Donnerstag, 4. Januar 2018

Fleshlight Masturbator helps learning Ejaculation Control

Two recent posts focussed the meningful use of a FLESHLIGHT MASTURBATOR. This sex toy is very appropriate to the male body. During the act of masturbation it supports the fuck body movement much more better than the classical handjob. 
In this third contribution RSM continues the inspiring use of this inspiring Fleshlight tool.

Fleshlight Masturbator
helps learning Ejaculation Control

There are many ways to use meaningful the Fleshlight toy
for an intense wanking which simulates a horny penetration.

In-Depth comment
The two recent contributions relating to the use of the Fleshlight Masturbator can be read here:
Fleshlight Masturbator - A Fucking Sex Toy
A Comparison of Natural Fucking and Fleshlight Wanking
The second posting was also commented by BIG WHACK ATTACK. In the same way as he deepened the first posting, he now also gave an extended explanation to some aspects of Fleshlight fucking aka wanking. With a big thanks RSM reposts his comment here to give it more public attention than a comment usually will get at the end of an post. 

To use the Fleshlight for wanking can be a very intense "fuck"-like experience.

With Fleshlight learning Ejaculation Control
Big Whack Attack deepened the sex toy use of the Fleshlight Masturbator:
Thanks for the mentions and the link! Greatly appreciated.
Men need to understand that jacking off is normal and natural - and that tools made for the purpose are helpful in many ways. The Fleshlight, or FleshJack, is a great way to learn ejaculation control because it mimics penetrative sex. As you point out, the male physique uses certain muscles in the act of fucking. When using a masturbation sleeve such as the FleshJack a man can learn what enhances sensation in his cock and what triggers his ejaculation. Thereby, he learns how to either heighten that, stave it off. 

PURE HOONEY enjoys Fleshlight Wanking

Pure Hooney shows in an impressive video clip
how he uses the Fleshlight Masturbator

Pure Hooney covers his big hard cock with a condom. 
Then he rubs a lubricant into the "vagina" opening of the Fleshlight.

He pushes the Fleshlight over his full erected hard-on stand.

Then he fucks into the Fleshlight until cum inside the toy and
finally pushes his cock with sperm filled condom out of the Fleshlight.


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whkattk hat gesagt…

Thank you, once again, for the mention and link. I really do appreciate it.

Society, on a whole, typically will titter and scoff at sex toys. Yet, it's a multi-billion dollar business. Why? Not just because the toys provide pleasure - that they do, in spades! - but because they actually are helpful in many ways. The FlashJack is the most popular masturbation sleeve in the history of the product.

And, lest someone think it: NO, I do not own stock, or share in the profits of sales in any way. I am simply a guy who wants others to get to understand, shed any shame of, and enjoy their cocks.