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Communion - Wanking as Spiritual Self-Expression

COMMUNION was the title of MASTURBATOR SANCTUM's recent post about a sensual and spiritual way of wanking. It's the attempt of a wanker, to synchronize and reconcile his body and soul during solo sex. Through certain rites the masturbator seeks the deep unification with himself. The intended goal is the complete communion of the wanker with nature.
The blog operator of AIZEN'S MUSINGS replied on this post with an own consideration. The focus of his blog are ponderings on self-pleasure, arrousal and masturbation. Aizen goes in-depth and shows the celebration of spiritual wanking as an act of self-expression. He points out that the bliss is coming from within the spiritual wanker. His general intention is that all gestures of excitement should be celebrated as holy rites. And all moans out of sexual pleasure should become mantras of enlightenment.

Spiritual wank celebration with all senses while playing with left hand on the nipple:
this passionate wanker with tense face expression is full of expectation and devotion.


Wanking as Spiritual Self-Expression

An In-Depth-Contemplation by Aizen

Relating to "Communion" by Masturbator's Sanctum

I often feel like this and have thought the same thing.

To continue the link between spirituality and masturbation as @masturbatorsanctum does so eloquently, I can’t help, as a regular meditator and masturbator, but see the connections between these two personal acts of turning inward and how they really cross over into one another so easily—at least when you don’t take meditation strictly as a puritanical, restrictive kind of discipline.

So many times, I’ve sat meditating and when I just let go of tension and mental BS, I will feel this sweet subtle sense of bliss bubbling up in my pelvis. (As an analogy, I often compare it to ice cream.) And the other physical act where I’ve experienced something similar (though far more intense) has been during masturbating and edging for a good length of time.

I like partnered sex but ever since I’ve accept how much I love masturbation and myself as a masturbator, I’ve truly come to accept it as a personal and much needed form of self expression. It’s like looking into a mirror. 

Both have helped me realize that bliss really does come from within. And sometimes it’s just as simple as sitting with yourself, breathing and feeling who you are… and how wonderful it is when you can also take out your cock, pleasure your sex in that state.
Source: aizenvajra communion 

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Spiritual Wank Gallery

Gif 1

Gif 2

Gif 3
Deep inside

Video 1
Wank celebration with flying sperm   
(Duration 1:57 min)

Video 2
Wheezing cock massage with body and soul pleasuring
(Duration 0:46 min)

Video 3
Auto-fellatio with self-suck enjoyment
(Duration 1:18 min)


whkattk hat gesagt…

Vids 2 and 3 are what I think of as spiritual masturbation. Especially Video 3...the slow, deliberate stroking, the loving self-sucking of his cock...the kiss he gives his cock after he cums.

I'm not familiar with this new website - I certainly must go visit. Thank you!!!

Imagination hat gesagt…

Yes, Video 3 I also see as the best expression of spiritual wanking. I also appreciate in special your mentioned actions. Kissing his cock after cum with a smile is a very intense expression of the boy, beeing deep united with himself in his satisfied soul.

I presume with the mentioned "new website" you mean "aizenvajra". Before I found his contemplation I also didn't read anything from this website.

whkattk hat gesagt…

There is a wonderful connection between cock and soul, or spirit, which can be made. Taking time to discover each and every sensation of the whole body... I begin at the core - the cock - to waken things and move outward. Taking time for the abdomen, the thighs, the stomach, the chest and nipples, the neck, throat, and face. As I move deeper into the sensations, relishing them in each and every area, the hands move once again to the cock and balls to slowly concentrate the pleasure there. Not edging - just paying full attention to the feelings within my cock. In this manner, the stroking does not become fast or furious wanking - still slow, steady strokes up and down the shaft as the cum shoots. This is how I am also able to be fully aware of the delight of the orgasm, making masturbation a communion of self.

Imagination hat gesagt…

Thanks for your inspiring additional comment! It's worth to be published as an own contribution in connection with this demanding topic!