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Communion - Instrument Cock: Ode to the Phallus

RSM follows Sebastianblog at different stations on the way to COMMUNION. The basic is to prepare the natural sexual instruments cock and ass for their further use. To reach the goal of COMMUNION the cock (including balls) as well as the ass must be used as tools and toys for sensual, erotical sexual actions. The administrator of the gay sebastianblog finds poetical words to appreciate the natural instruments of the human male body. First on focus is the penis aka cock aka shapeshifter. The impressive phallus seems to be the master of the genitals. Like an ancient, antique idol it rules and determines the life of its proprietor.

Naturally Intact, Uncut, Unaltered: Our brother’s “banjo string” 
nicely connects his foreskin to his staff at the delta-shaped frenulum —
both constituting an extraordinarily erogenous zone of manly pleasure….

Communion -

Instrument Cock: Ode to the Phallus

Introduction to Communion

Male Genital Shapeshifter on Sebastianblog
The Penis that is so much a part of our identity whether cut or uncut, long or short, thin or thick, flaccid or erect–a source of so much pride and pleasure. And let’s not forget the two loyal princes beneath who serve their phallic sovereign. 

The full erected big hard cock always is the erotical center of the male body.
It rises between the spread legs like a tower of power with two round energy stations.

Ode to the Phallus
(by Sebastian)

Oh great phallus,
Master of my life and yours.
We try to control you,
But somehow you are still the master.

You have a will of your own,
Getting long and hard whenever….
Any time during the day,
And how many times at night?

And to think you’ve been doing this
Since we were both lads.
With no idea what was happening,
You were always in charge!

You’re much larger now that we’re older.
Not only longer, but also thicker—wider around,
And settled at the apex of the dark pubic triangle
That shamelessly always points to you!’”

Aroused when near your brothers,
And certainly when we look at them.
We can’t admire masculine beauty
Without you thinking it’s all about you!

Well, maybe it is!
You may be the king, sovereign lord, but
We also pay homage to your loyal princes
Beneath your great scepter’s sway.

Source:  Penis / Phallus / Ode

Phallus Gallery
Multifacetted and Artful Cock Presentations

Exposure model KEIDJE confidently presents his shaved and muscular body.
He was elected as the Model of March 2018 by the visitors of NAKED AND INTERVIEWED.

MARCO from Mexico plays the age-old boy game to compare the size of the cock.
The graphic designer's full erected shapeshifter measures 7 inches = 17,78 cm.

TOBI from Germany was very familiar on his first exposure on NAKED AND INTERVIEWED.
During his presentation his phallus spontaneously caused an ejaculation and splashed sperm.

PURE HOONEY likes to wear black rubber suits as well as to reveal his genital power tool.

Even if it's covered under his yellow rubber pants, HOONEY'S
big hard cock shows its impressive size and the desire to get free.

PURE HOONEY shamelessly shows how he likes to use his shapeshifter lustfully.
He plays with condoms and after wank & cum his cock fills the transparent rubber with sperm.

HOONEY likes to wear rubber clothes and to experiment with this fetish. Proudly
he presents his black rubber suit, while his big hard cock is covered with red rubber condom.

HOONEY knows that his shapeshifter in his genital center sometimes needs treatment.
Seemingly contradictory, the 'Holy Trainer' keeps the cock effective caged in chastity device.

To be continued 
Sexual Instrument Ass at Sebastianblog

SEBASTIANBLOG - Men and Sexuality 


PURE HOONEY - condoms, rubber, toys, cum

Freitag, 23. März 2018

Communion - Toys and Ways to reach the Climax

Recently RSM published a three part series COMMUNION about different aspects of wanking and cuming. Under the same title here now follows another series in several parts. The topic of considerations and reflections this time are the male sexual organs: cock & ass, the sexual use of them: penetration & ejaculation, and the sexual bliss: love & unification. The contemplations are presented with artistic Poems and quotations of "Sebastian's Thoughts", written by the creative administrator of Sebastianblog.

A horny look to the male genital area with the triad of asshole, balls and cock.
It's like a natural artwork: opened gateway, appealing balls and a phallus like a drill.

Communion -

Toys and Ways to reach the Climax

On the Way to Holy Communion 
Sebastian is a gay guy wanker and the administrator of his own Sebastianblog. He calls the intimate deep union of two loving men 'Holy Communion'. The using of a religious language reveals how Sebastian understands sexuality. To enjoy the own naked body is natural. To celebrate sex alone or with partners can reach a spiritual level. The final goal of all erotical and passionate sexual actions is the communion of love partners. To reach this climax they must strive for it with determination and desire.

Lucas from Brazil, NAKED AND INTERVIEWED model, reveals his rocket like sexual organs:
Between spread legs he shows his opened asshole and his hard cock with strong balls.

Male Sexual Organs
It's a demanding goal for real lovers to reach intimate communion. To realize this mission they need their natural sexual instruments. Compared with the whole human naked body the sexual organs have a special meaning and also a sensual appeal. The genital area of the male body contains the triad of cock, balls and asshole. They can be watched in their organic functions as tools. Normally and in most cases the penis is used for urination. And the anus is the organ to empty the intestine. Both are normal body functions.  But they are not in the focus of contemplations. 

"I like to be a toy of desire!" NAKED AND INTERVIEWED exposure model Marck from Colombia
presents his complete shaved body naked, agile and aesthetically elaborate.

Instrumental Use
The sexual use of all genital parts of course is much more attractive and also stimulating. From this point of view the genital triad  can be called toys or instruments. Many males and females like to play with their own and also with their sex partner's natural sex toys. It's very attractive to use them for stimulating sexperiments. And they also can be used creatively as instruments to increase the sexual arrousal, to develop the desire and to serve for the sexual satisfation. The penis aka cock can be used in multifacetted actions. If the shapeshifter is used as an instrument for sexual fun and pleasure it also has the potential to cause the sound of lust and passion in moaning and screaming. The final goal of cock and ass use is to effect communion. 

"I want to be a famous exposure model!" Gerry from UK is very happy and pleased 
to show his big hard cock and nice balls on NAKED AND INTERVIEWED.

Indispensable parts of Exposure
If a boy decides to become an exposure model, he must be ready to reveal not only his naked body, but in special to show face, hard cock, balls and ass. So the natural genital instruments are an indispensable part of exposure. Each model is aroused to show all of his intimate body parts. And the guys are proud when they can publicly prove that they have absolut no shame and hesitation. The models present full erection, strong balls and opened assholes to their voyeuristic anonymous watchers. 

Experiments to reach the Climax
PURE HOONEY publishes regulary his own creative naked appearences on his blog.
His full erected big hard cock with strong balls is a favorite and recurrent motive.
Hooney's own photos - always professionally shot - are stimulating eyecatchers.

PURE HOONEY likes also to experiment with his naked body and his genitals.
On this horny photo sperm cums out of his ass cheeks and flows over his balls.
The viewers can imagine if the elixir of life is his own or from another men's cock.

BDSM games are totally different methods to climax and reach the bliss.
PREACHERSBOI devotely is fixed on cross in his master Shackler's dungeon.
It's a very hard way for him through pain and torture finally to reach sexual satisfaction.

To be continued 
Sexual Instrument Cock at Sebastianblog

SEBASTIANBLOG - Men and Sexuality

PURE HOONEY - condoms, rubber, toys, cum

PREACHERSBOI - From the Altar to the Dungeon

Donnerstag, 15. März 2018

Sexuelle Empfindungen - Parker Marx strippt und wichst sinnlich

Im vorausgehenden Beitrag "Communion - Wanking as Mindful Sensation" - "Gemeinschaft - Wichsen als aufmerksame Empfindung" hat der Betreiber des Masturbations-Blogs BigWhackAttack seine Gedanken zu dieser Thematik anschaulich entfaltet. Illustriert wurde der Post mit sinnlichen Fotos des Porno-Darstellers Parker Marx. In diesem Folge-Post präsentiert RSM eine Galerie des symapthischen Porno-Akteurs. Sie stammen aus seinem Promo-Video bei UK-NAKED-MEN (Januar 2016)

Parker Marx zelebriert erotische Selbstbefriedigung
und genießt seinen ganzen Körper mit allen seinen Sinnen.

Parker Marx strippt und wichst sinnlich

Anspruchsvoller und sinnlicher Porno-Performer
Parker Marx entschied sich im Jahr 2015 dazu, ein  professioneller Porno-Akteuer zu werden. Der aus UK stammende 30-jährige siedelte damals nach Berlin um. Er arbeitet im Team des Studio Lux mit und hat inzwischen mit zahlreichen Regisseurinnen der alternativen Pornografie mehrere erfolgreiche Pornofilme gedreht. 
Zu seinen bevorzugten Aktivitäten in Pornos gehören: Leading an exploratory taster session / Role play / Sexual coaching / Sensation play / Playful sadism.

Parker Marx - Mehr über ihn / Studio Lux Berlin

 Parker Marx nackt gefesselt in TIE ME UP

 Angstlust & Fetischismus - Die aufregende dunkle Seite der Sexualität
"Ich habe schon früh eine Faszination für jede Art von Sexualität in  mir entdeckt. Doch ich fühlte mich durch traditionelle gesellschaftliche  Konventionen eingeschränkt. Ich wollte dem entkommen, und mein Weg führte mich in die Sexindustrie. Anfangs filmte ich mich mit einer Webcam, 2015 traf ich dann eine Regisseurin aus der alternativen  Pornoszene, die mir riet, zum Pornfilmfestival nach Berlin zu fahren - es fühlte sich an, als würde ich nach Hause kommen. Heute plane ich  meine eigenen Filmprojekte. Ich interessiere mich für Angstlust und für Fetischismus. Die dunkle und problematische Seite der Sexualität ist  für mich nicht nur aus erotischer Perspektive aufregend. Ich will in  meinen Filmen versuchen, einen bewussten Umgang mit den Persönlichkeiten  und Körpern der Darsteller zu finden. Wenn man kulturellen Wandel  vorantreiben will, muss man den Kontakt zum Mainstream halten,  schließlich wollen wir den ja verändern. Der Mainstream will das, was  sicher, normal und profitabel ist. Der alternative Porno drängt weg davon, will Vielfalt und Herausforderung. Wenn wir diese Spannung aushalten, kann das sehr fruchtbar sein."

Quelle: Parker Marx im TAGESSPIEGEL (19.12.2017) - Wir müssen den Kontakt zum Mainstream halten

TIE ME UP - Sinnliche Empfindungen trotz - oder wegen? - der Fesselung.

Parker Marx
Sensation Wank Gallery

Promo-Video für UK-NAKED-MEN
Am 5. Januar 2016 wurde Parker Marx im Studio UK NAKED MEN interviewt und stand für ein Promo-Video zur Verfügung. Darin gibt er eine Kostprobe seines erotischen, männlichen Charismas. Teil des Interviews ist ein Strip, gefolgt von sinnlichen Solo-Sex-Aktionen vor der Kamera. Der sympathische Engländer präsentiert seinem attraktive, nackten Körper ohne Pierecings und Tatoos. Vor allem überzeugt er mit seiner einfühlsamen Art, mit der seine erotischen Solo-Sex-Performance zu einem zelebrierten, sinnlichen Stripp- und Wichs-Erlebnis wird.    


Galerie sexueller Empfindungen: Der charismatische Porno-Star zelebriert das Wichsen 
auf sinnliche Weise mit Leib und Seele. Dabei berührt er gefühlvoll alle intimen Körperteile.

Parker Marx - Trailer bei UK-NAKED-MAN
Zum Vergrößern des Bildes unten rechts das rechteckige Feld anklicken.
 To enlarge the picture go to the bottom right and click on the field.
Laufzeit 2:44 Min - Der kurze Clip präsentiert auch eine sinnliche Wichs-Aktion.

Sinnliches Wichsen mit Fleshlight

Parker Marx RSM Interview Part 1 -
Everything I do in Porn Heightens the Sensual & Sexual Appeal
Parker Marx RSM Interview Part 2 -
My Performances help me to make Hot Porn and to explore my own Sexual Power
Parker Marx Website

Parker Marx Gallery at UK-NAKED-MEN

Parker Marx on Twitter  

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