Freitag, 5. Januar 2018

Pure Hooney's Fleshlight Wanking

To introduce the FLESHLIGHT masturbator on this blog, it was originally intended to publish about two posts. The templates of this stimulating sex toy were supplied by the MASTURBATOR'S SANCTUM blog. In addition there were a few in-depth comments from the blog BIG WHACK ATTACK. Its meanwhile third explanation is published here again. Unexpectedly at the same time the gay blogger PURE HOONEY published on his blog a Fleshlight wanking video. This fits ingeniously in the series of Fleshlight contributions.   
RSM presents the video as a good example of a practiced horny Fleshlight fuck.

Pure Hooney's Fleshlight Wanking

PURE HOONEY likes to experiment with sex toys to achieve sexual satisfaction.
Here he introduces his erected and condom covered big hard cock into the Fleshlight tool.

Big Whack Attack's third in-depth comment
Thank you, once again, for the mention and link. I really do appreciate it.
Society, on a whole, typically will titter and scoff at sex toys. Yet, it's a multi-billion dollar business. Why? Not just because the toys provide pleasure - that they do, in spades! - but because they actually are helpful in many ways. The FlashJack is the most popular masturbation sleeve in the history of the product.
And, lest someone think it: NO, I do not own stock, or share in the profits of sales in any way. I am simply a guy who wants others to get to understand, shed any shame of, and enjoy their cocks.
THANKS for your continued explanations about the use of this stimualating Fleshlight sex toy! - Imagination

Fleshlight Wank aka Fuck Video 1
Pure Hooney covers his cock with a condom,
puts his hard-on stand into the Fleshlight and
starts fucking aka wanking into the hot sex toy.
Finally he cums inside the Fleshlight.
He puts his cock out of the tool and
presents his sperm filled condom.
(Duration 1:57 min)
Source & Download: JUST PURE HOONEY - Fleshlight Fuck

Exhibitionist PURE HOONEY shows how to use the Fleshlight sex toy.

Fleshlight Wank aka Fuck Video 2
Pure Hooney envelopes his full erected,
big hard cock with the Fleshlight tool
and starts wanking his shapeshifter.
(Duration 26 sec)
Source & Download: JUST PURE HOONEY - Fleshlight Fuck

Fetishist PURE HOONEY likes to use condomes as well as the Fleshlight Masturbator.

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