IS DESIRE: The "animalistic" urge stimulates to wank shameless, boldly and decided.
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Today, many societies hide from it, embarrassed by such an "animalistic desire." Nudity is frowned upon as if the naked body is shameful. Particularly the penis. Media of all types will more readily portray scantily-clad, bare-breasted, or even completely nude women. Yet, we still appear to have difficulty in acknowledging that men have bodies between the navel and the knees.

To see a naked male is fraught with all manner of negative emotions for many people. To see an erection will send some people right over the edge. That simple, normal, natural function of the body frightens them. They have difficulty in discussing sex, particularly with their own progeny. Yet, it is how their children exist. The body offers us pleasure and, rather than seeking to deny that, we should again acknowledge and honor this most basic of instincts.

This is why websites and blogs, such as this one, are so important. Real Sex Mainstream celebrates sex in all its forms. From the solosexual, who engages only in masturbation, to the heterosexual, gay, and bisexual; it recognizes and teaches what we should all have learned during puberty: Sex is normal. Sex is natural. Sex is fluid.

SEX IS JERKING OFF: Each cumshot is a normal, natural and fluid pleasure.
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My sincere congratulations
to the Host of Real Sex Mainstream
on achieving the milestone
of 5.000.000 visits to this blog.
May it continue
to teach acceptance for years to come,
and reach a wider and wider audience.

SEXUAL HIGHLIGHT: The stimulating orgasm is presented by LOOKINGFORVEINS.


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my dear friend
for your inspiring guest contribution
and your good and loving wishes on occasion
of Five Million Hits of REAL SEX MAINSTREAM!

NAKED AND INTERVIEWED congratulates to the jubilee 5 Million Hits RSM


whkattk hat gesagt…

I hope your readers have enjoyed the contribution. And, more importantly, that they continue to read you blog. Congratulations, again. - Pat from Big Whack Attack

Imagination hat gesagt…

Thanks, Pat, for your inspiring contribution. I'm pleased about your SEX reflections. Keep on your stimulating and bracing blog Big Whack Attack!

Patrick hat gesagt…

Congratulations on your achievement!

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Thanks, Patrick!

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Congratulations on your milestone!

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Thanks, Gabriel!