Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017

Expectation - Arrival - Fulfillment

There are times in which people feel more than usual a deep longing in their hearts. December is such a time. In the Advent season many people feel clearly the aspiration for  security and love. Everybody who follows this desire and dedicates himself to the creative imagination can experience great feelings. 
RSM presents some sensual photos and poetic thoughts by Jürgen Lill. He has already introduced himself here in the blog as an artist with body and soul and with a great love for stylish eroticism.

Expectation - Arrival - Fulfillment

Aspirations and expectations can be very diverse and multifacetted:
On the picture the artist has photographed a bondage scene.

Every year again the preparation for Christmas develops its own momentum. Many people rush in the shopping hub and experience pure stress. All who are covered by this stress, feel the great desire for rest and relaxation. The dark, cold winter days arouse by itself the longing for light, warmth and security. The manifold expectations are connected with the hope of love and fulfillment. These basic needs of each human beings are alive in the soul. They inspire the imagination and the spirit and they awaken the carnal desire of the body. 
Libido is the strongest instinct of man, that ignites the eros and expresses  itself in sexual passion. 

All human beeings have basic needs - carnal as well as spiritual. 
 Jürgen Lill's book title photo inspires the fantasy about which needs are followed. 

3 Basic Needs

1. Expectation
Expectations are ideas and wishes, referring to future events. A positive or negative expectation is aimed at people or at actions. Expectations mostly are determined by aspirations and connected with big hopes.
In the life area of ​​erotic & sex the expectation is very big, that all sensual desires of the love partner are stimulated and finally fulfilled. 

2. Arrival
Arrival is the comming of a human being in a certain place, at an agreed time or in a special situation. Vehicles or objects also can arrive. An expected, safe arrival triggers joy and gratitude.
In the life area of erotic & sex the arrival of the partner for pleasurable lovemaking triggers great joy and stimulates subtly hidden desires.

3. Fulfillment
Fulfillment can relate to concrete spaces or times. Keeping a promise, an agreement or a big expectation can also be fulfilled.
In the life area of erotic & sex fulfillment is the satisfaction of the carnal desire. Ideally, the lovers reach ecstasy while they unite and merge body and soul.

Longing at the Window
a poem by Jürgen Lill

A naked man stood by the window
who tied a cord around his standing member,
so that the blood dammed in
while from the window he looked out,
in front of this very naked and unabashed
the neighbor's daughter freezes shivering.
The man's eyes touched her 
and his desire stoked her,
what also then excited her,
because he moved at the window.
They never spoke to each other,
they only yearned for each other.
They were separated and left alone
and they cum together very often.

(The German version is a rhyme, the English translation only a prose)


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