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Communion - Wanking as Mindful Sensation

COMMUNION is the title of a little series about wanking published on RSM. The first post reflected the act of masturbation as spiritual self-expression while the second focussed on Do-It-Yourself as a Spiritual Experience. The administrator of the masturbation blog BigWhackAttack has written two inspiring comments. His thoughts of Mindful Wanking and Sensation of the Whole Body are worth to be published here again as an own contribution. I'm grateful for his cooperation in promoting the natural act of wanking. This post will be illustrated with snapshots of Parker Marx. The UK porn performer strips in front of the camera and celebrates a sensual solo sex action with body and soul.

Experimental Pornographer Parker Marx knows how to perform masturbation.
He likes to show the sensation on screen as well as to enjoy it in his own real life.

Wanking as Mindful Sensation

An In-Depth-Reflection by BigWhackAttack

Mindful Masturbation
I don't consider edging as spiritual wanking. Though jacking off can be - and SHOULD be - spiritual every so often. Spiritual masturbation is also called Mindful Masturbation; different from edging. Edging is the purposeful withholding of ejaculation - men often seek to "goon up," become unaware of anything but the cock.
Mindful Masturbation is taking ones time to enjoy each and every sensation one creates, studying the hardness, the fullness, reacquainting yourself (in a sense) with your genitals; cock, balls, anus, prostate, nipples, and all other erogenous zones. It is deliberately slow, and deliberately cognizant of the whole body experience.

Parker Marx shows the feeling of satisfaction on his whole naked body
while he celebrates sensual and deep joyful wanking with body and soul.

Sensation of the Whole Body
There is a wonderful connection between cock and soul, or spirit, which can be made. Taking time to discover each and every sensation of the whole body... I begin at the core - the cock - to waken things and move outward. Taking time for the abdomen, the thighs, the stomach, the chest and nipples, the neck, throat, and face. As I move deeper into the sensations, relishing them in each and every area, the hands move once again to the cock and balls to slowly concentrate the pleasure there. Not edging - just paying full attention to the feelings within my cock. In this manner, the stroking does not become fast or furious wanking - still slow, steady strokes up and down the shaft as the cum shoots. This is how I am also able to be fully aware of the delight of the orgasm, making masturbation a communion of self.


Parker Marx

The sympathetic pornstar celebrates his solo sex action
in a sensual way with body and soul and touches all parts of his naked body

Sensual touching of ass cheeks and muscular thighs

Geting a full erection and feeling the erotical bliss deep in body and soul

Playing with the strong balls

Fingering the asshole

Sensual and passionate wanking of the big hard cock

Parker Marx Gallery at UK-NAKED-MEN

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Parker Marx in XConfessions


whkattk hat gesagt…

With deepest thanks for making my thoughts on masturbation a post. I hope guys will take the time to enjoy their bodies. "Slow down, you move too fast." - Simon & Garfunkle. Added by Pat Lark of Big Whack attack: "You've got to make the stroking last." :-)

You've found the perfect example in Parker.

Imagination hat gesagt…

It's a pleasure to spread your inspiring thoughts on my blog to a bigger audience. And thanks for your detailed suggestions for sensation wanking! Erotical sex truely needs time with slow and sensitive movements to create and experience deep soulful enjoyment. In your Simon & Garfunkle addition you've met the crucial point!

It was also my feeling that charismatic Parker is the perfect example to embody and perform the spiritual and sensual way of satisfying masturbation. To appreciate Parker much better I've published his sensation wanking gallery as a separate post. It's expanded with some confessions of him and the vivid video clip.